4 Free and Easy Methods to Save PDF as JPEG

While the document format Adobe PDF has already earned a solid place as one of the most popular document formats for digital distribution, information sharing, and electronic submissions, it can become not as user-friendly in specific use cases.

Say that you’re going to share visual information or an image-based concept with a friend for real quick, and you’d totally agree that an image format like JPEG (JPG) or PNG, and even GIF, is a more intuitive and digestible content format. And today in this post, we’ll talk about how to save PDF as JPEG, using 4 free and easy methods. Online and offline methods are respectively provided so you can easily get the job done no matter where you are.

Method 1. How to Save PDF as JPEG Online Using PDFgear

If you’re looking for a fast and handy method to change PDF documents into JPG, then online PDF converters are certainly a good option, and PDFgear.com, the online and all-in-one PDF converter toolkit, is one of the best of them.

The PDFgear website is free and safe, and its web-based nature makes it compatible with most mainstream operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

With the online PDFgear PDF to JPEG converter, you can drag and drop to save your PDF documents as images such as JPEG, in a matter of seconds.

Go to PDFgear PDF to JPG Converter

Step 1. Go to PDFgear Online PDF to JPG Converter

Navigate to PDFgear PDFgear online PDF to JPEG converter, you can use a web browser application like Google Chrome on either computers or mobile phones.

Step 2. Upload PDF to PDFgear

Hit the Choose files button to upload the PDF you intend to save as JPEG to PDFgear online PDF to JPEG converter.

Download the PDF-Converted JPEG Image

Step 3. Download the Converted Image

When the PDF is uploaded, the PDF-to-image conversion will start automatically. The saved JPEG image will be available for you to download in 1 to 2 seconds.

Method 2. How to Save PDF as JPEG on Mac Using Preview

In terms of saving digital documents PDF as JPEG images, Mac users are lucky since they have it much easier. The inbuilt PDF reader application Preview can also serve as a PDF-to-JPEG converter, allowing macOS users to easily save PDF as JPEG on Mac, without needing any third-party services or software installation.

In the following, you will learn about how to save PDFs as JPG images in simple steps.

Step 1. On your Mac computer or Macbook, open the PDF you need to save as JPEG, using the Preview application.

Export PDF in Preview App

Step 2. When the PDF document is opened in Preview, go to the File tab, and hit Export from the dropdown menu.

Save PDF as JPEG in Preview

Step 3. In the Export settings window, go to the Format option and adjust the output image format if needed.

Step 4. In the same window, you also get to customize the output image resolution and the destination folder, when ready, hit the Save button from the lower-right corner to save the opened PDF as JPEG.

Method How to Save PDF as JPEG Offline Using PDFgear Desktop

While online PDF to JPEG converters come in handy, PDF converter software is also needed for users in offline conditions, such as while you’re flying on a plane. And PDFgear Desktop, the PDF management software, helps you manage your PDF tasks without an internet connection.

For its impeccable performance and the nature of being free to use, PDFgear has earned a place as one of our 12 Best PDF Editors for Windows 10/11.

With PDFgear Desktop PDF to JPEG converter, you can fast and easily save PDF documents on your computer as images such as JPEG, PNG, and more. And as a batch PDF to JPEG converter, PDFgear Desktop allows you to save multiple PDF documents as JPEG images in one go.

Step 1. Download and install PDFgear Desktop from PDFgear.com

Step 2. Launch PDFgear Desktop on your Windows or Mac computer.

Go to PDFgear Desktop PDF to JPEG Converter

Step 3. Go to the Convert from PDF section and select the PDF to JPEG tool.

Step 4. Hit the Add File button to add one or more PDF documents that you need to save in JPEG format.

Save PDF as JPEG Image in PDFgear Desktop

Step 5. Customize the Page Ranges to convert to JPEG for the imported PDFs.

Step 6. Define the output image folder from the Output Path box below.

Step 7. When ready, hit the Convert button from the lower-right corner to start the conversion.

FAQs on How to Save PDF as JPEG

Can I save PDF as JPEG in Gallery app?

While the Gallery app on iOS and Android mobile phones offers a handy feature for saving JPEG as PDF, it sadly doesn’t work the other way around. So no, you can’t save PDF as JPEG in the Gallery app.

How to save PDF as JPEG on iPhone?

To save PDF as JPEG on iPhone and iPad, you can either use the online PDF to JPEG converter PDFgear.com, or download and install a PDF to JPEG converter application from the App Store.

Can I save PDF as JPEG in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome doesn’t have native support for converting PDF to JPEG, yet you can draw support from a Google Chrome browser extension to convert and save PDF documents as JPEG images.

How to save PDF as JPEG without an internet connection?

To save PDF as JPEG without an internet connection, you need a PDF to JPG converter software like PDFgear Desktop. With it, you can save PDFs as JPEGs on Windows and Mac computers, whether you’re connected to the internet or not.


We hope the three methods are helpful in resolving your PDF to JPEG issues in different situations and don’t hesitate to give the introduced methods a try as they are completely free and safe. And if you encounter any issues in using our recommended methods, please leave us a message and we’re glad to help.

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