WA Clone App APK Download for Android

Whatsapp WA clone app APK download for Android

This post gives you a detailed review of the WA Clone APK for Android. It is an excellent app that you can download on your Android devices.

WA Clone App allows you to use WhatsApp of your spouse or kid on your smartphone by scanning the QR code. It is a clone of the WhatsApp app with a change in the package name. So you can use two WhatsApp on the same smartphone. This application has the same features as WhatsApp offers. This APK is available on the Google Play Store for download.

This app also lets you use one WhatsApp number on two different smartphones. Although, this application is not an official application. Many people want to use this application because of its cloning feature. Additionally, it allows you to send text messages without saving contacts to your smartphone. It offers you the same interface that WhatsApp has. This app can also manage your media files, including videos, images, chats, and more.

Features of WA Clone App APK

This application is updated regularly by adding several new features. The following is a complete list of the WhatsApp Clone app features:
  • No need to open the WhatsApp web on a PC
  • No need to open your WhatsApp account
  • Connect to WhatsApp Web Fast on Android devices
  • Send photos, videos, audio, contacts, and more
  • Download photos, videos, audio, contact numbers, and more
  • Take a screen and share it on the Messenger app
  • Open live chat on WhatsApp with an unknown number
  • Save photos and video stories with just one click.

Featured Features of the WhatsApp Clone APK

Here are some Featured features of the WhatsApp Clone App.

1. Story Saver Feature

You might have seen the story feature on WhatsApp. However, this feature on this app is a little modified. This app allows you to save the other WhatsApp user's story while the original WhatsApp doesn't.

So by using this feature, you get the uploaded photos or videos without asking the uploader directly.

2. Live Chat Feature

This feature allows you to message unknown numbers unsaved on your devices. All you have to do is type the number and enter the message.

3. Clone Feature

It is the main feature of this app everyone needs. This feature helps you to clone a WhatsApp number, and the method is also easy. You need to scan the QR code from your original WhatsApp number.

Advantages of the WA Clone App

In addition to having excellent and sophisticated features, it turns out that this WhatsApp clone application has all the features you need. Well, here are the advantages of the WA clone app.
  • First, you don't need to register a new account on your smartphone.
  • Then the tester doesn't need to enter the WhatsApp application.
  • Directly connect to the WhatsApp web.
  • Download and send files, videos, photos, etc.
  • Send and download files quickly.
  • Allows sharing screenshots when shared on social media.
  • Message to the unknown number.

How to download and use the WhatsApp WA clone app on Android

Here I am gonna tell you how to download and use the WhatsApp clone app for Android.

Step 1 - Download WhatsApp Clone App
  • Download the WhatsApp clone app by visiting the below link.

Step 2 - Open WhatsApp Clone App
  • Open the WhatsApp Clone application that you have downloaded from the play store.
Step 3 - Select Menu Whats Cloning
  • Then select the Whats Cloning at the very top of the feature selection options in the WA Clone application.
Step 4 - Open QR Code Scanner On WhatsApp Account
  • Open your original WhatsApp account from your phone. Click on the three-dot menu > Linked devices > Link a device.
Step 5 - Scan the QR code
  • Scan the QR code on your WhatsApp Clone apk.
Step 6 - Start Chatting

After the QR Code scanning process is complete, the chat panel will open like on WhatsApp Web and you can use all the features directly.

Whatsapp Clone Is It Safe?

Maybe some people are wondering about the quality and security of this WhatsApp clone, even though this application is already very well known. Since the app is available on the Play store, it is good to assume that it is safe for use.


If you want to enjoy some extra features that WhatsApp doesn't offer, try WhatsApp Clone APK. You can also use this app to track your kid's WhatsApp activity by accessing your kid's WhatsApp on your phone. If you like the article, please share your response in the comment section.

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