10 Weirdest Apps you can Install in Android and iOS Devices

Weirdest Apps you can Install in Android and iOS Devices

"Life is not all about just staying serious and straight. Sometimes it's necessary to add a little blend of craze to keep individuals sane. So enjoy the weird happening round."

When we look into the niche of mobile applications, plenty of them is functional, practical, and communicational. But on the other hand, there are a bunch of weirdest apps that make us feel like, "Hmmm.." Some of them make no sense at all or may seem useful to us.

Sometimes, we feel why the market for such apps exists. They always make us wonder "why."  Why would creators develop such apps, and why do people use them? But there is a various user who enjoy using these apps.

Thus, in this article, you will find some weirdest yet somehow useful apps, which you may find several games, apps for daily chores, some best spy apps, or applications for money calculation. However, to get some useful information regarding the latest technology you need to read some Tech blogs like TechyWired or similar to them.

List of 10 Weirdest Apps to Download Now!

1. S.M.T.H.

Wondering what S M T H means? It means Send Me To Heaven.  This application calculates the vertical distance over which a mobile phone is thrown. Players hurl their phones higher than one another in an effort to outdo the other, frequently at the risk of destroying their devices.

Strange apps always have strange rules, and in the case of this one, rotating the phone in the air will cause incorrect results. Additionally, start gently tossing the phone up to a height of 20 cm, and gradually raise the height as you improve.

Platform: Android

On Play Store, it's accessible, but not through the App Store. S.M.T.H was expelled by Apple because it was found to be "encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user's device," says Petr Svarovsky; the designer of the app who expressed his disappointment with this restriction.

2. $1000000

It's one of the craziest new iPhone apps, which only allows you to count a million dollars. Try it out if you want to experience the exhilaration that wealthy individuals have when they count their money.  This app features a calculator that counts your income up to $1000000. It is an app that can play original Hip Hop music as you tally your cash. You can count your money using simple hand motions.

To experience what it's like to be a renowned rapper, you can also play hip-hop music in the background while counting the money the way rappers do in their songs. One of the strangest apps is this one.

Platform: iOS

This app is available on the Apple store only. This app is accessible in the iOS native environment.

3. Cuddlr

Okay! Now, let you find the people in that area to cuddle with you. Just like the other dating apps, you download each year, Cuddlr is just another one of the weirdest apps with some even-odd features. It's made for people who just want to get cuddled, rather than assisting the user in finding someone to go on a date with or even just someone to meet up with for the evening.

Platform: iOS

The Apple store has this app for download. This application is usable in the native iOS setting. But, it is expected to be available on Andriod as well.

4. Mobee

Another incentive-based weird application is Mobee, but instead of rewarding you for watching TV, it pays you for dining and shopping. With the help of mystery shopping, you may get money by completing missions. You can install the Mobee app and choose the company on the map it displays. Numerous shops will be located in thousands of these so-called "missions" spread out over the US. When you have enough points, you can redeem your gift.

Platform: Android and iOS

Mobee is easily accessible by both Android and Apple users.

5. Viggle

It is one of the weirdest games on App store. Not strange, but undoubtedly among the unusual apps that truly surprise you; why? Because you earn benefits just for having fun! You may watch series and movies on networks such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu to receive Perk Points.

Platform: Google Play & Apple App Store

With the help of the mobile app Viggle, you may earn incentives while watching TV. Both iOS and Android may use it. Function (X), a corporation run by 69-year-old American media tycoon Robert Francis Xavier Sillerman, introduced Viggle in 2012.

6. Spirit Story Box

Can you believe that a large number of people believe in Goshts? The fact that Spirit Story Box was created particularly for ghost hunting makes it one of our strangest apps ever. The program makes the claim that it can find ghosts and then translate their messages, but we won't guess as to how it actually accomplishes this. The weirdest apps show what appear to be random words and phrases that apparently correspond to the messages being sent by the ghosts.

Platform: Apple App Store

This is the gosht-based weird apps for iPhone users. Android is also working on it.

7. Carr Matey

Did you forget where you parked your car? No worries! This app can help you to find your car. One of the weird apps on play store as well as the apple store, yet somehow useful. It is intended for those who misplace their parking.

Additionally, it is useful if you have been away from your car for a while, such as after camping. Carr Matey uses Google Maps to mark the location of your automobile; then, he utilizes a compass and distance reading to get you there again.

Platform: Android and iOS

This app is free to download for both Apple and Android users.

8. Run Pee

Have you ever resisted to use the restroom during a movie because you didn't want to miss any of the enjoyable scenes? Using this software, you may find out when to use the restroom during a movie. In order to prevent you from leaving too early and missing out, it also discloses whether there are further scenes during the end credits.

Platform: Android and iOS

This senseless app is accessible to both Android and iOS users and is absolutely free to use. When you can run and urinate without missing anything significant in the movie, according to Run Pee. Incredibly strange! But helpful

9. Nothing

There aren't many apps in the Play Store with more than a million downloads. It indicates that Android users have given a game or application positive reviews. Nothing App is one of the most recent to attain this number. This program is remarkable because it essentially does nothing. We mean absolutely nothing when we say nothing.

Platform: Android

Despite having no use, this application appears to have gained popularity among Android users because it surpassed one million downloads in the Play Store this last week.

10. I am Bread

Another one of the weirdest apps out of the funniest name, is I Am Bread. You play as the bread in this game, and your goal is to get through all eight levels to become a toast. To finish the game, you must first navigate through the kitchen before venturing outdoors into the garden and other areas of the house. Despite being one of the most common adventure games available, the fact that you play as a loaf of bread gives it a spot on the list of humorous mobile applications.

Platform: iOS

It is one of the weirdest games on the App Store. You won't experience any problems using the controls because the program was made specifically for iOS. You only need to carefully navigate your way to the level's conclusion while dodging any obstacles.


We have discussed you with some of the most strange apps that have no such meaning to use but still, the users are on it and enjoying it.  Thus the primary goal of these weirdest apps is to amuse you, there is no harm in giving them a try. Furthermore, since these apps are not addictive, you shouldn't be concerned about using them nonstop. Some of them are designed for android users, some for iOS users, and some of them can be used for both. So just keep on using such apps and add a blend of craze to your dull life.

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