Yellow logo: how to create, examples

Almost everyone will easily answer what the logos of famous world brands look like, for example, thinking about Nike, Apple, Lacoste - a picture of the company immediately pops up in your head. This means that the developers did their best for a reason, their logo is easy to remember and remains in people's memory, they really created corporate symbols. Let's take a closer look at what a logo is.

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What is a logo

A logo is not just an icon, it is a brand name that provides brand awareness. The logo is used not only by commercial, but also by non-commercial organizations, individuals and even government organizations. Very often the logo is used as a trademark, it is with it that people begin to get acquainted with the brand.

The logo is an important part of the brand and the image of the whole company, it helps not only to stand out, but also increases the trust of customers. It is the logo that affects the recognition of the products that a particular company offers, since the drawing is very well remembered in people's memory.

Most often, the logo is placed on:
  • Various products;
  • Ads;
  • Documents;
  • Offers for partners;
  • Packaging;
Successful logos help in solving not only practical tasks, they also help the company stand out from competitors and work with the emotions of customers, causing a positive response.
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The meaning of the yellow color in the logo

Logo by Wells Collins

The choice of a particular color is a very important criterion in creating a logo. Studies have shown that it is the color that causes emotions in people. It is because of the color on a subconscious level that people can make a choice for a particular product. Even when choosing cigarettes, people are guided by color, believing that a white pack is a lighter and harmless cigarette for health, but for example red and blue, on the contrary, are strong. It is necessary to take into account not only the attractiveness of color for the human eye, but also the traditions themselves in the design of the logo, as well as the relevance at the moment.

Therefore, before creating a logo and choosing a corporate identity, it is necessary to determine which audience the product will be designed for, for what purposes, and only then you should think about choosing a color.

Logo by Elif Kameşoğlu

Yellow color is very often used in logos. Everyone associates this color with brightness, warmth, the sun and endless joy and even gold. Usually yellow is chosen by cheerful people who are one hundred percent confident, very impulsive and of course creative. This color evokes positive emotions and sets people up for communication, helps to find calm and balances emotions. This color is certainly bright and this allows it to stand out among others.

Most often, they try not to use only yellow in logos, usually it is diluted with other colors. And this is due to the fact that the yellow color itself is not contrasting and it is very poorly visible on white paper. And also, if this color is abused, a reverse reaction may occur and the color will cause people to be impatient. And too little use can cause many people to feel fear. Therefore, experts advise using yellow in moderation and most importantly wisely, because the meaning of this color is not yet unambiguous for everyone, for example, in modern China, yellow has the connotation of "obscene", but in ancient China, on the contrary, it was the color of the imperial family.

Examples of yellow logos

Examples of pure yellow logos are not so common, basically everyone tries to dilute this color with others. More often, yellow is combined with black, red and even blue.

Yellow color for their logo is used by such companies as McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, Shell, IKEA, CHUPA CHUPS, FERRARI, Nicon, Star Wars, CAT, Lay's, Beeline, DHL, Lipton and this is just a small part of the companies where this bright color is represented. As you have noticed, the yellow color was chosen by representatives of completely different fields of activity to create the logo, and each of them has recognition and self-sufficiency. For each company, this color means something different. Some companies have chosen this color because of the brightness and fun and attracting the attention of children and adults, for example, as the McDonald's logo, and some on the contrary, to express caution, like the CAT company.


When creating a logo, it is important to choose an individual approach, because there are no uniform requirements or rules for creating a logo. It is very important to create a unique image of the company, so that this picture will stick in people's memory and stay there for a long time. Also, do not forget about caution when choosing a particular color.

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