How to Download Private Instagram Videos with Snaptube

Instagram always updates the platform so that it can look more appealing to users. After adding some things up, like Reels, for example, Instagram also did some configuration to the Story.

So, back to topic, how to download private Instagram videos? Before answering that question, there’s one that’s even more important to answer.

Is It Possible to Download Private Instagram Stories?

By default, doing so isn’t possible. Downloading certain content from a private account is really hard. A private account really closes itself to others. When you want to befriend them, you need to ask their permission first and wait until the request has been answered. If you want to do Instagram private video download, there’s one solution that can solve your problem.

There’s an app called Snaptube. It’s one of the best tools for downloading content from Instagram and any other social media platforms. It has a simple operation that’s really easy to follow. And to solve your problems, Snaptube also offers a way to download Private Instagram videos using its tool.

If you wish to download private Instagram stories, Snaptube is the best solution for you!

Why Snaptube is The Best Private Story Downloader

Snaptube is an application that will make it easy for Android users to download and save videos, music, and pictures quickly and easily. This application can also be used for DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and others. 

This private account story downloader has many advantages, one of which is downloading videos and music of various resolutions and formats. Snaptube is also available as an open source and tends to be stable. Plus, the size of the application is not large. Of course, it will make those of you who have storage or storage space limits happy.

However, this story download app is not available in the Google Play Store. Why? How come? Yes, of course, this is related to copyright. Google has a policy regarding taking videos without including the owner, and that violates copyright rules. However, it is safe to use, not a virus or malware, and this statement is obtained from the official Snaptube website.

You can download Snaptube application from its official website. The download process does not take long due to its small size.

Download videos from Instagram using Snaptube

How to Download Private Instagram Videos Using The Snaptube

To download the private videos, you need to get the link to that video first. Then, open the Snaptube app, and paste the link there. This can be a great way to download any videos that the app’s inner integration can’t detect.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone and find the private account you want to download the video from.
Step 2: Use a new account or ask your friends to follow the private account and copy the story link. 
Step 3: Paste the copied story video link into Snaptube’s search bar. You will be able to open the video. 
Step 4: Now, click the download button and save it on your phone.

Snaptube Best Features to Instagram Private Story Download

There are some benefits you can gain from this private story downloader, such as:

1. Download Videos from Various Platforms

The first feature is being able to download on various platforms; of course, this feature is the main advantage of Snaptube. Not only can you download, but you can search for or watch the desired video online.

This is because Snaptube is directly integrated into these various platforms, so you can download it directly without having to copy the link. This feature will be very useful because you no longer need to switch between applications to download a video. That way, you can easily do a private account Instagram story download.

2. Download Videos to MP3

In addition to downloading videos, Snaptube also has an MP3 download feature. Whether streaming music or video clips, here, you can just download the music without the need to download the video as well.

Of course, the file size will be smaller by only downloading the music. Thus, you can save and play music in the background of your smartphone.

3. Various Resolution and Format Options

In the process of downloading videos or music, Snaptube provides a choice of various resolutions or formats. For example, Mkv, MP4, MP3, and so on.

The formats chosen generally have different qualities and sizes; here, you can adjust them to your needs or desires.

4. There is a choice of categories and popular videos.

For those of you who don't know what to download, this application also provides categories and features that are popular today. That way, you can see some videos that might be interesting and that you want to download.

Moreover, you can add your favorite genre or video, which can be used as a reference for your favorite video. So, the application can recommend suitable and exciting videos for you to download.


If you sincerely want to download any private videos from Instagram, Snaptube can be used as the best solution. All you need to do is copy the video link, paste it, and enjoy the content. The download process is already simplified, so everyone can easily understand it.

If you wish to do Instagram private story download, use Snaptube now!

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