Platform Development

Platform Development

Euristiq offers each customer the development of various platforms and software, full-scale or turnkey mobile applications. The developer guarantees a procedural approach, a focus on expanding the customer's business and client base, as well as scaling and ease of use of the new platform.

What types of services does Euristiq offer?

Each customer who applies to Euristiq for platform development receives the following opportunities from a team of professionals, programmers, engineers, and web designers:

·         End-to-end software development, regardless of its complexity, the number of basic and additional functions, as well as the content of the technical specifications from the customer. In addition to development, the team of specialists also provides services for integrating the finished product into cloud servers, and the customer's internal software, as well as commissioning the application and instructing the employees who will be responsible for it.

·         The Euristiq team of specialists includes highly qualified engineers, programmers, designers, and other specialized professionals, each of whom is highly qualified and has a long work experience. Thus, Euristiq can offer its customers not only a template product but also application development from scratch, including the interface, writing program code, and designing the design of the main and peripheral pages of a web resource that is attractive to the end customer.

·         Euristiq also has a special department of experts who provide technology consulting and identify vulnerabilities, errors, and failures with already installed and long-used software products. This will provide an increase in productivity and speed of work, as well as improve the quality of interaction between the platform and the end user, which will lead to a quick return on payback and growth in profits for the customer's company, according to the business plan.

Euristiq also has a library of code that doesn't have to be written for every new customer. As a result, a software product is developed 20% - 30% faster than a similar application created by a competing company.

What kind of platform development services does Euristiq provide?

When contacting Euristiq, each customer receives from the developers a choice of creating the following categories of this type of intellectual product:

·         Individual development of a new platform to order with the writing and implementation of the original program code.

·         Development of a Seas platform that successfully integrates with most modern applications, including artificial intelligence and IoT software.

·         Creation, filling, configuration, and operation of a new cloud platform with a volume that depends on the requirements of the customer, which provides the ability to quickly scale the system along with the development of the customer's business.

·         Adjustment and reengineering of the existing platform based on the results of the implementation of technical digital consulting, which guarantees the improvement of the service, the modernization of the main algorithms, and the provision of competitive advantage for the customer's company.

·         Setting up innovative API technology, wireless or wired communication with the company's end catheter via a protective remote high-speed channel with the registration of exactly the number of points that are required for normal operation.

After creating, registering, and commissioning the platform into the customer's internal servers, the company provides him with a long-term warranty (usually 12 months), as well as full-scale technical support from consultants and engineers. This suggests that the developer takes on some of the risks in the business of the future partner and shares the possible financial losses that arise due to technical errors when creating the platform.

The main advantages of platform development with Euristiq

Euristiq's client base is expanding every month, and more and more customers - owners of both large and small or medium-sized businesses trust a team of professionals, as they receive the following undeniable advantages compared to contacting any other company of competitors:

·         The company offers only high-performance innovative solutions and the most advanced tools to achieve optimal results.

·         Euristiq always considers the development of a new platform in terms of customer benefit - it should be easy to use, maximally protected from third-party cyber-attacks, feature-rich, reliable, and scalable. Also, as little investment as possible should be spent on software development, which will ensure a quick payback and profit.

·         This developer is one of the few who offers customers not only cloud technologies and services but also has experience working with several remote access and data storage systems at once. Here we are talking about the division of particularly important information into different cloud storages, which are managed by several well-known providers with a subscription to each of them.

·         Euristiq aims to equip the new platform with state-of-the-art technologies - the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, multi-stage end customer account coding, and many other advanced software products. These solutions fully satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer and allow you to quickly turn a profit without unnecessary costs in the process of system management.

·         US/UI Expertise - Euristiq makes sure that the customer's US is as efficient as possible, focused on the end customer of the business, ensures the achievement of expected results, and helps the development of the entire platform.

·         Possession of deep knowledge in the field of working with cross-industry domains, which will provide control over the development of an intellectual product at each stage, and will also allow you to study additional software functions, even if they are not specified in the technical assignment from the customer.

·         Euristiq has only a horizontal management system, where each team member, regardless of his level of professionalism and focus on a particular activity, can express his point of view or give an idea, and it will be necessarily considered by the whole team. The company's management also always invites the customer to take part in briefings and meetings, brainstorming sessions to take into account all the proposals in the early stages of product development and release the product in 100% accordance with the requirements of the client.

The main advantage is the fact that Euristiq has a flexible approach to each customer, regardless of the size of his business, which guarantees the achievement of optimal results in the shortest possible time, as well as the ability to break down payments into stages and other useful options. Most customers leave only positive feedback about working with the company, noting that it was with Euristiq that they achieved the ideal software product for work.

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