Why choose wireless power banks rather than wired ones??

Everyone knows that there are huge changes in technology by the time and all the changes help humans in a very positive way. Although excess is not good in any way. Earlier we got completely wired chargers with the phone and after that we got a usb data cable and the adapter, whether fast or normal for charging the phone. We cannot take the charger to each and every place. We also do not get the charger point everywhere so there is the invention of the power banks so that we can charge them and take them with us wherever we want. Power banks are so convenient as they are very compatible for many of the devices which can connect through the usb cable. Power banks  are best for charging the phone where we cannot find the chargers or we don’t have access to electricity at that time. It is also very accessible and easy for us to charge the phone while travelling also. We just need to charge the power banks completely and we must have the usb cable to connect it with the phone to charge if required. But nowadays wireless power banks are so in the trend as there is no need to take the usb cable as well. We can charge our phone just by putting the phone on the power bank and you are done.

Everyone should use the wireless power banks as it is even more convenient then the wired power banks in many ways.

  • The usb cable -

Sometimes when we are in a rush and we forget the USB cable back in the home and we have to travel to a place and then the power bank is of no use we can do nothing with the power bank without the usb cable. And then we have to buy a cheap temporary power bank which is also not a good option at all. Also sometimes many people pull the usb cable of the power bank from the bag so harshly and it may also get tangled with some of the other things as well. In this situation, a time will come when the inner small wires of the usb cable may damage and stop working. This can happen a lot many times. So according to this the wireless power banks are much better than the wired ones.

  • Portable -

There is no usb cable and the cord in the wireless charging so it is quite portable and easy to carry anywhere anytime. We don’t need to worry about taking the cord with us. A wireless power bank just transfers the power from one device to the other device and makes it ready for usage. The wireless charging is also known as the Qi - charging. We can charge any device which has the feature of charging wirelessly. It is also known as wireless charging base or the wireless charging pad. These are so portable we can charge the phone anytime without the cord.

  • Flexible -

You don’t need to put the phone on the table and allow them for an hour to charge or more. These wireless chargers are so flexible to use as when we put the mobile phone above the wireless power bank then the magnetic power of the power bank makes the phone attached  and aligned to the power bank. Because of this feature we don’t have to worry about the positioning of the power bank and the mobile phone. But where as in the wired power bank we have to take care of the usb cable, power bank and also the mobile phone. We cannot keep on rotating the usb cable while using the phone as the usb cable may get damaged. Usage of the wireless power bank is so flexible and easy to use as well anytime.

  • Light weight -

Most of the wired power banks are heavier as compared to the wireless power banks. These wireless or the magnetic power banks are easy to use and are very lighter in weight and smaller in size as well. You can feel nothing in your hand while using the wireless power banks. If you want to try you can visit Carphonewarehouse for the best of the deals in the power banks and grab yours. Hurry up.

  • Charging base -

Many of the times some people forget to charge their power banks and when they take the power banks to travel they get upset. But the wireless power banks came with the charging base for charging the power bank which is so portable to carry everywhere and you can charge the power bank in some time . While charging the power banks you  can also put your phone on the charging base and it can also charge your phone side by side. It is a great feature of wireless charging. You can use more than one phone at a time with the help of the wireless power banks.

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