10 Best Free Anonymous Texting App for Android in 2023

anonymous texting app

This post gives you a piece of detailed data on the best free Anonymous texting app for Android devices and compares the best anonymous texting apps.

The internet has succeeded in connecting us to the world globally. Therefore, You can find friends abroad using anonymous texting apps. You can get such apps from the Google Playstore. Anonymous texting apps are best for making friends abroad, or you can use such apps to sharpen skills in foreign languages.

These apps are also best for users who care about their privacy. Anonymous texting apps are anonymous and care about your privacy. Anonymous texting app allows you to connect with random users online via chat or chatrooms. Connected users can text each other without revealing their identities. After a friendship forms, you can disclose your identity via chat.

Market Trends: According to recent reports, Anonymous texting apps have over 1 billion active users. It is a steep growth from the 10 million user base it enjoyed just a decade ago in 2010.

What is Anonymous Texting App

Anonymous texting

Anonymous apps authorize users to interact with each other without disclosing who they are. These apps enable two strangers to communicate in an encrypted space that no one else can view. Anything shared on these apps is anonymous. However, complete anonymity is not insured, as some details like an IP address or cookies can be used to determine who you are.

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 Why are anonymous texting apps popular with teenagers?

Answer: Most teenagers nowadays like to stay anonymous on the internet. Teenagers prefer to chat with random people without revealing their identities. Because of these reasons, Anonymous texting apps are popular with teenagers.

Q.2 What risks does the Anonymous texting app have?

Answer: In the Anonymous texting app, some people might share personal details that can lead to cyberbullying. These apps also disclose teenagers to risks of sexting and inappropriate content. To avoid such risks, do not share your personal information with strangers.

Q.3 What is the minimum age to use most anonymous apps?

Answer: The minimum age to use most anonymous apps varies from 13 to 17. When downloading the app from the Google play store, you will be able to see the minimum age requirement to use that app. Before using any app, inspect the app to make sure that the content on the app is age-appropriate.

Best 10 Anonymous Texting App for Android

Anonymous apps have become more popular among teens. If you are looking for Anonymous chat applications, you are at the right place. However, there are several anonymous chat apps present on the internet. After noticing a lot of such applications, you might get confused about which app should be good for you, or you might end up installing the wrong app. By keeping these things in mind, we made a list of the best anonymous texting apps for Android devices.

1. FreeTone Calls & Texting

FreeTone Anonymous Texting app

FreeTone is one of the best free Anonymous texting apps for Android. FreeTone gives you a virtual telephone number for sending texts and making calls to any other number worldwide. Sending SMS and making calls to the USA and Canadian number is free. FreeTone allows you to send anonymous texts to any number without getting traced by your ISP. The app is simple to use, so it will be easier for a beginner to send a text or make calls using this app.

To use FreeTone, Open the FreeTone app and Create an account using an email address or Google login. After creating an account, you will get a free US virtual number through which you can make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts.

Features of FreeTone Calls & Texting

  • Get a virtual US number for free.
  • You can call anyone in the US and Canada for free
  • Free and easy to use
  • You can also do HD video chat with this app.

2. TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited

textnow anonymous texting app

TextNow is pretty much like the FreeTone anonymous texting app. The working and the features of both apps are much similar. TextNow can make calls and send texts for free. On successful signup, this app gives you a virtual private phone number through which you can make calls and send anonymous text SMS to US and Canadian numbers for free.

If you want to make calls and send texts without paying for expensive phone plans, you can try TextNow. Some advanced features this app offers such as video messaging, voicemail, and conference calling. This app has a synchronized feature through which, You can access your messages across the devices on which this app is installed.

Features of TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited

  • Send Anonymous texts and make calls for free
  • Cheap International Calling
  • Use across multiple devices
  • Add a Passcode to keep messages safe and private.

3. Text Me - Texting & Calls

Text Me Anonymous texting app free

TextMe is a social and communication app developed by TextMe, Inc. It is an anonymous texting app that lets you send unlimited text, Photos, voice SMS, videos, and calls to US and Canadian numbers for free through a stable internet connection.

This anonymous texting app uses a virtual phone number. No one can trace you because this app extensively protects your privacy. If you want to contact other friends outside the US or Canada, cheap international rates for calling and texting are available. You can also earn free credits for international calls and texts by completing tasks.

Features of Text Me - Texting & Calls

  • Free virtual phone numbers
  • VoIP calling at cheap rates
  • Earn free credits by completing tasks
  • Best communication and IM service client.

4. Dingtone: US Phone Number

Dingtone is a subscription-based anonymous texting app that lets you make cheap international calls and texts to any number. After creating an account on Dingtone, you will get a small balance to make a call or send a text to anyone for free. Once the balance gets over, you need to recharge your balance. You can also earn recharge for free by completing some tasks.  

It's free to send messages or to talk with any other Dingtone user. It is an excellent app for international callers who want to text or make a call internationally at cheap rates. You can also prank your friends by calling or texting them anonymously.

Features of Dingtone: US Phone Number

  • It allows you to earn free credits
  • Text any phone number anonymously
  • Send a voicemail to any number.
  • Send unlimited messages to any other Dingtone user for free.

5. ImNot.Me Anonymous texting

ImNot.Me Anonymous texting free

ImNot.Me anonymous texting app lets you have a virtual telephone number on your Android device. Through this number, you can send text messages to anyone you want by utilizing app credits. You get free credits when you install and signup for the app. You can use free credits to send Text messages to anyone. You can get more credits by buying them via in-app purchases.

It is an excellent app for anyone who needs a second telephone number for sending secret text SMS. The developers of the app claim that they do not track your messages. The best thing I like about the app is the recipient doesn't have to have the app.

Features of ImNot.Me Anonymous texting

  • Completely anonymous and private
  • Schedule a message
  • Send messages to every country across the globe
  • Easy to use.

6. StealthChat: Private Messaging

StealthChat is a new anonymous texting app that allows you to call and chat with friends anonymously. Thanks to advanced encryption technology, your phone calls, and chat messages are kept private. All calls and messages are free when connected to a cellular network and Wi-Fi. StealthChat is free, fast, and lightweight.

You can also set a timer on StealthChat that automatically delete messages, pictures, and file from the receiver's device after you send them. There will be no trace of your chats on any server your conversations will remain secret.

Features of StealthChat: Private Messaging

  • Self-destructing messages
  • It offers you privacy
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Encrypts all chat messages.

7. Confide - secure messenger

Confide Best Anonymous free texting app

Confide is your best anonymous texting app. This app combines end-to-end encryption with disappearing messages. In this app, messages disappear forever after being read. This app helps you to be anonymous because it leaves no digital trace.

This app allows you to send text, photos, or formatted documents and even send messages to any email address or phone number. It also provides screenshot protection so your text and images will be safe from being screenshotted by their recipient.

Features of Confide - secure messenger

  • Priority customer support
  • Spy protection
  • Screenshot protection
  • Private and Group Messaging

8. Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Best free anonymous texting app

Send self-destructing messages for free to other Wickr users anywhere in the world without leaving a trace. This application can send and receive text, photo, video, and voice messages using your android phone. You can either have a private chat or communicate in groups of up to 10 users.

You have control over who has access to your content and how long it remains accessible. The app is anonymous and secure. Even Wickr never has access to your messages or your contact list. The best thing you will love about this app is No phone number or email address is needed to register on this app.

Features of Wickr Me – Private Messenger

  • Set the timer to disappear all your messages and text from the receivers and your device.
  • Open source code
  • Group chat with 10 users
  • You have complete control over your shared content.

9. Airtripp: Free Foreign Chat

You can use the Airtripp application to make friends anonymously from foreign such as America, England, and many others countries. This application has a translation feature, so it will be easier for you to communicate with users across different countries.

The Airtripp application is available on the Google Play Store. You can install it for free, it has an easy interface, in addition to finding friends you can also get a mate and can hone your English skills. You can stay anonymous until you have a good friendship with a stranger.

Features of Airtripp: Free Foreign Chat

  • Meet strangers around the world
  • Translation feature
  • Send virtual gifts to strangers you like
  • Easy to use.

10. Bottled - Message in a Bottle

Free best Anonymous texting app for Android

The Bottled is an anonymous texting application that allows you to send messages in virtual bottles to all corners of the world. There is a possibility that you can find someone interesting and can talk through the chat feature.

You can use the bottled application to allow sending messages without certain restrictions. This application is like the concept of "Letters in a bottle" and it can only send a message once at a time it will be received by other users.

Features of Bottled - Message in a Bottle

  • Send a message to a random user in the bottle
  • Follow the journey of the bottle in the real-time
  • Your bottle will be received by a unique user every time
  • Easy user interface.


If you care about your anonymity, install one of these anonymous texting apps on your android phone. Some of these applications can recognize when the receiver takes a screenshot of a message and inform the sender about it. This screenshot notification feature allows the sender to be more careful when sending a message next time. You can use any application from the list as per your need. All these applications will help you to stay anonymous while talking with a stranger.

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