Attention! Fake 10 Gbps Servers Are Attacking!


Spending some money and leaving without expected service will be the most disappointing event. Thus, knowing how to differentiate between true and fake servers is essential. So how to recognize it?

Fake Server – Good Or Bad

Such fake servers are easy to create via the program environment. However, that topic is the reason for writing a separate article. Here we say that some companies use it as the backend server for experimental purposes. This case is the most harmless because its use limits the company's inner network.

The other case is when you see the equipment you need to work and run your website, but it's fake. That desperate, especially if you paid the money but can't access the control panel?

The neighbors are suspicious of malware and cause a negative impact on your resource. Even if you opened the server environment, you might be disappointed due to the minimal capacity despite the promised unmetered bandwidth. And here may come the next surprise – the dedicated server is shared in reality. That means you found the reseller who purchased the server for themselves and resold it to a couple of customers for the full price.

These dishonest players consider the newbies or inexperienced customers who are sure that $500-600 is enough for a 10 Gbit dedicated server. It's impossible because such a monster requires tons of resources and powerful processors. It can't be cheap at all.

Not Fake But Overbooking/Overselling

The operator may sell twice or even twice more than they have in their possession. That's okay if the traffic is stable and equally spread throughout the day or week, but it may collapse in peak periods. It remains like the average traffic in Warsaw is 4-5 points from 10, and the drivers can find the free or quick route. But the city stops when the weather gets worse or Christmas is coming. The same principle works with the uplinks – if they are 100% full, you can't use them. 

The shared bandwidth may use a single port of 10 Gbps or more, but this capacity is spread among 10, 20, and 50 machines. So how much is your part? Yes, the hypervisor allocates the resources trying to satisfy everybody. But what happens if one instance with little money for a dedicated server comes into the video streamer's hands? You'll cry as you lose the clients.

Where To Find The True Servers

VSYS Host offers only honest principles and prices for a 10Gbps unmetered dedicated server. Our company even has a bandwidth calculator where you can see how much traffic is possible for the stripe. Thus, 10 Gbps guarantees 3240 TB per month. Is it enough? Yes, for the popular resources.

Of course, we offer plans with less traffic, for example, 100 TB. But we don't call it a 10 Gbps package. 100 TB is the daily volume for that bandwidth at maximal speed. Still don't trust? Call us for the trial option to change your opinion.

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