Factors to Consider While Developing Cost of Website

Factors to Consider While Developing Cost of Website

Businesses irrespective of their industry verticals are striving hard to claim a slice of the web development pie. If you see day in and day out, thousands or millions of dollars are found being invested in developing a strong online presence that has the potential to generate meaningful and fruitful revenues. However, there are only a few which can be recalled for example, Amazon, Whatsapp, Facebook, Walmart, Netflix, and so forth whereas others somehow seem to have sunken deep down in the huge ocean like an old ship. Obviously, nobody wants to be in the later category, especially when you have invested such a hefty amount.

Now you must have heard a famous quote saying that when you end up creating value, price doesn't matter but I say even to create some value you have to pay a price. Speaking of which, all I can say is that web development is one such realm no matter how much money you try to invest, something will always be missing. I mean you will never be satisfied or at peace, like it or not!

Creating a strong online presence

Today the true definition of success is to strengthen the online presence. It’s like the more publicity the more popular. Unfortunately, there are businesses that fail to realize that in the present times a customer always first tends to visit the website and then thinks about whether to buy the product or not. Another interesting proverb that perfectly fits here is, the book will always be judged by its cover. In other words, your business will always be judged by your website. So that’s the reason it is said creating a strong online presence can seamlessly make or break your business. 

Take yourself as an example, I am sure you must be reading the article on your smartphone, right? Well, and not just that for every big, small, need you need a website or an application whether it’s chatting or being in touch with your friends and family through social media platforms or ordering delicious food online, or buying a wide range of apparels and accessories, buying movie tickets, planning vacations, and whatnot! It’s quite shocking that 40% of businesses still consider brick-and-mortar stores or the conventional methods to be the best. They aren’t ready to adapt at all. Now you tell me how much time you spend online? I guess 8 hours or more. So why should a business not have an online presence?

Further below I would like to mention certain advantages of having a strong online presence in today's times and if not then why do you need to get it done right now.

#1 Wider Audience at once

One of the obvious benefits of creating a website or a strong online presence is that you get to reach more and more customers all at once. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have as long as you are having a website at hand which is 24/7 available for your end users. Yes, you see when you operate only via brick-and-mortar stores what happens is, first and foremost there is a short time period that you need to address. For example, your shop might be open from morning 10AM to 8PM, what then? Also, there are several breaks such as weekends, holidays, and so on.

Now if you have a website, let’s say some kind of an eCommerce store, customers can buy products at any point in time. Whether they want to shop during their working hours or at night, they can and of course, they don’t need to get shopping ready. Even buying apparel while watching old movies with your loved ones in your pajamas is possible.

And speaking of reach, here you don’t have to be region specific. Websites can enable your business to make deals with even those customers who are sitting far away from you. Also, to increase your reach, you must come up with a responsive web design to deliver satisfactory UX for mobile users.

#2 Brand Visibility

The next advantage of considering a website development company is you can increase your brand visibility in the least amount of time possible. After all, it’s all about letting everyone around know that you are offering some alluring range of products and services. Also, try promoting your business in such a way that your customers get compelled to share the information among their friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors, and share relevant information and many times act as brand advocates.

So you no longer have to spend lots and lots of money on advertising and marketing. One of the most technical ways to increase brand recognition is by adding as many backlinks as you can. Just make sure they are from authoritative sites of yours which provide insane credibility for your business.

#3 Personalized Services

The next and biggest advantage of creating an intimidating, unique, robust, scalable website is that you can offer lots and lots of personalized and customized services. By doing so, you can seamlessly satisfy your end users and earn their trust and loyalty within a very short span of time. Now tell me something, how do you earn gratitude from your loved ones? Simply by offering them exactly what they need and to be precise your customer is no different.

Now for that you have to understand what exactly they want. And this is quite possible when you have something that can be used to monitor how the end users try to interact with your space, and where exactly they are planning to go. What’s yay or nay for them? For example, is there any specific product or services your target audience is looking for, if so make it featured. Also do track their geographic location, devices and from which third-party sites they usually tend to come, and so forth.

In fact, with the technology rising so high, you will find several options that act as a perfect tool for tracking the overall behavior of your site visitors, gathering relevant data, and presenting it in a quite convenient manner. For example, try using Google Analytics.

Of course, this is not it. I can simply go on and on when it comes to how web development is a blessing for your ongoing business venture. However, the following post focuses on factors, especially price-related factors to keep in mind while dealing with a web development project.

If you are a newbie then it is quite obvious that you will think that developing a website could be quite a costly venture and it does turn out to be if you aren’t cautious enough. And that’s the reason why I have come up with a few aspects or factors to take into account, especially in regard to determining the cost of the website.

Basic yet Crucial Factors to Consider while Developing Cost of Website

Now one of the most basic yet crucial questions that have been circling my thread is how to exactly calculate the overall cost of developing a website. Of course, if you surf the internet then I am sure you will find relevant ballpark figures which might look absolute and intricate but do they really are?

Now have you ever built a house? Can you determine the cost right in the first place? Of course not! Because the cost varies from different aspects, such as the type of neighborhood, layout, number of rooms, outdoor space, interiors, and so forth. Quite a roller-coaster ride? And to be honest, website development is no different. Well, allow me to lessen your worries by shedding some light on the top factors that might impact on the web or app development cost.

#1 Responsive Web Design

One of the amazing factors that might affect the cost of a web development project is to try to come up with a responsive web design. You see, a responsive design can work wonders for all computing devices, be it computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and whatnot! In fact, today several websites are found viewed on iPads and iPhones. So yes, numerous platform compatibility is extremely important. Also, this reduces the need for developing the website for different computing devices and reduces the overall cost. Just research well on what devices your end users are using and target those ones.

#2 Hiring Team of best Web Developers

Another crucial factor is to hire experienced and knowledgeable programmers. I am well aware of the fact that many of you think that hiring professionals could be quite costly. Well, if you try looking at the big picture then I am sure you won’t be saying this. You see web development is not the only project your business will be conducting, so there is no scope to perform any kind of trial and error. Also, these trials and errors can significantly lead to a loss of energy, money, and time. So always choose the tried and tested ones. I am sure you can find reputable and reliable web development companies that do tend to offer a plethora of services and that too at a reasonable price.

#3 Creating a website which is SEO-friendly

Last but certainly not the least factor is to create a website that is quite SEO-friendly and mobile responsive. After all, you are not doing it just for the sake of it, right? Try developing a website that ranks higher organically as well as increases the number of visits which translates into leads and sales. That’s how you can generate more revenue. A website is said to be SEO-friendly when it somehow compels the end user to stay for the long haul.


And we are done now! I hope the following post does offer some help in your upcoming web development project. Overall making a website live is not an easy venture, so you need a skilled team of web developers at your service who aims to convert your vision into reality in no time.

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