How to Make Address Labels in Google Docs

How to Make Address Labels in Google Docs

Labels are gaining popularity these days. 45% of the labels are used in offices, 35% - in trade, 15% - in logistics, and 5% - in the service industry. By places of application, the following groups of labels can be distinguished: address, universal, labels for folders, labels for information media, special labels, etc.

Address mailing is now used in any office, bank, educational, or medical institution. Today, few label manufacturers can compete with Avery Zweckform's specialized products such as polyester technical labels, seal labels, extra-secure labels, and so on. With the free Google Docs add-on, everyone can experience its benefits.

How to Create Labels in Google Docs: 3 Simple Steps to Follow

If you think that creating address labels is a difficult task and wonder "How can I create labels quickly?", rest assured that everything is very easy with Google Docs. Read below on how to make labels in Google docs in more detail.

Arranging Necessary Contacts

Before we tell you directly how to print labels in Google docs, we want to explain how to arrange your contacts. This can be done using a Google Sheets spreadsheet. The most common way is to export contacts to a CSV file. CSV is a fairly simple spreadsheet file. It means values ​​separated by commas. Many modern contact systems, for example, such as Gmail, allow you to quickly export data to CSV. Thanks to this, there is no need to enter all the information manually.

Managing the Contact Sheet

To do quality labels, you need to make sure everything is arranged properly. Each word (name, address, etc.) must be clearly and placed correctly. Any errors must be absent. Pay attention that if you are exporting contacts to a CSV file, then their location is correct by default. However, you can still make any necessary changes. If you don`t have a CSV file, manual entry of the data is required.

Choosing the Template 

After completing the arrangement of the contacts, you should save and close Google Spreadsheet. And now, consider how to make address labels in Google docs. Start by installing Avery. Open the "Add-ons" section and find it by using the search field. To complete the installation, you should allow access to your account. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. After allowing access, you can open the tab with the available set of templates and pick up the address label type that suits you best. It is not difficult at all to add contacts to the template. Just allow the selected template to be merged with the CSV file created earlier. The document will be automatically displayed in a new tab. So, you can print it at any time.

So, we have told you how to do labels in Google docs in 3 easy steps. Put into practice the knowledge you have learned and format return address labels from scratch without any difficulties. For more information on how to create labels in Google docs on the online service.

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