Different web traffic generation software: Pros and cons

Web traffic generation software

Below we will explain to you the Pros and Cons of the three possible web traffic generation solutions.

Nowadays almost everybody has their own website or blog page or at least Social media pages. Many people would like to make their pages or web site more popular. Social media users to get more subscribers and views for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, or any other like Reddit or any specific media. So with traffic generator users can increase their popularity and Page Rank, get more views on Youtube for example, or views on Facebook/Instagram videos. It works the same for blogs to get more popular, be on the top of the rating, get more for the advertising, get more engagements and be the #1 in the niche. Regarding business site owners the first place usually takes to be the first in the rating and to get better SEO results, get higher positions to get more clicks and visitors, and as a result more prospects and then clients that equal to money. And the last part of users of web traffic generators are owners of media sites. For this category, the key factor is their audience and visitors to sell advertising for a bigger price and that is also equal to earned money.

So for now enough information about particular users, let's continue with 3 possible solutions and their pros and cons.

So the 3 possible solutions you can see below in the list.
  • self-hosted software,
  • we-hosted software,
  • SaaS.

1. Self-hosted Software.

  • Pros: Simplicity, cheap, most of such solutions could be bought with only one-time payment with now recurring charging. Easy setup. In most web traffic generation self-hosted solutions you could control emulated user-agent, Screen size, and whole PC fingerprint.
  • Cons: You will get users only from your domestic IP, you are dependent on your PC and need to turn it on 24/7 or would not get traffic when it is off. The solution is not scalable. In addition, you can not control GEO and behavior parameters so your traffic would probably look like a bot, especially if somebody asks you about the user’s IPs or detailed GEO. (ought to say that few services could provide you with some pools of IPs in selected GEO but they usually could be given for an additional fee and are fixed and not dynamic, so your traffic looks like bots or similar).

2. Web-hosted software.

  • Pros: Could work 24/7, absolutely scalable, you can control emulated user-agent, screen size, and device fingerprint, also in some tools you can take additional IPs for an extra fee. As with self-hosted you can control some key parameters like a referral, bounce rate, and even returning visitors as well as session duration.
  • Cons: Need additional skills to set the webserver up or pay somebody who would do it for you, need to pay recurring costs for the server, limited IP pools, also some pros repeating from previous software that your generated web traffic could be easily detected.

3. SaaS solution (SigmaTraffic for example).

  • Pros:  It is extremely easy, sometimes it could take only 10 minutes to start, For most such tools SigmaTraffic, for instance, has more than 20 configurations, bounce rate, GEO, return rate, and even traffic speed that helps to boost traffic smoothly. In addition, usually, you could add site routes, but the most incredible benefit of such tools is the wide range of user’s that generated IPs, so your users look the most natural and not like bots. For sure SaaS, traffic generators are the most scalable and flexible, and as a server-based solution, it works 24/7.
  • Cons: the costs could be more than 2 variants above $/hit.

In a summary:

If you do not plan to show detailed statistics to anybody and only show general numbers then a self-hosted solution is the best one. But if you need to show at least some details then it is better to decline the first variant and take one from 2 others as more scalable but obviously, the Web-hosted solution is not recommended in case of its complexity and cost that could be likely or similar to SaaS. But if you need to show detailed data to a third party (advertisers for example) and need your traffic to look more natural the best would be a SaaS solution that will get you more free time for the most important stuff.

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