how do forex affiliates make money

A Forex affiliate program is a method of attracting investors to trade Forex in exchange for a commission on the number of new registrations, orders, or trades that a broker receives.

Brokerage companies use the Forex affiliate program as one of the ways to increase their client base. To use the program conditions effectively a partner should have access to a wide range of potential clients. Partners can be financial analysts, traders, and heads of training centers.

Most brokerages provide their partners with a set of tools to promote their brand, so they do not need to spend time creating promotional materials. Instead of it participants of the affiliate program can fully concentrate on using their experience to attract new referrals.

How do Forex Affiliate programs work?

The amount of affiliate commission varies depending on:
  • the number of new account registrations;
  • the sum of the deposit;
  • trading turnover of the client;
  • results of executed trades.
Revenue sharing is a classic plan where the fee is equal to the initial deposit of the attracted client. A partner receives payments incrementally, based on the investor's trading turnover. It can be a percentage of the spread of each transaction, or it can be a part of the broker's commission, which is charged on trading operations.

How do I earn from Forex Affiliate?

The easiest way to benefit from this service is if you have an Internet site related to finance or a related topic. You promote your broker's services on your website, blog, or social networks, you receive payment each time you register a new client's account. Besides, you get a commission from each referral.

A referral is a member of an affiliate program, who is registered on the recommendation of a client you refer.

Consequently, if you specialize in content creation, you buy traffic to your website, you have a lot of subscribers on social networks and you are looking for ways to monetize them, the forex affiliate program is ideal because it can provide you with a stable additional income.

The best channels to attract referrals are:

YouTube channel:
Here you can demonstrate the benefits of financial instruments or test strategies (for example, practicing traders).

Publish valuable and accessible information: currency market news, expert forecasts, successful cases, and charts (for example, candlestick patterns).

Social media
Increase the number of your followers: visit thematic communities, and inform potential clients about promotions and new opportunities regularly.

If you have your website, advertise your broker on your homepage. This may be an advertising banner or a separate tab, as long as the website attracts a paying audience.

How do I choose a Forex Affiliate Program?

Website owners or webmasters are usually good at attracting traffic. So, they will attract referrals through advertising campaigns. Therefore, they need a forex affiliate program with predictable yield and the ability to plan your ad budget. Registration+Deposit affiliate scheme meets such requirements. Payment is accrued subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:
  • registration of a new account;
  • verification of the trading account;
  • depositing of the minimum amount.

Making the first transaction

When choosing a profitable program, you should consider that additional conditions may complicate the task. For example, a partner may attract a new investor, but he will earn only if the new client opens a deposit of a certain amount or makes a trading turnover within a specific time.

Profitable are conditions when a broker pays commission to a partner on a daily or weekly basis.


There is huge potential for making money as an affiliate, and it continues to grow. The Forex market provides opportunities to profit from both rising and falling markets, ensuring that trading does not stop due to political crises, economic instability, or natural disasters. A Forex affiliate will always profit from the trades made by the client it has referred.

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