Best 5 Sites To Figure Out Who Called Me From This Number

Are you looking for a way to figure out who called you with a new number? Here are the best sites you can use.

If you find a missed call from a number you do not identify, you want to know who you are calling before you make the call. Most times, we do not know how to do it. So, we call back only to fall into a scammer's or a telemarketer's hands. Here is the end of not knowing who called me from this number.

You can use the following five sites to know who called from an unknown number.

WhoseNumber- best site to find out who called me.

WhoCallMe- Military-grade encryption for high-level confidentiality.

WhatIsThisNumber- Get a regularly updated information database.

CocoFinder- For more than just caller ID.

TruePersonFinder- the best for getting information on unknown international phone numbers.

WhoseNumber- Best Site To Figure Out Who Called Me


WhoseNumber is the best site to find out the caller ID of an unknown number before you call back. It is free and easy to use. Enter the unknown phone number in the space provided and search. In a few seconds, you will have a conclusive report on the identity and location of the caller. It will give you the confidence to decide whether to call back.


A simple interface design is the best thing about WhoseNumber. You do not need technical knowledge to use the site. Further, it scours numerous websites, social media platforms, and directories that provide contact information. Therefore, you are sure that your search is legal.

The site is also encrypted to maintain the privacy of its user. WhoseNumber is free to use, and you can search for unlimited numbers. An internet-connected device is all you require to use the site.

  • It provides a detailed report on the caller's identity. 
  • Support is available 24/7.
  • It connects to numerous databases.
  • Privacy
  • It gives too much information that you may not require.


When looking to find out who called me from this number, WhoCallMe is the ideal site. Enter the unknown phone number in the space provided, search and wait a few seconds. WhoCallMe will search through the numerous databases it connects to for identity. It will ensure that you know who called you before you call back.


Speed is one of the hallmarks of WhoCallMe. It scans through numerous websites in seconds to get the owner of the phone number you typed. Additionally, it is encrypted to ensure that no one can get what you searched for and to protect any personal information it finds on the internet.

  • Accurate results
  • Speed
  • It is accessible on any device. You can use it on a computer or a mobile device.
  • Free
  • You cannot save your search results. Make sure you have a pen and paper or take a photo of the results.


WhatIsThisNumber is a popular reverse phone lookup service. Type the unknown phone number on the website and get the identity of who called me from this number in a few seconds. It provides information such as the registered name of the owner, email address, and alternative contacts.


It is among the reverse phone lookup services that provide more than just the caller ID. It has a simple design to ensure that anyone can use it. It is secure and protects all the information it gathers from other secure databases on the internet.

  • It provides confidential search results. 
  • It has an extensive database from which it acquires information.
  • Speed
  • Accurate and detailed reports. 
  • User friendly
  • It has location limitations. It is only available in America.

CocoFinder- For More Than Just A Caller ID

CocoFinder is another site you can use to get the identity of unknown callers. It is easy to use and has more uses than just caller identification. It connects to databases that contain the details of the phone number you input. It gives you the name, location, social media accounts, and phone carrier of the unknown phone number.

Additionally, CocoFinder offers a paid-for service. You can use it to conduct a background search on an individual or business. How much information you get depends on their online activity. The more active they are online, the more information they provide about themselves.


If you want information on the identity behind spammy calls, you can get it quickly on CocoFinder. It is easy to use and navigate. Additionally, it gets its data from many databases. All the information it provides is acquired legally from public information sources.

One can contact CocoFinder to remove any information about themselves that they do not want in public. They will do it 24 to 48 hours after the call.

  • It is an easy-to-use website.
  • It relies on an extensive network of databases to get caller IDs.
  • It provides accurate information.
  • You have to pay to get more information.

TruePersonFinder- Best For International Phone Numbers

TruePersonFinder is a free platform that allows you to find out who called me from this number. It has an online phone directory and connects to other public information databases to get the identity of the unknown phone number. Once you type an unknown phone number, it searches through the informational reservoirs it can access to offer you a name, location, and email address.


With TruePersonFinder, you can search for identities behind unknown international phone numbers. Remember to include the country code on the phone number when searching. Additionally, you can use it to conduct background checks.

  • Free to use
  • Easy to understand and navigate
  • Search for international numbers.
  • It offers limited information when used for background searches.


Often, when you find a missed call from an unknown number and call back, you find that it is a prankster or telemarketer. It is now easy to find out the identity of a caller before you return the missed call. These five sites make it easy to identify and block all spammy calls so that you only receive genuine calls. You will always know who called me from this number.

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