8 Best Telegram Music Bots in 2024

Best Telegram Music Bots for Downloading Songs

Do you eat, sleep and breathe music? Is finding hot new tracks your passion? Well friends, I've got some game-changing news for you - Telegram music bots are about to take your musical obsession into overdrive! 😎🎧

That's right - you can now access endless epic tunes and mindblowing features straight within Telegram through these crazy intelligent chatbots. They'll have you searching, jamming and sharing the most fire beats on the planet in no time!

In this pumped up guide, I'll be spilling the tea on the top 8 Telegram music bots you need in your digital life right now. From blazing fast song downloads to genius song recognizers, these bots bring the concert to your phone. Let's get hype people! 🚀

Why Telegram Music Bots Are a Complete Game-Changer!

I know you're probably wondering...why are Telegram music bots such a big deal? Great question! 💡

Well imagine having millions of fresh tracks from YouTube, Spotify and more instantly searchable and downloadable RIGHT in your messaging app! No more separate music apps or janky downloads - everything happens right in Telegram baby!

These bots let you build playlists, share songs and even listen offline with their own players. Plus they're overflowing with advanced search filters, queues, editing tools - you name it! No other chat app brings this level of unlimited musical power! 😍

When you combine the insane convenience, rich features and constantly expanding music catalogs, it becomes crystal clear. Telegram music bots take your digital music game into the stratosphere! Time to start rockin' my friends! 🤘

The 8 Best FREE Bots in Telegram for Downloading Music

Ready to take your Telegram audio game into overdrive? I've tested tons of the top bots out there to track down the absolute best.

Here are my picks for the top 8 Telegram music bots for grabbing awesome song downloads in 2024.

1. Deezer Music Bot - Like Having YouTube & Spotify in Your Pocket!


Kicking off the list we've got the almighty Deezer Music Bot bringing that hot musical heat! This bot fuses mammoth music power by mashing up YouTube AND Spotify into one seamless Telegram music beast. Over 90 million tracks ready for your listening pleasure! 🤯

Just chat up Deezer Music Bot to start digging into its massive catalogs from YouTube, Spotify and more. It'll fetch tons of great matches for whatever genre or artist you search. Preview the results right in Telegram until you find that perfect beat - then download away!

This bot hooks you up with high quality 320kbps MP3 downloads that get saved straight into your Telegram media library. Plus you can directly play Spotify playlists, get song previews and view listening stats!

For music nerds who want endless discovery fueled by Deezer Music Bot's rich fusion of music sources - your audio candyland awaits! 🍬

Key Features:

🔥 90 million+ songs from YouTube, Spotify & more
🎵 Download 320kbps MP3 tracks
🤖 Direct Spotify integration - playlists, previews, stats
🎶 Last.fm listening stats

DeezerMusicBot Commands:

Support the hardworking developer


Set download quality up to 320kbps


Toggle showing/hiding links in results


Get info on currently playing Spotify song


Download currently playing Spotify song


Disconnect from Spotify


Disconnect from Last.fm


Open DeezerMusicBot

2. VK Music Bot - A Beast Mode Telegram Bot with 50 Million Songs!

VK Music Bot

Alright, time to take things up a notch! The next music bot heavyweight bringing maximum audio shock and awe is...VK Music Bot! 💪

This hard-hitting bot cracks open VK's entire music vault stuffed with over 50 million banging songs. I'm talking more tracks than you could listen to in a lifetime - all searchable AND downloadable in Telegram through VK Music Bot's magic!

Dig in by search for any artist, album or song that sparks your interest. VK Music Bot pulls up excellent matches from VK's ocean of music. Preview different versions before downloading your favorite.

Snag entire albums, build playlists shareable with friends - this bot hands you VK's entire musical kingdom!  It even has an in-chat audio player so you can start jammin' those fresh downloads right away. 🎼

Overall if you want it ALL - endless music discovery fueled by 50 million tracks ready for your playlists - it's time to let VK Music Bot rock your Telegram! 🤘

Key Features:

🎶 50+ million VK songs searchable & downloadable
🔁 Preview tracks before downloading
📲 In-chat audio player
🤝 Build & share playlists easily

VK Music Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Search by title


Search by artist


Next page


Previous page


List your playlist






3. Spotify Downloader Bot - Like Having Spotify Premium in Your Pocket!

Spotify Downloader Bot

Alright my Spotify super fans listen up! I've got your perfect music bot match ready to take your Telegram audio experience into premium overdrive! 😎

Introducing Spotify Downloader Bot - opening up Spotify's full 50+ million song ocean for you to dive right into...from Telegram! This bot makes Spotify's giant premium catalog searchable AND downloadable without paying a cent! 💰

Just chat up Spotify Downloader Bot and search artists, albums or playlists. It fetches tones of fantastic matches from Spotify's endless library. Download whatever songs or playlists spark your interest!

This bot hooks you up with the same high-quality 320kbps MP3s that Spotify Premium offers. Except they get saved straight into your Telegram media vault for offline listening anytime!

Diehard Spotify lovers who want endless jams - I dare you not to fall in love with what Spotify Downloader Bot brings. Your entire Spotify world now fits in your pocket! 📲

Key Features:

🔎 Search inside 50 million+ Spotify tracks
🎧 320kbps high quality MP3 downloads
🤝 Share playlists with friends easily
🎶 Listen offline like Spotify Premium

Spotify Downloader Bot Commands

Check if the bot is Alive


Learn more about the bot


Zip a Spotify Playlist


Upload playlist to Google Drive


Search for a track


Check Bot Uptime


Open Spotify Downloader bot

4. Spotybot - Like Shazam for Identifying Songs in Groups!


Now for all my music detectives out there who constantly wonder "what song is this?!" - let me introduce your new best friend...Spotybot! 🕵️‍♀️

This awesome bot brings legendary song recognition superpowers into your Telegram groups. Just add Spotybot to any chat, then send over even a short song snippet that's stuck in your head. In seconds flat, Spotybot IDs the song! 😱

Once it cracks the tune, you get a 30-second preview clip from Spotify as a little taste test. Then snag the full track on Spotify if it's a certified bop! Having these previews pop up in group chats makes music discovery so much dang fun. 🥳

Beyond its killer song recognition skills, Spotybot also keeps playlists, queues and has an amazing community of fellow music lovers. For all my melody addicts out there - you need Spotybot's Shazam-like powers in your Telegram crew!

Key Features:

🎵 ID songs from short audio clips
🔁 Get 30-second Spotify previews
♬ Creates a fun soundtrack in groups
👥 Active community of music fans

Spotybot commands

send the 30 seconds preview


help command


log in on Spotify


questions, bugs, and donations


5. SongID Bot - Guess The Song from 10 Second Clips!

SongID Bot

If you're constantly wondering "what's that one hit song?!" then let me introduce SongID Bot - the crazy smart tune bot that makes music detectives' jobs wayyyy easier! 🕵️‍♂️🎵

Just send this brainiac bot a short 10 second clip of any melody, and boom - SongID Bot works its musical magic to accurately identify the song! I'm talking 20+ million tunes worth of recognition intelligence packed inside this little bot. 🤖

It's flat out scary good at matching mystery snippets to real hit tracks in seconds flat! Finally answer the question "what song is this?!" that's been eating you alive! 😅 Save endless head scratches.

Beyond just satisfy your curiosity, getting correct song IDs then lets you hunt down the full versions. Build playlists of everything SongID cracks for you! For all my music-loving friends, this is one little bot you need in your back pocket. 👍

Key Features:

👂 ID songs from 10 second audio clips
🎶 Recognizes song snippets
💾 20+ million song database
⚡️ Fast super accurate results

SongID Bot Commands

How to use SongID


View data we have stored about you


6. GetMedia Bot - One Bot That Downloads THEM ALL!

GetMedia Bot

Alright folks, it's time to step up your media downloading game! Let me introduce the juggernaut that is GetMedia Bot for Telegram. This supreme bot tackles not only music but also videos, images, files - anything web-based - with shocking speed! 🚀

While GetMedia wrecks it at music grabs from top sites, that's just one asset in this bot's artillery. This beast can also download Instagram pics, save Spotify playlists, rip audio from YouTube vids - and way more. Plus it's packed with extra tools for converting, editing and uploading files too!

Low key I think GetMedia Bot might actually be a cyborg from the future sent here to dominate media downloading for humans. 🤖 It brings an insane amount of power wrapped up into one lil Telegram bot!

So if you crave the ultimate jack of all digital trades at your fingertips - GetMedia Bot is calling your name. This bot's got media powers you never know you needed...until now! 😎

Key Features:

🎧 Music downloads from top sites
🎥 Downloads videos from everywhere
🖼️ Saves Instagram pics
⚡️ Lightning fast results
🪄 Extra conversion/editing tools

GetMedia Bot commands

Shows the menu


Perform a search action


Get Music


Get Video


This command helps you regarding bot usage


7. Music Downloader Bot - Blazing Fast MP3 Song Grabs!

Music Downloader Bot

Last but not least, if you want stupid fast MP3 music downloads with no filler fluff - meet my ace in the hole...Music Downloader Bot! 🏎️

I'm talking about down and dirty instant song searches pulling only MP3 tracks at record breaking time. Just punch in a song then BOOM - high quality jams saving directly into your Telegram media vault within seconds! ⚡️⚡️

No bloated menus, no confusing settings - just raw MP3 downloading power boosted up to the max. When I crave quick fixes for my music addiction, Music Downloader Bot delivers the goods!

For any pals looking for a streamlined MP3-finding freak that cuts to the chase - throw this hardworking bot into your rotation. It brings the MP3 thunder at insane speeds!

Key Features:

⚡️ Lightning fast MP3 downloads
🔎 Multi-source song search
🎧 Quality 320kbps MP3 tracks
🤖 Regular awesome updates

Music Downloader bot commands

Start the bot


Select the song's quality


Show info and statistics


Open Music downloader bot

8. YT Audio Bot - Extract Audio Magic from YouTube Videos

YT Audio Bot

Now for all my YouTube fiends constantly hunting for hot new tunes, let me plug you into the genius YT Audio Bot. This massively popular powerhouse works magic to strip high quality audio out from YouTube music videos! 🪄

Just toss YT Audio Bot any YouTube link, sit back and let this bot perform surgery to extract only the tasty audio portion from videos. It brilliantly rips audio from music videos, remixes, concerts, covers - you name it. Then serves it up as a perfect MP3 kebab for your playlists! 🥙

It automatically clips out audio from vids up to 10 minutes long. And packs extra editing tools so you can polish your fresh YouTube rips!

If you're all about sniffing out hott new potential beats hiding inside YouTube vids, then YT Audio Bot has the special tools to unlock them. Over 2 million music lovers are hooked on this audio extracting beast! Maybe you're next...

Key Features:

🎧 Extracts MP3 audio from YouTube vids
🪄 Works magic removing just audio
⚙️ Extra clipping & editing tools
⚡️ Used by 2 million+ music nerds

YT Audio Bot commands

Start the bot or view its description


Open the bot's settings


Learn how to use the bot


Manage your download history


Select the bot's language


Help translate the bot


Donate to support development


Open YT Audio Bot

Final Thoughts

Whew, after all that it's crystal freaking clear. Telegram music bots unlock a whole new musical universe inside your smartphone! Thanks to their unlimited powers, your music obsession is about to reach new highs. 🚀

I hope I've gotten you pumped up and shown why Telegram music bots are an absolute must-have. They seriously bring the recording studio to your pocket! 🎙️

To quickly recap, here are my top 8 bot selections one more time:

💥 Deezer Music Bot
🎸 VK Music Bot
🟢 Spotify Downloader Bot
🎵 Spotybot
🎧 SongID Bot
🤖 GetMedia Bot
⚡️ Music Downloader Bot
🎥 YT Audio Bot

Alright, that's enough chatter from me. Time bring these music bots to life and see where your journey takes you! I promise you won't regret diving in head first. Happy jammin' my friends! 😎🤘


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