6 of the Best Concert Venues in Seattle

Best Concert Venues in Seattle

If you are one of the 750K plus people who live in Seattle or one of the 21 million visitors, chances are you have seen a concert in the city. If you haven’t, you need only to look up at one of the many creative billboards in Seattle for inspiration.

Aside from its delicious coffee and abundant rainfall, the city is known for its music scene. You may know Seattle for being the birthplace of the grunge era. There are endless concert venues in and around Seattle to choose from, here are six of the best.

1. The Paramount

You can’t really talk about music venues in Seattle without including The Paramount. Over 100 years old, this historic theatre was born in during the Roaring 20s and has frozen the moment in time.

It is lavish, with chandeliers and velvet curtains – what you get when you pay for it. And while it is one of the more expensive venues in the city, you can catch some huge names and acts at The Paramount.

Past performances have included Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, and Eric Clapton to name but a few. If you are looking for a romantic night out on the town, this venue can’t be beat. It would be a great place for a special occasion or to pop the question.

2. Tractor Tavern

You can’t take the cowboy out of Seattle. To catch that country twang vibe, visit the Tractor Tavern where indie bands are prominent. Enjoy a casual atmosphere and a stiff drink at the nearby restaurants before the show.

The wonderful thing about Tractor Tavern is the laid-back vibe and affordability. You can enjoy a fun evening and not go broke, even with a group of friends. That's another inviting thing about the tavern, it is more for groups and friends and less for couples or date nights.

Go, be rowdy, hear good music, and maybe even learn a few line-dancing steps.

3. Barbosa

One of the best things about cities like Seattle is their venues are available to up and coming artists (not just “names”). The Barbosa venue is tucked away in the basement of a sister venue named Neumos.

This is the kind of venue to really let your hair down. It’s cheap ($3) and unassuming, and probably some of the best music you’ll hear in the city. Why? Because new artists are passionate and motivated to further their following. Great venues like Barbosa support these artists and give them a place to grow.

If you are a music lover of all varieties and want to just let loose, Barbosa has to be on your must-list of repeat venues. The music is spontaneous and always changing and evolving. You may not see the same band or artist there twice, and that is what makes it a truly unique experience.

4. Café Racer

While the locals may argue its new location isn’t ideal, it hasn’t slowed this Seattle favorite down much. It has also not turned away stunning music artists. Here anyone can be an artist.

Café Racer offers open mic night and karaoke. Come and see a comedy show, maybe catch the next generation’s Dave Chappelle. Local bands choose venues like Café Racer too, because usually this venue draws Seattle natives.

5. The Crocodile

The music scene in Seattle cannot be mentioned without including The Crocodile. Before Nirvana and Pearl Jam became global sensations, they packed The Crocodile. These venues highlight talent, not flash, and give budding artists a chance to explode on the fan scene before the billboard charts.

This location has been considered a staple of the Seattle music scene for over 20 years. According to The Guardian, The Crocodile is an “unparalleled, independent music sanctuary for artists and fans alike.”

6. Moore Theatre

The more casual sister of The Paramount is the Moore Theatre. It is the oldest theatre in Seattle and once hosted a spa in the basement! Seating 1,800 people, it once featured legendary performances by B.B. King, Ani DiFranco, and the Seattle Rock Orchestra.

Like The Paramount, the Moore Theatre was a shiny gem for the elite during the Gilded Age of Seattle. It is the oldest entertainment venue in the city.

Closing Thoughts

While any Seattle music venue is bound to give you a musical night to remember, consider these six of the best locations in the city.

Venues as versatile as the music they showcase, are what makes the music scene in Seattle a huge success. In order to have a well-rounded experience, one must get twangy, fancy, or just get footloose and lost in the music of this noteworthy part of the country.

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