Here’s How You Can Prepare for Passing Cisco 300-835 Exam. Is Using Dumps a Viable Preparation Option?

Becoming a Cisco certified professional is no doubt a great achievement that can change your career path completely. This step doesn’t just enable you to land the desired job or get a promotion but also ensures you’re confident about your 200-301. But there’s a catch to this. Before you finally hold that designation in your hand, there’s a process of preparing and passing the relevant tests.

This post is here to assist you to prepare for and pass the Cisco 300-835 exam. You’ll discover vital issues concerning the test as well as the tips to apply during your preparation. Ensure to read this post till the end and utilize the recommendations mentioned in it for success in your evaluation.

Vital Exam Details

The other name for the 300-410 is ‘Automating Cisco Collaboration Solutions’. The assessment aims to validate your proficiency in executing applications responsible for automating and extending Collaboration platforms for Cisco. It includes programming concepts, Python programming, and APIs & automation protocols. You’ll be expected to tackle an English test lasting for 1.5 hours. There’s a fee of $300, which comprises taxes, to be paid by every candidate.

Passing this test brings you the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Collaboration Automation and Programmability accreditation. Besides, you can attract either of the two other professional accreditations pursuing the evaluation. One is the CCNP Collaboration, where passing the 300-835 test fulfills the concentration exam demands. However, there’s also a core test coded 300-415 that has to be passed to capture the certification.

The second certification associated with the 300-835 evaluation is called the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional. To obtain it, you need to ace two tests as well. You’ll begin with the core 350-901 test before proceeding to the concentration 300-835 exam.

How to Prepare and Pass the 300-835 Test

There are no shortcuts to achieving success in any certification exam. Once you have made up your mind to go for the test, you should be ready to invest a lot of time and effort into preparation. Here’s how to prepare and pass the 350-401 :

  • Study with books

Reading books is important if you’re to comprehend the subjects for the 300-835 test well. As you read, ensure to record the main points for each section. Once you’re done with a chapter, you can always go back and review your notes. Amazon is a good place to get a book with amazing content for the test.

  • Sign up for a training course

Learning through a specialized course can offer a wonderful experience essential for passing the 300-835 test. There’s an official way to learn with Cisco through the ‘Implementing Automation for Cisco Collaboration Solutions (CLAUI)’ course. You can visit their official site and sign up for it. There are other third-party learning courses also tailored to meet the test’s preparation requirements.

  • Use dumps to practice

You can select to practice with dumps as a final stage of your preparation. This includes reviewing the material you’ve just gone through. Take the questions in the dumps to see if you can still recall what you’ve covered. In case you’re still struggling with some areas, return and study until you properly comprehend them.


Passing the CCIE and getting certified involves a laborious process of preparation. However, the joy of receiving your certification is more satisfying compared to what you have to go through. So, ensure to consolidate your knowledge of the tested objectives through study books, a dedicated training course, and dumps. Applying the tactics described in this article, your success in the CCNP evaluation is guaranteed.

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