What You Need to Know Before Developing a Mobile Application?

Mobile application development is a promising direction for the business, so more and more entrepreneurs are interested in this service. They also allocate certain funds in advance, as they understand the need for their application. We talked to experts and found out how the development of mobile applications at Brander takes place. In today's article, you will learn what you need to find out before starting to effectively create a successful project.

Can You Describe a Mobile App in Several Sentences?

This question is asked several times. First of all, as soon as you come to the studio where mobile applications have been developed This issue is discussed at the start with the representatives of the studio to start the work. A business analyst then collects comprehensive data on every feature of your future application. You can immediately order the function of custom mobile application design and development.

Second, preliminary research. We will not repeat that a qualitative analysis before the launch is a guarantee of success, but you will need to do your research on the future target audience. The focus group method is perfect for this. In essence, this is an interview with future users of your product.

Instead of asking the question to draw the customer in, it could be used to gauge how well he comprehends the core concept.

Who is the Target User?

First, determine what real problem mobile application development will solve. Why would your app be a solution to a particular problem? Or the site is mobile-friendly and will be a solution to the problem. Will it be an equally excellent or better fix for the issue? You may not have a question about the price of mobile application development.

If the answers to these questions come immediately, then we also recommend thinking about what devices your CA uses, which OS prevails, and whether it will be a native or cross-platform product. It is also worth studying such characteristics as demographic and social because the action does not start from the moment of release, but at the beginning of development.

What is the Real Deadline for Developing a Mobile Application?

The stages of developing a mobile application are combined into a single comprehensive process, but it is very important to understand what the real term is. Consider whether the development of a mobile application for your business is related to a seasonal campaign or any major activity of your firm. Perhaps it is the launch of a new service or product. This will give both you and the developers a clear understanding of when to build, test, and publish your project. Be aware of what can be done now and what can be postponed until the next update.

Do You Know the Risks of Developing a Mobile Application?

And here the question is not to order the development of a mobile application not from a freelancer, but from professionals. Many external factors can affect the time frame of creating a program. The experience of the global pandemic has taught us that it is necessary to take into account not only foreseeable circumstances but also to lay down a budget and time for force majeure. Creating a risk register as part of your startup and regularly keeping it up to date is a smart decision, even if you think you're building a simple app. Also, make sure you have an action plan for each potential risk. Both the developer and the customer should be responsible for risk management. In the third quarter of 2022, the Google Play Store generated approximately $10.4 billion in gross app revenue worldwide.

Who is Your Mobile App Development Team?

It is important at the start to determine the team that is formed from both sides. From the mobile development studio, there will be managers, programmers, designers, copywriters, and a marketing team. You form the customer's team yourself. 

You need to decide on the main characters acting:
  • project owner;
  • budget manager;
  • a decision maker.
This is a formal process, but it will help save you financial and time resources.

How Will Success Be Determined at Each Stage of Mobile App Development?

As mentioned earlier, the development of mobile applications is a complex process consisting of some stages. Dividing a huge process into smaller ones can seem like unnecessary bureaucracy, as the work needs to be approved at each stage. Although it is precisely because of this that the success of the project will come.


You should think about the future of your application even during the design and development of the mobile application. Make sure it complies with the App Store and Google Play policies. Think about keywords, but it's better to trust professionals. For example, Branders widely use effective ASO (app store optimization) tools. Specialists will also create a spectacular icon, screenshot, and video to attract even more potential customers.

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