How to Increase SoundCloud Plays - Tips that Actually Work

How to Increase SoundCloud Plays - Tips that Actually Work

The music industry is getting harder and harder as Time goes on; with more music being produced every day than ever before, it's crucial to find new ways to bring attention to your music and get it heard by your potential fans. If you're a music artist, you likely have a SoundCloud account to distribute your music to the music community.

While it's possible to get hundreds or even thousands of followers on SoundCloud and have your music streamed thousands of times in the first month or two after uploading, there's no guarantee that you will start getting consistent exposure from this platform until you learn how to increase your SoundCloud plays.

With this in mind, we have decided to write an article on how to increase SoundCloud plays so that our readers can find out the best effective tips to increase SoundCloud plays as well as overall exposure in the music industry.

9 Ways to Gain More Plays on SoundCloud

It's easier than you think to gain more plays on SoundCloud and all it takes is a little time, creativity, and effort. Below are nine ways you can gain more plays on SoundCloud without spending money or risking your account.

1) Create Great Music

Make sure your music is excellent rather than just "good enough." Creating high-quality content will help you stand out. Additionally, make your song amazing rather than just okay. You must also ensure that it is properly mixed and mastered so that it sounds excellent on any platform. The average person will only listen for about 10 seconds, so make sure you catch their attention quickly with a catchy hook or verse.

2) Make Your Music Discoverable

The best way to get plays on your music is to have your music make it on the front page of Soundcloud. Getting featured on the front page can be difficult, but you can do a few things to increase your chances. To start, find relevant tags that describe your music and make sure your name and description properly describe what you're making.

You should also be sure to fill out all of the metadata with relevant information, such as genre, date created, mood, and location. Then, don't forget to follow the folks who seem like they might like your stuff to spread the word and use hashtags when appropriate so people can easily discover your content.

3) Upload it Consistently and On Time

To increase SoundCloud plays, consistency is key. Upload your track consistently and on Time. The Best Time to post your tracks is during active hours when people are most likely to be listening, which is usually 12 pm-4 pm EST or 9 am-2 pm PST depending on what part of the world you're from.

 If you have a content calendar, schedule your posts at least one day in advance so you can plan out a timeline for yourself. It's always best to stay as consistent as possible to make more plays and eventually more listeners (and more followers).

Have a content calendar with times marked down when you should upload your track, and make sure to upload it every Time.

4) Leverage Existing Audience

Leverage Existing Audience

To increase your track's visibility and engagement, ask your existing fans and audience to share it. When you publish a post on social media or elsewhere with a link to your SoundCloud page or tracks, make sure to include a Share button for the quickest way for people who follow you to help spread the word about what you're up to.

You can also email past customers of yours (or even just people who like the look of what you do), asking them if they wouldn't mind sharing what they like with their friends too. As long as you don't bombard them with constant emails, this is usually an effective way to generate more traffic. It's all about building relationships with those around your SoundCloud community.

5) Do Email Networking

Email networking is a great way to increase your visibility and promote your music. You can start by introducing yourself and what you're about, then ask the recipient if they would like a free download of your music. If they say yes, send them a link. If not, continue emailing others on your list until you find someone interested in hearing your music. Remember that building list of contacts is important because promotional channels are effective when you're starting the promotion of your music.

6) Utilize Repost Chains

The SoundCloud community is a bustling and active one. Listeners are always looking for new artists and tracks. If you want to gain more listeners on your SoundCloud, try using repost trading as a means of getting new listeners. Reposting tracks is another great way to gain listeners on SoundCloud, but it's not as effective as the repost trading technique.

Try utilizing both methods to see what will work best for you. Remember that this works best when other users from your niche are following your profile, so use some networking strategies to increase the chance of having followers who share common interests with you.

7) Collaborate with Influencers

SoundCloud has a large community of listeners and creators, so it's important to get the word out about your music. Collaborating with influencers in the SoundCloud community is a surefire way to increase plays on your tracks. Creating relationships with other musicians can also lead to new connections, collaborations, and more followers.

 If you're an up-and-coming artist, it's important to get your music out there. Build relationships with influencers in your industry, like radio DJs and popular artists. Find someone who has a large following on social media, especially a network like Instagram or Snapchat. Reach out to them privately with a link to your song and ask if they would consider sharing it with their audience. The more positive exposure you can receive from influencers, the more plays you'll see on SoundCloud.

8) Share it on Social Platforms

The best way to get your music heard is by being social and marketing it on social media, blogs, websites, and more. Share your music with as many people as possible so they can discover it. Promote your music by sharing links via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites. You'll want to share videos of your performances, too, for maximum exposure.

Be sure to also sign up for newsletters from relevant blogs and mailing lists. You may also want to consider submitting a press release about yourself or your latest project (you can do this through PRweb).

9) Purchase SoundCloud Plays

Purchase SoundCloud Plays

The fastest and easiest way to gain more plays on SoundCloud is to purchase real SoundCloud Plays from Media Mister. It’s a genuine social media service that provides 100% authentic plays with guarantee and secure payment options.

It also has a high retention rate of over 95%, and if, in rare cases, you face any problems with the purchased services, Media Mister offers a full money-back. So, this gives you relief that things won’t turn out wrong. This is also one of the most efficient ways to get the ball rolling in terms of your music career because when people hear your song, they will like it and then recommend it to their friends. Media Mister can help you accomplish this goal with their genuine social media services that offer 100% genuine plays.


If you're looking for a quick boost in the beginning, Purchasing SoundCloud Plays is one of the most effective methods. It's also worth mentioning that if you want more people to listen to your music, make sure you make great content. And remember, don't give up just because it didn't work right away; keep trying different tactics until you find what works best for you and your music. That being said, these tips should help get you off on the right foot.

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