The best traffic sources for CPA offers in 2022

No matter how many rumors there are about affiliate marketing, it continues to take actual forms and bring profit. Unexpected approaches work, new schemes are born and, of course, the list of top sources changes. Yes, the choice of an advertising platform for each offer depends on the geo and target audience. For example, banners in Odnoklassniki still work great for Russian products. At the same time, there are global statistics that say: "Drive traffic here and you’ll win!". We will get back to it a little later, but now let us talk about other significant measures when choosing traffic sources.

Important criteria for CPA offers

When choosing an advertising platform for offers in CPA marketing, you should carefully consider targeting, costs and geographic coverage. An incorrect calculation can result in the loss of traffic and money.

  • Targeting

For an effective advertising campaign and quality traffic, you need to properly segment the target audience. Ad networks do not always have targeting requirements, but it is still important that sources offer different features for personalized ads. In some cases, it can be limited, for example, only thematic or temporary. Social networks, such as Facebook, usually offer very wide targeting options, including limits. Ideally, the source should have a retargeting option. In this way, with banner ads for adult offers on porn resources, we can get conversions from people who have already visited such a site.

  • Costs

The cost of ads in affiliate marketing differs from place to place. The sites analyze how much the user you buy from them is interested and set a price tag depending on this. With contextual advertising, people enter their queries into a search engine on their own, so a click will cost more than in social networks. In news feeds, ads are shown depending on interests, but at the same time, the person does not search for such products. The probability of a targeted action decreases along with the cost per lead. Push notifications often pop up in front of everyone indiscriminately, annoying the user, which is why they are very cheap. When selecting a source, you should focus on the specifics of the CPA offer niche and analyze the benefits foresightedly instead of trying to save on everything. It is better to pay well for a few converting leads than to cheaply buy many clicks that will lead nowhere. Although everyone has their own strategy. Many products are successfully promoted through push notifications, while Facebook does not even let you launch.

  • Coverage

Geo is one of the most important criteria when choosing a traffic source. Advertisers distribute their product within a specific country. Each of them has its own rating of popular sites and price tag. Facebook is not as ubiquitous as it seems while Yandex is effective only in Russia and Belarus. Advertising in TIER 1 will always cost more than in less developed countries, but it will also turn out to be more profitable. You should also keep in mind that the level of popularity of CPA offer verticals differs from country to country. You need to be careful when offering adult offers to muslims. Gambling is strictly prohibited in many places - the sources take this into account in their rules. Violation of the laws of the region can result in bans, complaints, lost reverse funds and proceedings with advertisers. Push and PopUnder notifications are not only the cheapest, but also the most convenient in terms of geographic coverage. They are ubiquitous and have fewer restrictions. Social networks, on the other hand, block accounts even when nothing portends trouble.

So the question remains – where should you get traffic from in affiliate marketing?

Best traffic sources for CPA offers

Nobody wants to see trash instead of approval, so it is better to offer affiliate networks only high-quality traffic.

  • Advertising in search engines

The best performance in 2022 is still shown by Google, Yandex and Baidu search engines. Of course, Google Ads has the largest coverage in the world - 92%. You can advertise everything except gambling, adult offers, drugs and nicotine. This is the main disadvantage, along with the annual tightening of moderation. Target audience is configured by geos, interests, requests, device types and display time - there are 18 types of targeting in total. This makes it possible to use organic traffic if you have the time and patience for it, but most choose contextual advertising.

  • Social networks

The most popular social network sources in 2022 are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Ads appear in the news feed, stories, a separate field or in the form of short videos. Depending on the region, they can be even more effective than contextual advertising on Google. Targeting flexibility is generally not inferior to search engines and the cost per lead is slightly lower. Bans are annoying, but there are more opportunities to shove something forbidden here.

  • Native advertising

The best option to bypass banner blindness with high CTRs. Forms can be different - videos of bloggers, part of the text in posts on thematic sites, a separate article from the "Read also" or "Sponsored material" section and others. It is more difficult to work with it, because the material must be useful. At the same time, native ads attract people with its low cost at the level of a popunder and weakened borders, except for geos from TIER1. It is harder to get around the restrictions.

How to find CPA offers

The lists of the best CPA marketing affiliate networks vary depending on the site where they are published. Publishers are often paid for ranking and reviews are easy to buy, so it is worth focusing on live comments from peers and your own experience. Also, there are profile chats and forums. The community often speaks positively about such a CPA affiliate network as Terra Leads. There you will find a wide range of nutra offers and geos, call centers, services for promo material localization and releasing your own offer from scratch.

We hope you have now identified the best traffic sources for CPA offers in 2022. If not, it is time to start testing and your search for profit will definitely be crowned with success.

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