Why Is My TikTok Engagement Low? Ways to Fix it!

Have you wondered why you are not getting enough eyes or views on your posts and videos of late? Well, many people face this problem on TikTok. So, it’s not a surprise to most marketers when it happens.

The good thing about this is that you can fix it.

We went out to find out why this typically causes this and the best ways to fix it. Read on if you’d like to learn more about how to boost the engagement rate on TikTok.

You are not posting original content

Let’s face it! Coming up with original content for most brands can be a problem. We see people rehashing other brands’ content or trying to copy-paste from other people. The apparent result of this is low engagement.

How to fix it: TikTok is about being creative. Your work here is to engage your brain. Ensure that the content you post is original. That way, you’ll connect with people better.

You are not using the right hashtags

One way to increase engagement rate is using hashtags. People use these terms of keywords to find the content they are interested in and connect with people with similar interests. You already know why the engagement rate is low if you are not using the right hashtags.

How to fix it: Get to understand your audience and identify some of the hashtags they use regularly.

You are not investing in TikTok ads

If you want to gain more engagement on your post, you can use ads. The platform has different types of ads you can use. But also, if you are not creative with your ads, your engagement rate will still be low.

How to fix it: Be creative. If you don’t know how to be, you can check the following top ads tiktok to see if you can get inspiration to develop a good video for your audience. Also, use popular trends and videos.

You are not following TikTok rules and regulations

Every social media platform has its codes of conduct. TikTok, for instance, discourages users from posting anything that contains bullies, violence, or illegal activity. If you violate these rules, the TikTok admins will penalize you and reduce the discoverability of your videos.

How to fix it: Ensure you read TikTok’s code of conduct to reduce such problems. You’ll reduce the time that TikTok admins take to review content.

You are not posting frequently

Coming up with posts is a challenging job. It’s one of the reasons people hire marketers to do it for them. But also, let’s face it. Not posting frequently can harm your engagement rate. People cannot trust you, so they run to your competitors.

How to fix it: It’s simple. Ensure that you give your audience content consistently. And if possible, post every day. You can post as often as you need to do it. Besides this, be aware of the timings. Get to know what times you get a higher engagement.

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