Beating A Soulslike Game - How To Ace The Boss Fights Perfectly?

Who doesn't like to play the role of the fantastic characters in modern video games? We are living in a world where digitalization has emerged significantly to give us a proper video gaming experience.

Nowadays, we are able to play games that let us slip into the deep story and realistic approaches, and we can spend hours on the games. Yeah! This is the world of game and craziness.

Do you know why we enjoy playing the character of heroes in the games? It's because of the dark characters that are amazing and enchanting to fight with. Since Dark Souls was released in 2011 as a role-playing action game, it has created a new subgenre called Souls-like games.

Now, most of us like to play such Souls-like games in order to fight the dark characters of those games. You will also be able to play such games by simply downloading the resources for free from the pirate bay.

Beating The Boss Fights

Here we are going to go through a few fantastic Souls-like games that are famous for unique boss fights and the characters in particular. Don't worry! You are not alone on the ground; we are here to help you fight the giant characters.

1. Starscourge Rahdan - Elden Ring

Thanks to the Japanese studio FromSoftware Entertainment who played a big role in popularizing the subgenre of Souls-like games. This game was released in 2022 and is gaining confidence with the love of the users.

Starscourge Rahdan is the main boss of the game and is powerful and fast. Besides, he is also fun to fight with. Well, it might seem difficult for you, but if you have the Ash of War called The Bloodhound Step, it will be much easier for you to summon the NPCs that you have encouraged so far.

2. Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder - Dark Souls

This is another old masterpiece developed by FromSoftware, which was released in 2011. Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder, is one of the greatest gods in Dark Soul. This mighty character is also known as the Lord of Sunlight.

Now your concern is how to fight this boss, right! 

Well, you do not need to bow in front of this angry lord, as it is going to smash you either way. So, it's better for you to strategize the fight and watch out for the fast and aggressive fire attacks of this boss. Get to win the game, and you have completed the game!

3. Guardian Ape - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Yet again, FromSoftware is the master developer behind this amazing game. You would not believe the realistic gameplay of this game until you play it. Well, if you want to play the game, you will need to fight with the Guardian Ape in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

This boss character is so ferocious that once you deplete the first health bar of it, it will again jump to fight with you. At a time, you will see the Ape fight with you while holding its head in one hand and fighting with you in the other. No matter how strong it is, you can win this war.

4. Gehrman, The First Hunter - Bloodborne

FromSoftware released this game in the year 2015 to provide you with the experience of Gothic and darker side gameplay. This unique game might give you the chance to fight with a cloaked figure Gehrman, The First Hunter, probably the best boss in the game.

But, it is not sure that you will fight this one because, in the last fight, you can face any one of the three bosses. This is one of the deadliest foes that you will fight and so be obvious about your fighting steps.

5. The Second Sister - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn Entertainment released this awesome Soul-like game- Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, in 2019 and is famous for The Second Sister. She is one of the memorable bosses of the game, known previously as Trilla Suduri.

You will be able to fight her on planet Nur, and it can be a memorable battle for you instead of its linear fighting design. Your last fight with her in a lightsaber battle can be the best chance for you to experience a great fight and defeat her.

To Wrap Up

In the end, we are putting this onto you to choose a fight with your favorite boss. Well, it might be difficult, but according to the instructions, you have got the idea of how to handle the deadly characters. Now it's time for you to switch on your PC and start experiencing each character one by one.

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