Why Developer-Focused CRM is Needed for Software Techies


Are you one of many tech professionals who have been working tirelessly on developing an innovative software product? If that's the case, your work is cut out for you. The competition in the software sector is getting fiercer by the day. Therefore, your product needs to go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd.

How can you achieve this objective? One of them involves implementing a developer-focused CRM system in your organization. Statistics project an 11.72% growth rate in revenue for CRM-based projects. The market volume is progressive, and it's best to get involved for your tech startup.

Find out why a developer-focused CRM system is needed if you’re a software techie and take your company’s game to a whole new level.

What is a Developer-Focused CRM?


A developer-focused CRM is a software solution designed to help software development teams manage their work quickly, accurately, and efficiently. A good CRM software for developers is the devCRM from DEvrev.

The developer-focused CRM solution will usually work as an integrated part of other business management tools. For software techies, this flexibility is immense for your work handling in startups.

Team members could switch to other business management tools seamlessly when they need to perform another task. Due to the seamless integration, they can use the developer-focused CRM solution to collect and manage the data they need to perform their tasks.

The features offered by developer-centric CRM solutions are completely customizable. They depend on the needs of your organization and its software development team. However, there are certain features that every developer-centric CRM offers. These include:
  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Reporting tools

Why Do Software Companies and Startups Need a Developer-Focused CRM?

Sales processes that cater to specific customer profiles are no longer sufficient for a software company. It is not just about understanding customers and their buying behavior. The goal is to improve customer relationship management for the company.

Modern software companies need to go the extra mile to optimize sales performance. This feat is only possible by catering to the unique needs of developers, sales engineers, and other tech-savvy professionals. If you are working with a CRM system and struggling to get value out of it, you need to switch over to a developer-focused CRM system as soon as possible.

Many startups and software companies today recruit software techies to cater for their overall customer management relations. The need depends on how the company is structured, taking into account its size, and the product type or services offered.

Putting up customer relationship management software is crucial for any business that deals with customers. The software can help you keep track of your customer database and streamline your operations.

However, a good CRM implementation isn’t just about efficiency. It also requires a system that caters to developers. You need one that’s developer-centric to get the most out of your CRM. That's why you need software techies niched in developer-focused CRM.

Benefits of a Developer-Focused CRM for Software Techies

Software development is a growing and thriving industry with software techies highly sought by startups. There are some benefits to using a developer-focused CRM solution in your organization.

1. A Developer CRM Improves Your Software Development Process

A developer-focused CRM can help you improve your software development process. It offers a centralized repository for software development and project management information.

Such information includes team members’ tasks, key milestones, issues, and more. As a result, you and your team members will have quick and easy access to all the data you need to perform your tasks.

2. A Developer CRM Saves Time

You can save time with a developer CRM. You don’t have to go through a series of disjointed and inefficient manual processes to get your work done.

The CRM is automated for the most part, making it easy to work on schedules and manage deadlines.

3. Reduction of Project Costs

A developer-focused CRM solution can help you reduce project costs. It can help streamline your process and avoid costly errors and omissions.

You can also use it to forecast project timelines and budgets with a high degree of accuracy.

4. A Great Option for Marketing Purposes

A developer CRM is a great tool for marketing purposes. It helps you automate data collection. This automation saves time and can be implemented to study customer behavior.

The developer CRM carries out analysis of customers' interaction and preferences. It helps you with marketing strategies as well as improve customer relationships.

3 Steps to Take for Effective Software Development with a Developer-Focused CRM


A developer-focused CRM solution will help you and your team manage your software development process more efficiently.

However, you have to take a few steps to reap its maximum benefits. These steps will help you maximize the potential of your developer-focused CRM for software development. First, understand your organization’s software development needs.
  • What does your team need to succeed? 
  • What challenges does it face?
  • What tools does it use? 
  • What tools could it use to improve its performance?  
Once you know what you need, you can begin assessing the various developer-focused CRM solutions available in the market.

You may want to start your search by considering the functionality offered by various developer-focused CRM solutions. A good type of developer CRM is the Dev CRM.

You can also examine the user experience associated with these solutions to find out if they meet your needs and are easy to use.


As a software techie, you know that your industry is extremely competitive. Your team has to work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of potential clients. You need to implement a developer-focused CRM solution in your organization to achieve this goal.

A developer-focused CRM solution can help you and your team manage your software development process more efficiently. It can also help you reduce project costs, forecast timelines, and budgets with a high degree of accuracy. Now that you know why a developer-focused CRM is needed for software techies, go ahead and implement one in your organization.

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