7 Best Telegram Music Bot in 2023


Telegram music bots have gone far beyond the standard robots in messengers in social networks. A music bot for Telegram allows you to play, pause, resume, and download music from several sources to your Telegram. Since the days of unlimited listening to music on Radio have sunk into oblivion, music bots for Telegram with audio recordings from this social media have gained the most popularity. The main specialization of music bots in Telegram is downloading music directly to the messenger with the ability to listen offline.

What is Telegram Music Bot?

A Telegram Music bot is a tool that is ready to execute music commands like downloading, generating a playlist, pausing, playing, and resuming music from a specific source to your Telegram.

The music bot for Telegram can reply to your commands 24/7. Now music bots have become popular because they greatly facilitate the life of channel owners and ordinary users.

Best Telegram Music Bot in 2023

Searching for Telegram Music Bots? You are at the right place. In this article, we have collected Telegram music bots not only for downloading music from various sources but also for sending different audio collections and being able to recognize music by analogy with Shazam.
  • VK Music Bot
  • Spotify Downloader Bot
  • Spotybot
  • SongID Bot
  • GetMedia Bot
  • Music Downloader bot
  • YT Audio Bot.

1. VK Music Bot

VK Music Bot is a Telegram bot that you can use to listen to music or songs. This bot provides various kinds of songs from around the world. You can search songs by entering the song title or artist name into the Music bot. The song will appear automatically.

You can also use VK Music Bot to download songs. You can save the downloaded songs to your cellphone playlist. If you are interested in using this bot, you can search for it using the following username: @vkmusic_bot

VK Music Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Search by title


Search by artist


Next page


Previous page


List your playlist






2. Spotify Downloader Bot

Spotify Downloader Bot is a Telegram music bot. This bot is made by using Python programming. It lets you download songs from Spotify and Youtube. You can also use this bot to listen to songs for free. 

Its function is almost the same as VK Music Bot and provides a lot of songs ranging from Korean, western, Indian songs, and others. If you want to use this bot, you can search for it with the following username: @jaybeespotifybot

Spotify Downloader Bot Commands

Check if the bot is Alive


Learn more about the bot


Zip a Spotify Playlist


Upload playlist to Google Drive


Search for a track


Check Bot Uptime


Open Spotify Downloader bot

3. Spotybot

When it comes to listening to music, @spotybot is the best Telegram music bot for groups. Since most of us love to listen to songs on Spotify, with this bot, everyone in the group can search for a song or artist directly within the Telegram group. It returns with a 30-second audio clip to help you get a feel for your mood with a link to the whole song on Spotify.

You can use this bot with inline messages, for example, @spotybot Eminem. You can try it right now! Or you can write to me /findsong and the name of a song, and the bot will reply with the 30 seconds song preview! You can call this bot by typing the name @spotybot on telegram.

Spotybot commands

send the 30 seconds preview


help command


log in on Spotify


questions, bugs, and donations


4. SongID Bot

SongID is a Telegram music bot that can identify music, similar to Shazam. SongID will immediately provide the artist and title related to the music or song.

Often hear a song that you like but don't know the title of the song? Then you can use this bot called SongID, one of the most popular Telegram music bots that many people use. To get started, you need to upload a file or record a Telegram Audio Message. If you exceed the limit of 20MB/song, you won't be able to scan your file for music!

SongID Bot Commands

How to use SongID


View data we have stored about you


5. GetMedia Bot

GetMedia is one of the best Telegram music bots that allows you to download music from various sources. This bot is not only limited to music. It can download videos also from YouTube, Twitter, and photos from Instagram. 

The GetMedia bot is still one of the best Telegram bots that many people use to download media files on the Internet. It is a multipurpose bot that can get any media file from anywhere.

GetMedia Bot commands

Shows the menu


Perform a search action


Get Music


Get Video


This command helps you regarding bot usage


6. Music Downloader bot

As the name indicates, it is one of the best Music downloader bots for Telegram. This bot can search, find & download music from Spotify/Deezer for free.

Either send the bot a music link or search for a song using the keypad. This bot will deliver accurate results. You can search songs by artists, albums, and Global search.

Music Downloader bot commands

Start the bot


Select the song's quality


Show info and statistics


Open Music downloader bot

7. YT Audio Bot

YT Audio Bot allows you to download music from YouTube. With good music you can reach more Youtube subscribers, so don't ignore its importance. It is a bot that you can use as a medium to convert YouTube videos into audio, and you can easily download them directly using this Telegram Bot. It is the most popular and loved bot in Telegram supporting 20+ languages.

Downloading music through this bot can be easy and avoids the hassle of ads on song download websites, and prevents you from downloading viruses to your android. Another bot that you can use to download audio from Youtube videos is VK Music Bot.

YT Audio Bot commands

Start the bot or view its description


Open the bot's settings


Learn how to use the bot


Manage your download history


Select the bot's language


Help translate the bot


Donate to support development


Open YT Audio Bot

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So these are some best music bots for Telegram. These bots allow you to stream, and download music from various sources.


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