Best instagram accounts to follow for knowledge


Instagram is an amazing platform for staying connected and informed about the world around us. From developments in science to exploring different cultures, there are so many accounts that can provide you with valuable knowledge.

The significance of Instagram followers extends far beyond what meets the eye. When users stumble upon an account, one of the first factors they consider before deciding to hit that follow button is the number of followers already present. 

Even if you possess expertise in your niche, without a substantial follower count to validate your authority, it becomes challenging to garner attention. Instagram thrives on numbers, and your follower count plays a vital role in establishing your presence on the platform.

Here are five of the best Instagram accounts to follow for knowledge. 

National Geographic: 

National Geographic has one of the most popular Instagram accounts in existence! With over 80 million followers, this account provides stunning photography from all around the world, as well as captivating stories about our planet and its inhabitants. They also feature cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs and fun facts about animals and other aspects of nature.


NASA’s official Instagram page is a great way to stay up to date on all things space! This account features beautiful images of starscapes, galaxies, planets, and comets. You can also learn about missions into deep space or new discoveries made by astronauts in outer space. Plus, they provide educational content such as interviews with astronauts and videos from inside mission control rooms. 


LinkedIn’s Instagram page is filled with helpful career advice and inspiring stories from professionals around the world. They post articles giving tips on how to navigate your job search or network effectively in your field. They also share success stories from entrepreneurs who have achieved their goals after years of hard work. For those looking to boost their career prospects, this account is definitely worth a follow!

The Smithsonian:

The Smithsonian’s Instagram page offers an array of stunning photographs showing off their incredible collection of artifacts and artworks. In addition to providing a visual tour through history, they use this platform to educate people on a variety of topics ranging from ancient civilizations to modern inventions. You can also find posts highlighting important scientific discoveries or interesting facts about the natural world. 

Health & Nutrition Facts:

Health & Nutrition Facts is an informative page dedicated to providing accurate information about nutrition and health-related topics such as dieting, exercise, supplements, mental health awareness, etc. This account shares detailed articles breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand summaries accompanied by helpful visuals including infographics and videos demonstrating proper techniques for workouts or healthy recipes you can try at home. 

Homework Help Global 

If you're a student that's struggling with homework or studying for upcoming exams, Homework Help Global is the perfect Instagram account to follow. With daily posts about school tips and funny educational memes, this account will help keep you motivated and on track during any semester. Plus, they offer helpful services like online tutoring if you need extra help with understanding concepts or assignments. 

History in Pictures 

This is the perfect Instagram account to follow if you're a history buff or just looking to learn more about the world around you. They post-historical images and tidbits of information taken from events around the world ranging from ancient times all the way up until the modern day. The captions are always full of interesting facts that will teach readers something new each time they visit the account.  

Tech by Guf 

This is a great resource for tech enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date on all things technology related. Tech by Guf offers informative content about current trends in technology as well as reviews on products like computers, phones, video games, and more so users can make an educated decision when making their next purchase.  


This is a great resource for college students who are living away from home for the first time or just looking to spruce up their dorm room. Dormify provides interior design advice with posts about furniture shopping tips, decorating ideas, and more so students can make their space feel like home even when they’re away at school. 

Daily English Vocabulary Words

If you’re trying to increase your vocabulary then this is definitely an Instagram account worth following! Every day they post different words along with their definitions so readers can learn one new word each day without having to rely on traditional methods like flashcards or memorization techniques.


If you're looking for reliable sources of knowledge on a wide range of topics, these five Instagram accounts are sure to provide you with valuable information that will expand your understanding of the world around us! Whether it's learning more about science or discovering fascinating facts about history – there's something here for everyone! Follow these accounts today and start feeding your mind with useful knowledge!

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