Why do Polish players need the VPN?

During the last decade, Poland has demonstrated a more considerable interest in gambling and particularly online casinos. However, not everything is allowed here. That is why Polish gamblers have to find different routes to omit the restrictions to the use of as it says in Polish “kasyna bez weryfikacji”. VPN services are the best decision here. Let's clarify why?

Polish Legislation Is An Answer

It is not an easy task to play casino games in Poland, especially when speaking about online casinos. The fact is that Poland is one of the many European countries that apply strict restrictive rules regarding online casinos. The Polish Gambling Authority is the regulatory body responsible for enforcing the country's gambling laws and issuing licenses to businesses that meet the requirements. Currently, only a few sports betting establishments are licensed by the Polish Gambling Authority, and there are no online casinos. The Polish government imposes restrictions on foreign online casino providers. Additionally, they block any financial transactions with these sites. The casino providers of other countries can ask the legislative organs to lift the block of their websites. But such claims do not often bring positive results, and they are rather time-consuming. All these make it difficult for Polish gamblers to play their favorite games and receive their long-awaited bonuses.

Why is VPN a Solution?

It does not matter if you are a Polish resident or you are here occasionally; the availability of a good VPN will surely help. Also known as a virtual private network, a VPN encrypts your device's internet traffic and routes it through one of its own servers in another part of the world. The main benefit of a good VPN is the ability to access foreign content that is blocked in your country. For example, using a VPN server from another country will give you that country's IP address. Hence, websites and services will then assume that you are browsing from that country, allowing you to view their content without restrictions. In addition, the best VPNs protect your privacy by encrypting your data and ensuring that your activities cannot be tracked by third parties, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This option is pivotal for online casino games. Since online casinos are mainly restricted in Poland, gamblers may use VPN, change their IP address and demonstrate that they are browsing, for example, from the United States. In such a way, they will receive access to casino websites that are free in America and are banned in European countries and, particularly, Poland.

How to choose the best VPN?

There are more than enough VPN services available online. Often, it isn't very clear which to choose. We would recommend paying attention to services that respond to the following criteria:
  • The server is fast and consistent.
  • There is a whole network of services in different countries throughout the world.
  • It unblocks geo-restricted content like casino games.
  • Customer support is available via chat and email.
  • They offer convenient applications for desktop and mobile devices.
  • They offer strong security with encryption and a no-logs policy.
You may pay attention to these determinants and receive the service which will help you to play your favorite casino games without restrictions.

Final words

Online gambling is rather popular in Poland. But gamblers can access their favorite casino games only by using VPN services. Fortunately, gamblers are not prosecuted for playing prohibited casino games. In the majority of cases, these prohibitions relate to casino providers. That is why players should not be afraid of playing on foreign websites and deprive themselves of the pleasure of using welcome bonuses and opportunities to win solid cash. Thus, Polish gamblers are not deprived of the opportunity to play poker or simple slots in any online casino in the world.

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