Top security tricks for Android devices

security tricks for Android devices

Phones have become an integral part of our lives. A lot of important information is usually stored inside the phone, which can be of interest to potential fraudsters. It is enough to leave the device unattended for just a few minutes, and someone can take advantage of this and gain access to your personal data. It is not even necessary to be a professional hacker to get access to someone's device. Nowadays, there are many hidden spy apps for Android devices which help to establish remote control over mobile devices of third persons. That is why it's necessary to clarify how to secure oneself from any possible penetration into your private life via your mobile device. However, to be more educated on this question, it is necessary to know everything about Real Spy Apps and which hidden spyware can be already present on your smartphone. But Android users should be more concentrated on the security of their devices and on how to protect their personal data.

General rules on how to secure your data

To reduce the risks of personal data theft and loss of any important information by hackers, it is necessary to follow these general rules of security on mobile devices:
  • Try to use only currently updated software which has a license. The license ensures proper protection against dangerous programs.
  • Do not forget to update your software on a regular basis.
  • Never use unknown sources to download the applications you are interested in.
  • Often rely on antivirus programs. They help to protect your data from being damaged. Each person is the only one who is responsible for their own protection and safety.
The other important steps and tricks are discussed below.

Use two-factor authentification

It is a well-known thing that one should use secure passwords when accessing their device and different programs that were installed on their smartphones. Additionally, the password may be strengthened by two-factor authentification. Google offers its own two-step verification. Sometimes, it is necessary to download the Google Authenticator and use the code suggested there when entering the necessary app or another program. The other way is to receive a code in the form of an SMS and enter it into the necessary field. In the other cases, it is necessary to open your Google service and prove that it is you who are trying to enter the program, especially when using an unknown device. For this, it is necessary to press "yes" when Google Prompt is asking you to prove your identity.

Use only Google Play Market Applications.

If you would like to secure yourself from the impact of malware programs, it is recommended to download programs from reliable sources. Play Market checks all the apps and will never threaten your device with "infected" software. But you may never be sure of the safety of the program if you download it from suspicious or unreliable sources.

Delete Unnecessary Programs

It is necesary to understand that each application or program opens additional doors through which it is possible to penetrate your smartphone and do something to the data inside. That is why when you stop using any of the programs, it is better to delete them from your device. This will decrease the chances for hackers to invade your smartphone.

Check app permissions

Most Android apps require access to the phone's camera, location, or storage features. Sometimes some of them can access sensitive data. That's why it's important to check your permission settings regularly to make sure they haven't received data you didn't want to share. To do this, go to "Settings" - "Applications" and "Permissions" of the device. Here you need to check all app permissions, especially those listed in the Special Access section.

Blocking of individual programs

Android phones can block individual apps. This means that if the phone is stolen or a hacker manages to unlock your screen, they won't be able to access teh secured programs. As an alternative, consider dedicated lock apps, which can be found on Play Market and are surely reliable.

Turn on the "Find My Device" Option

Android smartphones also have a Find My Device feature that allows you to track them. To activate it, go to "Settings," then "Google," "Security," then go to "Find my device" and activate it. To track your phone, you need to follow this link and sign in to your Google account. If you lose your phone, you will be able to find it via this service very quickly. The location is exact to the meter.


Android devices are designed with enough tricks and functions, which can make any efforts of hackers ineffective in using your smartphone and the data in it. But also do not forget that you are the only one who is responsible for your own security. That is why keep away from dangerous programs, use only reliable sources, and always try to use strong passwords to secure your personal data on different devices and applications.

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