How to Track a Lost Cell Phone?

Everyone has felt the momentary overwhelming dread of being without their smartphone. Losing your smartphone might be more terrifying than losing your wallet or car keys, since it has not only financial worth but also vital and confidential information pertaining to you and your loved ones. It's scary to think that a total stranger may get their hands on such private data.

Well, aside from tracking with IMEI, your iOS or Android-powered smartphone or tablet already includes the necessary software to track down your missing iPhone or Android device. Tracking your smartphone is also possible with a number of third-party applications.

Track Android Smartphone for Free

Google Maps

When you need to find your way to an unfamiliar area or keep tabs on the whereabouts of many different devices, Google Maps is there to assist. Accuracy and precision are guaranteed via GPS, and numerous devices may be tracked at once with the use of location sharing. Follow these steps to use Google Maps as a tracker:
  • Open an app and sign in
  • Look for the "Google Profile" option on the top right side
  • Choose "Location Sharing" and choose "New Share."
  • Select sharing duration "Until you Turn This Off."
  • Add yourself to the option
  • Choose "Share" and you're done

Find My Device

Find My Device is an excellent choice if you need a Google-powered tracker tool to help you recover a forgotten or lost mobile device. Although it is optimised for Android smartphones, it also provides very accurate location tracking.

AirDroid Tracker 

In addition to tracking a device's location, the AirDroid Parental Control software offers capabilities such as remote camera access, screen mirroring, and the ability to synchronise text messages and alerts.

Mobile Number Tracker

Simply by entering the device's phone number into Mobile Number Tracker, you will be able to quickly determine the precise position of any mobile device in only a few seconds. You can do that without having to download any extra applications on either of your phones.

Mobile Tracker

Family members and workers may both be tracked with little effort using Mobile Tracker. The app has a number of useful features, such as the ability to secretly record and take screenshots of the target device's activity, as well as the capability to track and control the target device's use. The best part is that the application is totally free of cost.

Track iPhone for Free

Find My iPhone

A lost iOS device may be located using Find My iPhone, an app that also displays the device's last known location. This application not only makes it harder to steal your phone, but it can also be used to follow someone's whereabouts without costing you money. However, you'll need to turn it on in the settings before you can use it. Here's how to use "Find My iPhone" to track for your misplaced or stolen iPhone:
  • Go to iCloud and sign in to "My Find iPhone"
  • Click on "All Devices"
  • Now select a particular device you need to find
  • You'll see a location on the map
  • In case not be located, you'll see "offline" right below the device's name

Glympse Free Phone Location Tracker

Free iPhone location tracking app Glympse has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store. More than one individual may be tracked at once using its GPS tracking capabilities. Glympse provides tracking capabilities as well as privacy settings to ensure the security of your data.

Glympse follows the privacy guidelines established by Apple for iOS devices. Glympse's dynamic mapping capability enables users to secretly observe the whereabouts of another user without the latter being aware of it.

Find My Friends

Whether you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, you can use the official Find My Friends app to keep tabs on your pals. Sharing your location, either permanently or temporarily, across iOS 9 and iOS 12 devices is a breeze. Using the app is simple and uncomplicated. The Find My app, included in iOS 13 and later, serves as a replacement for both “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends.” It has location tracking capabilities, location alerts, and a map view for seeing others' shared locations.
  • Both parties must have an iPhone in order to use "Find My Friends"
  • Now go to an app and tap "Start Sharing Location"
  • You can easily find out whether the target phone is sharing its location by tapping the + symbol.
  • Add new users by clicking the + sign. Since you are following them, adding yourself to their contact list might be wise.
  • Simply choose "Share Indefinitely" from the "Send" menu, and that's it.


There are several numerous strategies for tracing the location of a mobile phone. Apps are the most often used method. Thankfully, there are several mobile phone tracking apps available at no cost. A few are designed specifically for tracking, while others may also be used as parental controls. Due to the stealthiness of these applications, we believe they are the most effective at tracking location.

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