Review: Best Online Wordpad to Use in 2022

Best Online Wordpad to Use

When choosing the best writing toolkit, you may be thinking about a tool that gives you a helping hand in multiple fields – the tool that assists you in note-taking and text editing.

General users rely on MS Word and other Word Processing programs to craft blogs, articles, and other types of content. These programs are worth using, but the only problem with them is that there is always a risk of data loss.

In case of an emergency, you have to turn off your system immediately, which may cause accidental data loss. How bad it is!

Your valuable content will be lost, and you will find no solution to recover it.

Are you facing these issues while writing?

No worries!

In order to tackle this overwhelming issue, an online notepad tool is developed by expert developers. In this guide, I will show you one of the most reliable online notepads available on the internet that acts as a note-taking and text-editing tool.

After reading this ultimate guide, you will be able to fix the major problems you might be facing while crafting content for your website or any other platform.

The primary purpose of this article is to provide you with an insight into the tool and its amazing text editing feature.

Let's dive into it!

Do you want to say goodbye to all the data-losing programs?

These days, online notepad tools have replaced these programs. With an online notepad tool, you can make notes effectively. Using this tool does not require any software installation.

Online Notepad provides you with numerous features. These are:

  • Saves notepad automatically

With its auto-saving features, this online notepad tool saves files instantly. In order to save your notes, you do not need to hit "Ctrl+S."

  • Calculates word count instantly

Whether you are a student, content writer, copywriter, email marketer, or general user, word count matters a lot in crafting any type of content.

Yes, the word count is quite important.

It helps you write a copy tailored to your audience's needs.

With this online notepad tool, you can stay inside the specific word count. This tool automatically computes the total number of:
  • Characters
  • Words 
  • Lines
Instead of counting each word individually, this notepad tool calculates the word count and helps you reach the exact word count effortlessly.

  • Smart searching feature

Before you begin writing, you have to conduct comprehensive research on the search engines. You need proper analysis of the topic.

The situation worsens when you use any other program – you minimize the Word screen and then open the web browser.

You keep on repeating this process. It becomes time-consuming.

The online notepad tool has covered you in this place too. With its built-in "Search" option, you can Google anything you want and analyze it properly. Meanwhile, you can also write it.

Therefore, this tool has made searches easier and saves your time.

Online notepad

  • Easy to navigate

This notepad tool does not have any complex steps.

Instead, it is quite easy to use. Before using this tool, you do not need to read any guide. You can take notes easily.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface helps you use it with perfection. Enriched with eye-appealing colors, the UI gives you a sensational touch.

  • Requires zero installation

Before using this tool, you do not need to install paid software. As a web-based tool, this online notepad tool does not require any account creation procedure.

All you need to do is visit this online WordPad and start making notes on it. That's it. With a stable internet connection, you can take full advantage of this tool.

  • Compatible with all operating systems

No matter whether using Linux, Android, or Windows, this tool can be accessed from all these operating systems. You can leverage this notepad tool using all operating systems.

  • Totally free 

You do not need to pay to use this tool. It is entirely free to navigate. Most significantly, you can use this tool as many times as you want. There is no restriction limit!

  • File locking option

Want to make your notes private and lock them?

Well, panic not!

This tool lets you lock the document so no one can open it. When you hit the "Lock" button, your notes get locked.

  • Notes importing option 

What if you have already written chunks of text and want to import them into this tool?

Can I import the already crafted text?

Yes, you can. You can successfully import your notes by clicking on the "Import Word/PDF/.Txt" button. 

  • Built-in grammar checker

Another killer feature of this tool is its built-in grammar checker that lets you fix all the basic grammar and spelling errors on the spot. It underlines all the misspelled words and other grammar mistakes with a red squiggle.

In this way, you can correct the writing flaws.

How does this tool act as an online text editor?

You have written the text and want to edit it, right? This online notepad tool helps you edit your text efficiently.

Its "Rich Text Note" feature lets you format your content like a pro.

Add engaging headings

In order to attract your readers from the very beginning, you have to include head-turning headings in your content. This tool allows you to write irresistible headings in your text.

Bold the text

To win your readers' attention, making your text bold is always a wise move. If you want to put readers' attention on a particular point, you can bold the text.

And this tool enables you to use the "Bold" option.

Make the text italic

Writing scannable and easy-to-read content is a great step. This online notepad can be used to make your text italicized and boost its readability.

Underline the text

Underlining the text is another important step to let readers concentrate on your text. Using this tool, you can also highlight the text's vital portion.

Change the font face and size

It also lets you change the font face and size of the text. It would be best to choose a bigger font size because it is easier to scan.

Add images, tables, quotations, and bullets

Images, tables, quotations, and bullet points can enhance the readability of the text. Using this notepad, you can add all these things to your content.

Bottom Lines

You have it: Review and how its text editing feature is amazing.

By scanning this guide, you have a crystal clear idea about the effective working of the online notepad tool. So, use this tool to craft your crucial notes without the fear of data loss.

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