How to Edit Videos on macOS Using Built-In and Downloadable Software

Filming videos can be a challenging task for aspiring content creators. Footage can easily look unprofessional due to camera shaking and bad environmental conditions. Moreover, to get high-quality videos, you usually need specialized video equipment. Nonetheless, you can significantly improve your ready-made videos using editing software.

There are multiple programs for video editing on macOS. You can manipulate footage in user-friendly, built-in software or download extra tools with advanced options. Some video editors have intuitive and rich functionality, allowing you to mount professional material with eye-catching visual effects. Keep reading to learn everything about the topic in this article.

Where to download HD footage for video mounting

Pro-skilled content creators often download HD clips online to utilize them in their videos and movies. You can browse and download ready-made footage in high quality on stock content marketplaces. International videographers upload their appealing and diverse material to these platforms, where files get licensed and prepared for use in personal and business-related projects.

Depositphotos is one of the largest stock content marketplaces containing over 11 million HD videos. It also features a variety of design materials like vectors, photos, illustrations, music tracks, and sound effects. On Depositphotos, content is released under a Royalty-Free License, allowing you to use files for personal and commercial purposes. When browsing this stock library, you can easily find footage on a specific topic, e.g., office work, friendship, science, nature, and more. You can also look for needed materials using an advanced search system. The platform allows filtering files by the number of people, date, resolution, length, and contributor.

How can you download a video on Depositphotos?
  1. Go to to browse the available thematic categories and trendy collections. 
  2. Enter a keyword in the search box and click Enter. 
  3. Explore featured materials and apply filters for better customization. 
  4. Click on a clip you like.
  5. Choose a resolution and download your file.

What is the default MacBook video editor? 

Apple provides a built-in app to manipulate and assemble clips, ads, and other footage material on their MacBooks. iMovie is a video editing software that is pre-installed on macOS. It offers multiple options for creating striking visuals. For example, you can set a particular footage sequence, apply color-correcting presets, add background music, stabilize shaky scenes, and change the speed of your clips. The built-in Apple MacBook video editor has an intuitive interface that allows aspiring content creators to assemble impressive movies and trailers. With iMovie, you can also improve your clips’ audio by reducing background noise and adjusting the volume. 

How to edit video on a MackBook using iMovie: 
  1. Open the video editor on your MacBook and create a new project. 
  2. Click on the Import Media button and choose the video or music you want to manipulate. 
  3. Click on the Import Selected button and add chosen files to your project. 
  4. Drag and drop footage into the timeline to start editing and cutting your clips. You can drag the timeline edges to shorten a video. 
  5. Add several videos to the timeline to assemble them. 
  6. Overlay music on your mounted clip by dragging audio underneath the video timeline. 
  7. Open the Titles tab and put text on your clip if needed. 
  8. Click on Share → Export File to save the created visual on your device.

Should you download video editing software on your MacBook?

Although iMovie has user-friendly functionality and good features for beginners, advanced options like motion tracking are not available in the pre-installed software. In most cases, video makers need to manipulate numerous clips, panoramic footage, and multi-camera shots. You can download extra video editing software on your MackBook to assemble complex, outstanding visuals. 

The advantages of using downloadable video editing software instead of built-in iMovie: 
  • It provides basic and advanced video editing features. 
  • It supports files in 4K and 8K resolution. 
  • It offers the possibility to manipulate multiple clips and audio tracks simultaneously.
  • It offers automated video enhancement features. 
Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the popular professional video editing softwares. It provides numerous advanced tools, and is available for download on macOS. Note that it can be challenging to master and operate for beginner creators.

The best macOS video editing software for beginners

Some video editing software provides an excellent balance between functionality and accessibility. Discover the following downloadable programs sufficient for professional, amateur, and beginner video makers.

PowerDirector 365

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 is a video editing software that combines a user-friendly interface and advanced mounting options. In the workspace, you can find a traditional storyboard timeline designed to add overlays, titles, transitions, and sounds easily. The PowerDirector 365 library contains numerous ready-made templates of animated effects. You can use them to speed up the editing process and create impressive clips. 

The video editor provides chroma key compositing and TrueTheater automated color correction options for professional creators. PowerDirector 365 is compatible with all video formats allowing the quick processing of large-size files. You can share created clips on social media directly from the tool. 

How can you edit movies on a MacBook using PowerDirector 365? 
  1. Download the software. 
  2. Open PowerDirector 365 and create a new project. 
  3. Go to File → Import Media Files to individually add a video to the workspace. Or, choose the Import Media Folder option to upload multiple files. 
  4. Right-click on your scene's timeline and select Unlink Video and Audio to separate footage from sounds. 
  5. Drag and drop soundtracks, images, color boards, and backgrounds onto the workspace to add extra media to your clip. You can right-click on the timeline and choose the Insert on Selected Track option to combine files.
  6. Choose a timeline and click on the Trim button to delete unwanted scenes from your video. 
  7. Click on the Fix/Enhance button to improve your clip quality automatically with the TrueTheater feature. 
  8. Go to the Effects Room and drop one onto your project. You can also apply a random video effect.
  9. Click on File → Save Project to download your clip in PDS format, which is compatible with PowerDirector. You can save files in this format to continue working on your projects in the app. 
  10. Click on File → Produce Movie to save a file in any format and share it on social media platforms. 

Adobe Premiere Elements

This editing software was developed especially for amateur video makers. It offers easy-to-navigate functionality with basic options like adding transitions, corrections, and animated effects. With Adobe Premiere Elements, you can create striking slideshows and video collages. Nonetheless, the tool is not suitable for assembling complex films. 

The video editor is powered by AI-based technology, allowing you to reframe subjects, fix grainy scenes, and adjust lights automatically. Adobe Premiere Elements also provides advanced social media sharing options. For example, you can resize your videos to send them in text messages and try Auto Creation to make collages from chosen files automatically. 

To explore the Adobe Premiere Elements basics, follow these steps: 
  1. Download and set up the video editor on your MacBook. 
  2. Open Adobe Premiere Elements, click Add Media → File → Add Media From → Files and Folders to add footage to your project. You can also select the Numbered Still toolbox to upload several files simultaneously. 
  3. Manipulate timelines to arrange your video clips. 
  4. Go to the Effects tab to reduce noise, trim, change speed, and correct colors in your video. 
  5. Apply transitions in Quick Menu. 
  6. Select Audio → Music to add sounds from the built-in library. 
  7. Go to the Export and Share tab, select the output type (PC, CD, or Social Media), name the file, and save your assembled video. 

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is an advanced video editing software designed specifically for macOS users by Apple. Its functionality is similar to built-in iMovie, which allows you to easily switch between the apps. Nonetheless, Final Cut Pro offers more extended options for professional video editing. For example, it is compatible with panoramic files and 3D effects. You can also detect faces and movement in your scenes using advanced machine learning technologies. Autocorrection features allow you to enhance colors, lights, and shadows in your clips. Due to its outstanding performance, Final Cut Pro can efficiently process large HDR files. 

How can you assemble a striking video in Final Cut Pro? 
  1. Download and open Final Cut Pro on your laptop. 
  2. Go to File → Import → Media and select files for editing. You can also import footage from cameras, other Apple devices, and iMovie. 
  3. Drag videos onto the timeline to manipulate scene sequences. 
  4. Open the Tools tab and select Blade to cut out your clips. 
  5. Choose Window → Go To → Photos, Videos, and Audio to add music tracks or sound effects. 
  6. Go to Window → Go To → Titles and Generators to add text to your video. You can also convert your text into 3D titles using the Inspector option. 
  7. Choose File → Import → Media → Analyze and Fix to make color corrections automatically. 
  8. Click on File → Share → Export File to save your final video. You can also share results on social media.


Amateur footage frequently needs various improvements, which you can easily make using video editing software. There are different apps for macOS, suitable to professional and aspiring content creators. Using them, you can fix camera shaking, add effects, cut out video scenes, remove noise, and make eye-catching collages easily. iMovie is a standard video editing app for MacBooks, as it is pre-installed on all Apple devices. This software provides user-friendly functionality with basic mounting options. You can also download additional software presented in the article to expand your video editing possibilities. Remember that you can browse stock content marketplaces to find licensed HD footage for your creations.

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