Logos With Hidden Meaning

Logos with hidden meaning

It is important for any company not only to be recognizable, but also to carry some hidden meaning in its logo. To do this, just take a closer look at the title or picture and admire the imagination of the authors.


Look closely at the logo of this company, and you will see an arrow that is formed by a combination of the letters "E" and "x". According to logolook.net, this arrow is a symbol of accuracy and speed. Now, if you see this logo again somewhere, you will first of all begin to see an arrow that you simply did not notice before.


This company is engaged in the production of a huge number of different food stuffs, which are depicted on the logo. Thus, the heart represents love and care, the bird represents freedom and enjoyment of life.

Hope for African Children Iniative

This is the logo of an organization that helps African children. Look closely to the logo, and in addition to a child and an adult, you will see the silhouette of the African continent.


At first glance, it may seem that the company name does not conceal anything unusual. Still, it helps to clearly understand the philosophy of the company. The yellow arrow is a symbol of a smile, because Amazon.com strives to ensure that its customers are always satisfied. It also connects two letters "a" and "z", that is, this site has all products ranging from "A" to "Z".

Yoga Australia

It is one more example of the logo, where the country is hidden. Look closely and you will see the outline of the map of Australia between the girl's arm and leg.

Sony Vaio

The first two letters of the Vaio are made in the form of a wave, which symbolizes the analog signal, and the letters "i" and "o" are the symbols of the digital signal (1 and 0).

Formula 1

Take a closer look at the logo, and you will see the figure "1" between the black letter "F" and the red stripes.


Many people know that the history of BMW began with aviation, so most believe that the blades of a rotating propeller are depicted in the center of the logo. In fact, this is a fragment of the flag of Bavaria.


Rob Yanov, the logo designer, tells about his creation that he bought a whole bag of apples and put them in a bowl. Then he draw for a whole week in the hope of finding a way to simplify the details. The main idea was the bitten fruit, after which byte (from English bite) became a computer term.

Sun Microsystems

The unusual thing about the logo is that the word "sun" can be read from any corner of the square.


This company is engaged in the production of tires. And one of the tires is depicted in the first two letters, representing a wheel in perspective.


The main emphasis in the logo, is the three-pointed star, which is a symbol of superiority in three spheres - in the air, on the water and on the ground.


This chocolate production company is located in the Swiss city of Bern. It is often called the city of bears. And now look carefully at the mountain, and you will see a funny bear.


This logo was used in the early 50s in a company engaged in the production of color televisions. The peacock's bright tail and the bird itself, hidden between the colored fragments, personifies a color image.


Eighty-20 is a small consulting firm. At first glance, it may seem that the name has nothing to do with the logo. In fact, the dark squares represent the figure "1", and the light ones represent zeros. It turns out that the upper line means the number 1010000, and the lower one means 0010100, which in the binary number system is "translated" as 80 by 20.

Baskin Robbins

The pink parts of the letters BR represent the number 31. It is not a random figure. That's how many flavors Baskin Robbins ice cream had.

Big Ten

Big Ten is an academic association. Initially, it consisted of 10 universities, but when adding 11, they decided not to change the logo, but simply add the figure "11" to the image.


The crown of the tree resembles a human brain, which perfectly symbolizes the intellectual potential of the company's employees and emphasizes the name: green  labs.


Carrefour is one of the largest European stores, headquartered in France. The logo symbolizes the expansion of the company and is made in the colors of the French flag. In addition, you can find the first letter of the company name in the image.

Milwaukee Brewers

The logo of Milwaukee Brewers, which is a baseball team, consists of the letters "m" and "b" It also resembles a baseball glove.

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