Anmol Lipi Punjabi Font Download [2022]

Anmol Lipi Keyboard

The Anmol Lipi keyboard is a windows based keyboard that is useful for typing in Punjabi and Gurmukhi languages. The Punjabi language is spoken by over 125 million people in India, making it one of the most popular languages in the world.

Many private and governmental organisations require people to know the language fluently.

The keyboard features both the standard and Gurmukhi fonts, which make it a good option for those who want to type in a formal style.

The Anmol Lipi Keyboard supports a number of characters that aren't available on a standard keyboard. While the QWERTY keyboard was designed to accommodate the English language, the Unicode font allows users to type in Gurmukhi with ease.

The Anmol Lipi keyboard has an international character map that enables you to type in Punjabi. This allows for faster typing without the need for character position memory.

It also has options for controlling the Unicode characters and is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems.

Features of Anmol Lipi Keyboard

Anmol Lipi Keyboard is a free keyboard that unlocks the possibilities of typing in Punjabi.

It also has the ability to display Punjabi fonts. Using the keyboard in this way allows you to type in Punjabi with an authentic writing method. It is available for download on the internet.

Type-faces are optimised

The GurbaniAkhar typefaces, also known as the Gurmukhi typefaces, were specifically designed for writing the text of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. They have a narrower width than the AnmolLipi typeface and are optimised for writing the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in its standard format.

They are a free download for personal use. However, the typefaces cannot be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the developers.

The GurbaniAkhar typefaces were designed to be legible and consistent in style.
This means that the fonts have been made to mimic the real handwriting style used by Guru Granth Sahib teachers.

The fonts are available in both light and regular styles.

If you prefer a light style, you can try the free GurbaniAkhar font. Both fonts come with a selection of colour schemes.

AnmolLipi type-faces are suitable for writing modern Punjabi

Gurvetica A is a highly legible typeface that works well in both body text and display. Its unique design allows for clear distinction between vowels. Additionally, the smaller point sizes make it easier for people with less than perfect vision to read.

Another typeface designed for writing modern Punjabi is AnmolLipi. This typeface has variations for both display and body text and includes classic Gurmukhi number characters.

Punjabi type-faces are available at a variety of prices, including a free version. 

You can find free and paid versions of this type-face online. In addition to this, you can download fonts designed specifically for the language at a variety of online retailers.

If you want to learn how to type in modern Punjabi, AnmolLipi type-face is a great choice. 

Achieve natural writing method through modifications 

If you are interested in achieving a natural writing method on your computer, there are several keyboard modifications you can make. The first one is a modification to the way you type text.

In this way, you can achieve the same effect as writing on a typewriter, but with a keyboard that allows you to type naturally. The second modification is to the way your keyboard reads the keys.

The third modification to the keyboard/text input method is to simulate writing with your fingertips.

When you write, you have to plan how you're going to move your fingers. If you can't plan out what you're going to write, you'll end up with a typewriter that looks like you're writing, but doesn't feel natural.

The LIPIKAAR keyboard is an example of a keyboard that enables this type of typing.

This type of keyboard is applicable to Brahmi script and to non-Brahmi scripts. It also accommodates phonetically similar scripts.

How to use Anmol Lipi Keyboard?

If you want to type in Punjabi or Gurmukhi, you can get an Anmol Lipi keyboard.

This free keyboard allows you to input any Gurmukhi text using Unicode font characters. You can also use the keyboard to type in English. It comes with a user guide that includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

The Anmollipi keyboard includes numerous fancy fonts. Using it will help you improve your typing skills. Moreover, this keyboard is available in a variety of languages including Punjabi.

Punjabi language is the predominant language for typing in India, which is why many governmental and private institutions have computers in this language.

Most typing exams are also conducted in this language.

The Anmol Lipi Keyboard is compatible with all Windows versions and is available for download. You can even use it on 64-bit versions of Windows. Once you've installed the Anmol Lipi Keyboard, all you have to do is type in your desired language.

The keyboard's shortcut keys are Alt+Shift.

You can also change the input language by clicking on the taskbar.

Install Anmol Lipi Keyboard

You may not be able to find an official Punjabi keyboard for your computer, but there are many free and reliable alternatives. One of those options is the Anmol Lipi keyboard, which comes with an abundance of fancy fonts.

Not only will this keyboard help you type in Punjabi, but you can also use it on social networking sites and emails. The Anmol Lipi keyboard can be downloaded for Windows 7 or Windows 10 computers.

The Anmol Lipi keyboard comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide that will walk you through the entire process. It will walk you through the steps to connect the keyboard to your computer, learn how to use the keys, and more.

You can also view a video tutorial that explains how to use the keyboard.

The Anmol Lipi software also controls the Unicode characters.

By default, you will be able to type all Unicode characters except for Gurmukhi. Changing between the English and Gurmukhi keyboard inputs is as easy as pressing the Alt+Shift key on your keyboard. You can also change the input language using the taskbar.


This is a windows-based keyboard that supports various Punjabi fonts. It also supports the Gurmukhi script. It is free to download and works in 64-bit versions of Windows. Once installed, you can type Punjabi text by pressing Alt+Shift or the Taskbar.

The Anmol Lipi keyboard makes typing Punjabi simple and efficient.

For example, the word "st sii akaal" can be typed with ease.

This keyboard is also compatible with Gurmukhi, which has its own set of peculiarities. For example, you need to type the Sihaaree character after the Eerhee character in Gurmukhi.

Its phonetic glyphs enable you to type words in different ligatures and accents.

You can also choose to have your typing work formatted in MS-Word or notepad. Punjabi is a tonal Indo-Aryan language that evolved from Prakrit language.

In addition, the UrhaaDulaavaan character needs to be typed as a compound.

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