What to Consider When Selling Your House in Nairobi, Kenya

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Did you know that despite Nairobi being a competitive real estate market, selling a house is among the most stressful experiences? When will buyers want your house, how much will you get, and how soon can you close the deal? A lot is out of control which can make you anxious, but with a few tricks up your sleeves, you can comfortably sell your house in Nairobi, Kenya, and fetch the best price. So, what are some of the things you should consider when selling your house to facilitate such progress? Read on and find out a few tricks.

Curb appeal

Take a look at the Nairobi houses for sale listing; what do you notice? They are all attractive, and it is not just a mere coincidence. It is all in the first impression, a vital consideration that can make or break your quest to sell a house fast. If buyers don't like what they see, they are less likely to check out the house. If they do, they expect the house to look bad inside and won't make a firm offer, meaning you lose a bargaining edge.

The first impression dictates how the rest of the process goes, emphasizing the need to give it as much attention. Simple hacks like a fresh coat, replacing door knobs, and tending to the lawn, among others, can improve the curb appeal, capturing the eyes, more interest, and creating a great first impression.


Cosmetic efforts create the right first impression, but how structurally sound is your house? Buyers won't just look at those flashy things, make an offer, and buy. The due diligence process includes top to bottom house inspection. If your house has significant structural flaws, you'll lose the bargaining power and only sell at a low price.

Hire a professional inspector, find out areas that need maintenance, and ensure you don't leave room for buyers to leverage as they look to land a great bargain. Structural flaws may take more time and money to fix. Nonetheless, it is worth it since it will help you sell fast and at a good price.

The price

Pricing the house, accordingly, is critical. You want to capture the best price and pocket better profit. Moreover, with your sentimental attachment, you may want to think your house is the most valuable in the neighborhood, especially as you value the home improvements you've made. This is among the top pitfalls that affect most house sellers since this means pricing out more potential buyers. Buyers see the high price tag that's unreasonable and pass the listing. On the other hand, if you price it too low, you also create the wrong idea since buyers will expect the house to be flawed.

Narrowing down to the best price tag can be overwhelming but a critical consideration that can turn your house selling effort around. Start by doing thorough market research. Then, understand the data and set a price as close to the true market value as possible, leaving enough room for negotiations.


Are you doing it right? Listing on sites boasting extensive reach, like Hauzisha, gives you an edge. You attract more eyeballs, but how can you tip those potential buyers to be more interested in your house? It would help if you considered adding more juice, such as hiring a real estate agent and including open houses to show your property's gems.

The agents help you capture more eyes and bring in more leads with their experience and expertise. With open houses, you'll have more people interested as they inspect the house and get the vibe it offers. Effective house marketing speeds up the process since you'll have more buyers competing for your house, giving you a bargaining edge.

Market trends

Smart sellers list their houses when they are likely to attract more buyers. You might be looking to sell fast, such as when moving. Nonetheless, it might help if you hold on to the house for a few months and wait for the seller's market season to hit. You won't get the best offers if you list when it is a buyer's market. During such seasons, the houses for sale are more, giving the buyers the flexibility to buy at lower prices.

Considering other trends such as economic stability and mortgage interest rates also helps in your sales endeavors. They help you time the sale to capture the best offers and sell at a good price.

A few improvements, cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing the house can help you speed up the house sale. Having the paperwork ready is also critical; after all, you don't want to capture the best buyer only to realize you have pending issues or can't find the house title to close the deal.

Besides the sale, it also helps if you consider what happens next. For instance, if you are selling the primary home, where will you stay, and what are the financial implications, including dealing with capital gain taxes. Selling your house doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the above pointers, you'll comfortably navigate the process, find the best buyers, and land the best deal.

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