How Can We Get Photos on Someone else's Phone?

Hacking photos on someone else's phone is not a hard job to perform. One can easily do this by accessing the right tools and techniques. You might be worried about your partner or concerned about your child. It is essential to keep a proper eye on your child's online activities.

How to hack into someone's phone pics? Well, nowadays, there are a large number of phone monitoring apps that help people in tracking someone's phone secretly. One can track all the uploaded, exchanged, or shared photos without difficulty. This article will give you a complete guide about accessing pictures on someone's phone without letting them know. Check the guide below for detailed insight.


Part 1. How to get someone else's photo secretly

Nowadays, it is quite hard for parents to monitor online child activities. Most parents face difficulty finding the right way to make sure their children are safe and not wasting their time and emotions in the wrong company. To track your spouse or child's phone pictures, KidsGuard Pro for Android is highly recommended. It is one of the best parental control monitoring apps. It is popular among people because of its top-class feature and simple interface.

This application allows one to easily monitor photos on the target's phone without notifying them. On the target phone, one can also check other things such as call history, e-mails, messages, documents, live location, video, and other social media apps.

1.1 Why choose KidsGuard Pro to hack into Someone’s Phone Pics

When you give your child a smartphone for education purposes, it is important to monitor their phone activities to check their online activities properly. The media files, such as photos and videos in the target phone, could reveal if your kid is receiving, sending, or even downloading or screen recording inappropriate photos and videos. Due to all this, it is important to use the right technique that can help you in spying on the phone of your loved ones secretly.

1.2 Easy steps to get photos from other Android Phones

One can easily install this amazing application by following the below-listed steps one by one.

Step 1: Create Your Account

First, open the official website and click the "Monitor Now" button to register your KidsGuard Pro for your Android account. Create your account by following the on-screen instructions one by one. Once you create your account, the next step is to select the monitoring plan.

Clevguard create account

Step 2: Install the App on the Target Phone

Now the next step is to get the application on the target phone. For this, open the website from the target phone. Now install the application on the phone by following the instructions.

Step 3: Monitor the Phone gallery of the Target User

Once the app is installed successfully on the target phone, The next task is to open your KidsGuard account from your device. Enter the credentials and log in to your account. After this, navigate toward the Dashboard. Select the Photos option from the left panel to view all the pictures on the target phone.

Monitor phone clevguard

Part 2.  What Else KidsGuard Pro can do to Monitor Phone Activity

This amazing parental control application is rich in features. Apart from photo access or secretly checking someone's phone pictures, one can do many other things by using KidsGuard Pro for Android. Some of them are as follows:

Take Screenshot

The app allows you to take screenshots of the target phone from your device without notifying the user. One can also record something from the target phone without any difficulty. Once you record something or take a screenshot of some chat or browsing history, it will also save automatically in the phone’s gallery.

Browsing History

The app enables its users to check the browsing history of their loved ones with ease. You can easily check what your child or spouse is doing in their free time. What shows they watch online, and more.

Social Media Apps

One can also easily check the messages and calls history from different social media accounts on the target phone. You are not required to enter the login credentials to access social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or more. All you need to do is, select the desired social media account from your dashboard, and you will get easy access to all the data and content of the target user.

Call History and Messages

The amazing KidsGuard Pro for Android app allows users to check the messages and call history on the target phone without any problem. If you are a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and in good company. You can easily keep an account of their calls and messages to make sure everything is fine with them.

Part 3. How KidsGuard Pro works to keep the monitoring secretly

The best thing about this application is that the target individual will not know that their phone is being tracked or monitored. Once you install the application on the target device, the app logo will automatically remove from the apps section of the target phone. This will help you in secretly tracking their online activities and keeping a proper check on everything.


Many people want to spy on their kids or partner's phone to ensure they are safe and not involved in any inappropriate activity. How to get photos from an Android phone? Well, checking the pictures from someone's phone is no more difficult with the KidsGuard Pro app. This parental control application is extremely reliable and entails many features. This article contains a complete guide about how one can use this app for monitoring the online activities of their spouse or partner. Read the guide above for an in-depth understanding.

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