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Playing against opponents who start moving a lot or move a lot gets pretty difficult. People who crouch or jump all around make you feel frustrated as you miss hitting them.

Yes, it is quite complicated to kill them because of their movements. So what can you do to drastically improve your aim?

Most players suffer a lot from these players. It is a fact that the more time you invest in aim training, the better chances are for you to make progress.

Did you know that the peripherals you use tend to affect your aiming skills? Based on our experience, there are several ways you can improve your aiming skills in first-person shooter games.

Always Play With The Right Equipment

gaming keypad and mouse

A player’s aim and accuracy are crucially dependent on the peripherals while playing. Having the right mouse pad and mouse will sink in and drastically improve one’s ability to move, aim, and shoot. This is why you see, investing in the right gears will surely uplift one’s gameplay for fps games.

Investing in the right equipment will help you play more comfortably and will help you aim with better accuracy.


gaming mouse

The mouse you use acts as the extension of the weapons you use. So, it is very important to have the right mouse. The absence of a proper mouse will cause improper movement, leading to missed shots.

Hence, investing in a good gaming mouse that allows you to adjust the DPI or mouse sensitivity and comes with a better polling rate is highly recommended. These two settings help pro players to gain more control of their in-game character, improve aiming accuracy, and smoothen their movements.

Furthermore, you need to choose a mouse that gives a better palm grip or enhanced claw grip, choosing a gaming mouse that lets you rest your hands properly. You should get a mouse too big or too small in size, as you will struggle while controlling it.

Mouse Pad

gaming keypad with mouse and headsets

Investing in a mousepad would feel pointless, but some mousepads cooperate well with optical gaming mice. Some mousepads can potentially delay your movements and cause a slight reaction from the pointer.

Some mousepads have a drag in them, which can potentially slow down the movements of your in-game character. So, investing in cheap pads would cost your skills. Always opt for mousepads specially made for people who are into gaming, especially fps games.

The pad you get should be a large one, as it should cover a large area of your desk. When you get into a closed fight, you get aggressive and run out of mouse space. Therefore, pro players always invest in large or full-sized mouse pads.

Get Physical

Now that you have got your equipment, it is time to get physical.

Get a Grip

Your accuracy for aiming is also affected by how you grip the mouse and how well your fingers are placed. Most gamers have stated that claw and palm grip are the best grips for aim tracking.

Here are some tips –
  • If you are using a semi-automatic or sniper rifle, you should use the palm grip as it would help in taking some incredible flick shots.
  • And if you are wielding an automatic weapon like an assault rifle, use the claw grip as it is the best when it comes to tracking targets.
Practice with these settings in your every gaming session.

Use Wrist and Arms

Amateur gamers just start practicing aim skills using their hands and fingers. Which ultimately limits their ability to move around in the game.

You need to start practicing playing using your arms and wrists; this gives better chances of mouse control and develops muscle memory.

Adjust Mouse and Game Settings

Now is the time to make some new adjustments to your playing style. You would want to make sure that the mouse you use is well-calibrated.

The mouse is the primary requirement for any game, be it an fps game or a tps game. It is worth noting that some mice come with low sensitivities, while others have higher sensitivity levels.

You need to find out your most natural DPI settings which usually range from 400 to 800. Start practicing over a sensitivity that works right for you, gives you mouse acceleration speed, helps in tracking aim, and does not input lag. You also need to adjust your in-game sensitivity.

Practice Using an Aim Trainer

Aim trainer

There are several aim trainers available like aim lab and 3d aim trainer. You know there are different aspects of an fps game, and one needs to master it all.

If you practice your fps aim using an aim trainer, it will help you determine which sensitivity is the best, whether you should play on high sensitivity or lower sensitivity.

Aim practice also helps you learn the fundamentals of aim, track target, master movement, flick shots, etc. It also strengthens your reflex actions and reduces reaction time.

Training with an aim trainer will activate bigger muscles and develop muscle memory. It helps you with better aim.

When you play games like this, you need to be consistent, as practice is the key! And in these games, aiming and shooting your enemy is what matters the most!


tpp action shooter game

You must have understood that the right equipment can make a difference in your gaming style, and you cannot develop aiming skills overnight.

Many factors affect one’s gameplay, and the factors discovered above are the primary factors that you should keep in check.

Playing a game is easy, but understanding its fundamentals and adjusting its settings, sensitivity levels, and proper control makes an amateur a pro. Practicing is the only key to getting you going.

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