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The operation of a track linear actuator is almost the same as that of a common actuator. The only difference is that its scope of movement is locked in a track and you can not actually observe the motion itself. The following design makes the devices more vulnerable to dust particles and water. Despite this fact, it also has a great benefit and can manage more force in comparison with a traditional device in relation to its actual size.

The thing is that a track system has a predetermined path for the force which boosts the amount of structural support when entirely loaded. When do people use a track linear actuator today? If compare this device with a regular linear actuator, you will see that a track linear drive is more efficient and accessible for domestic use that already involved a set upright and horizontal movement.

Currently, there are two popular models available: PA-18 and PA-08 you can try them for different purposes as well. These two models are consistent with special brackets like BRK-19 and BRK-01. Two of these actuators can be applied for diverse purposes and are custom ordered for versatile projects with many force ratings. One more client-focused peculiarity is the positional feedback where the actuator has variants for hall sensors. Applying feedback is essential for actuators to send signals to a control point providing the synchronization and possibility of memory function.

Where Can Track Linear Actuators Be Used?

The use of household actuators can be diverse. For example, you can make sofas from the armrests of which a niche or a small bar moves in/out. The same technique can be used in cars. Automatic raising and lowering of stairs, closing, and opening covers and hatches, etc. It serves to automate the linear movement and maintenance of various loads (cargoes, mechanisms, etc.). A wide range of actuators, blocks, and control panels provide the perfect solution for your application.

The diversity of electric linear actuator applications for domestic projects can bring a lot of advantages especially when it comes to the track-styled design of the model. For example, many TV lifts are constructed with the use of a track linear drive to let it hide and move vertically.

More Engaging Projects Where You Can Apply Track Linear Drivers

To understand the way this type of actuator works, it is better to learn more about the domestic projects where it has been implemented. Getting additional functionality and comfort is the key goal homeowners strive to reach. 

Get a unique drop video camera construction

We have mentioned the PA-18 model of a track actuator above, and this one can be successfully integrated for making a drop-down TV lift. But many customers just decide to mount a video camera instead to get TV stations for broadcasting. It looks really amazing. Such use can make the entire transition process smooth for the operator and improve the video output. 

Smarten up your home with new intelligent solutions

To receive a doubled advantage at home, you may use the tracks for reaching horizontal movement. For example, automated sliding doors, dressers, and special cabinetry will change your traditional imagination about them. Convert your traditional curtains into smart ones with automated features and the option to close and open them in accordance with your personal settings.

It is also a fantastic idea for libraries and classrooms to get the most from track linear actuators that are eligible for changing the position of whiteboards and bookshelf sliding for efficient use of available space for students.

Track Linear Actuator Use: Bottom Line

Well, as you can see, the following type of actuators can be used not only for industrial purposes but also as a successful solution for domestic applications. Moreover, different track actuators are eligible for implementation even if the necessary lifting force is bigger than the maximum specs of a track actuator.

Using everything properly will guarantee that the track linear actuator can be an excellent variant for using them inside the house or apartment. As the result, the actual application can benefit from a pre-determined pathway or needed structural strength to cope with big loads. They can also include opportunities for positional feedback and are typically more accessible if compared with regular actuators of the equal size.

Now that you know the basics of track drives, you can choose one for your next project. Moreover, remote access gives freedom of movement: it is easy to manage and control the system even outside the home. In addition, you are free to choose the design and fittings you use for your smart home. There are enough solutions to find the best option for you. The main goal and result of using actuators and special remote controls or panels is to increase your comfort level and let work many things without your actual help.

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