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Over the years, the mobile gaming market has changed a lot. Once games were just a tiny bonus to cell phones, and now they are large and high-quality projects with a multi-million audience. The segment of mobile games is growing faster than other gaming segments.

I present a virtual interview with a representative of an art studio that works in the field of mobile game development outsourcing and not only.

What can your art studio offer in the field of mobile games?

Mobile games account for more than half of the revenue from video games worldwide. The team of our art studio offers first-class services of a full cycle for developing mobile games for iOS and Android devices. Our game artists and developers have extensive practical experience creating attractive mobile applications. We will accompany you throughout the process of creating the game.

A complete development cycle involves all stages of game creation, including, but not limited to, the preparation of a game design document and concept art, 2D and 3D modeling and animation, coding, and post-release maintenance. This interaction model is the best option if you lack game development experience or your entire team is overwhelmed with other tasks. And also, we take full responsibility for the development of the whole project. Rest assured that we will create a modern and high-end project in the industry, with which players worldwide will not be bored.

Yes, the opportunity to take a whole team to our project or outsource some of the routine production processes is of interest.

If you have your own team that can cover some parts of a game development project, but you still need highly qualified specialists such as programmers and 3D animators with experience in creating a multiplayer game, our art studio is always happy to insure you and provide the best result. Our team has often contributed to the creation of well-known games, from developing game logic for exciting mobile simulators to creating 3D assets for AAA games. We have been successfully cooperating with teams from different continents for many years. In this way, our video game development team knows how to work in semi-autonomous mode and stay in perfect sync with their remote employees and customers.

We often have ideas for simple mobile games for a wide range of users, but we are hesitant to take on the implementation of such projects. There doesn't seem to be enough creativity to create numerous exciting game levels. And I don't want to produce something banal and familiar.

Casual games attract millions of players by requiring a small investment of time and skill to create a game. Despite the simple mechanics and unsophisticated visuals, it is often challenging to develop a successful hit in the field of casual games. Our producers, artists, and developers have created many such games and know the tricks to make your game a hit.

A game that has little to no storytelling and with ultra-simple mechanics, it takes some creativity to make it fun. Whether running through mazes or a puzzle game, the small details always matter. We pay attention to the nuances of art and mechanics to make even simple applications enjoyable.

Also on the way to the implementation of the project there are difficulties with the accurate display of ideas and invented images. We would like to use unique characters in a mobile game for children. So that the game captures colorful characters, and not the complexity of the actions.

The game's concept art is the starting point for creating 2D characters. Our artists lay the foundation for all further work at all stages. Under the guidance of our experienced art director, the team conveys style, mood, and many other essential things that will help develop ideas in the right direction as our client sees them.

The characters are the heart of a game, cartoon, or promo video, as the story's narrative revolves around them. Our designers have a proven track record of creating and moving colorful and memorable 2D characters for various game projects of different styles and genres.

A variety of locations are fundamental to the game story, as well as to the display of characters. Our 2D gaming arts team knows how to conceptualize and bring to life impressive 2D landscapes, game resources, and small but essential props. We create 2D characters for fantasy, science fiction, the Middle Ages, and many other settings.

Enthusiastic and passionate gamers expect AAA quality games on all their gadgets. They expect mobile games to compete with console and desktop games. And they want to see complex games with rich graphics on any device.

We strive to offer first-class game design services at every stage of your cooperation on small or complex projects. Whether you need a vintage protagonist from the main cast or a science villain, our experienced artists can create simplified 3D models and exquisite, breathtaking characters. We have worked with many art styles for numerous game genres and different platforms. Your users will have access to better 3D games on their iOS and Android devices, keeping up with ultra-realistic games on PC, PS4, or Xbox, thanks to the xbox game pass.

Our art team offers a full range of services for outsourcing 3D games. Rest assured that our team will be able to translate your creative vision into top-notch digital art. We design 3D vehicles of varying complexity and styles. Whether you need modern WW2 planes for your mobile game or realistic tanks for MMO games, we can create not only combat vehicles but also agricultural machinery, trains, and ships. Mighty trees and sliding rocks, vintage mailboxes and old billboards, rusty shipwrecks, and weathered statues – all of these digital art pieces add the right flavor to the user gaming experience whether you need props for a shiny castle or a gloomy abandoned spaceship.

Our team has extensive practical experience creating ultra-realistic and stylized weapons, from medieval maces and modern machine guns and rifles to futuristic blasters. We know how to conceptualize and bring to life 3D streets and buildings, dense forests and gloomy swamps, Victorian furniture, and futuristic starship control panels. We design unique outdoor and indoor locations, from relaxing marshmallows and haunting sci-fi spots to medieval haunted mansions.

You give us an understanding that our ideas will be translated into a game asset.

Yes, of course. With our help, your idea has a future in today's digital world.

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