Take Control of Your Energy Bills with a Letter of Authority (LoA)

Managing your energy expenditures as a UK business is critical to keeping a successful bottom line. However, with so many elements influencing your energy costs, from consumption habits to shifting energy prices, keeping them under control can be difficult. Fortunately, there is a solution that can assist you in gaining control of your energy bills and lowering your costs: a Letter of Authority. (LoA). 

This legal document grants a trustworthy third party access to your energy consumption data from your energy supplier, allowing them to find possibilities to minimize your energy usage and expenditures. We'll go through the advantages of employing an LoA for your company, such as how it can help you save money on energy, save time and effort, and have peace of mind knowing you're receiving the finest advice on how to manage your energy expenditures. 

An LoA may be a useful tool for taking control of your energy expenditures, whether you're a small business aiming to minimize costs or a larger corporation looking to optimize your energy usage. You will benefit when you learn more about letters of authority.

What is the Relationship Between a Letter of Authority and Switching Energy Suppliers?

It permits a third party, such as an energy broker or consultant, to view your existing energy supplier's energy consumption data. This information can assist a third party in determining which energy supplier and tariff will be most appropriate for your requirements, perhaps saving you money on your energy costs.

When it comes to switching energy suppliers, it's critical to have precise and up-to-date information on your energy usage to guarantee you're receiving the best offer.

Obtaining a Letter of Authority

A letter of authority is a legal document so it goes without saying that it should be handled with great care and vigilance when passing it on to a third party. Ensure that the energy broker or consultant you work with is authorised to do so. To obtain a Letter of Authority (LoA), you will need to follow these five steps:

1) Find a Reputable Energy Broker/Consultant 

Begin with research and selecting a reputable and knowledgeable energy broker or consultant to help you manage your energy expenditures. Look for reviews and suggestions, and make sure they're authorized and regulated by the appropriate organizations in the industry.

2) Provide Your Details and Information

 After you've decided on an energy broker or consultant, you'll need to supply your contact information, including your name, address, and energy supplier information. You must also give your written permission for the energy broker or consultant to see your energy consumption data.

3) Fill out and Sign The LoA 

The energy broker or consultant will provide you with a Letter of Authority to fill out and sign. This document confirms that you have granted them access to your energy consumption data from your energy supplier. Before signing, be certain that you have read and comprehend the contract.

4) Send in the LoA

You must submit the LoA to your energy provider once you have signed it. This is usually done by email, postal mail, or online through your energy provider's website.

5) Now we Wait

The LoA will be processed by your energy supplier, who will certify that the energy broker or consultant has been granted access to your energy consumption data. Once this is completed, the energy broker or consultant may begin evaluating your data and making recommendations on how to lower your energy expenditures.

It's important to note that while an LoA isn't required to transfer energy suppliers, it may make the process quicker and more efficient, especially if you're working with an energy broker or consultant.

Term of validity for an LoA

The validity duration of a Letter of Authority (LoA) varies based on the energy supplier and the LoA's terms and conditions. Most LoAs have a validity duration of 12 to 24 months. If you want to continue utilizing the services of an energy broker or consultant after this term, you will need to renew your LoA. Renewal may entail obtaining fresh consent and signing a new LoA contract.


A Letter of Authority (LoA) can be a useful instrument for UK firms wishing to get control of their energy expenditures. Allowing a reputable third party, such as an energy broker or consultant, access to your energy consumption data can provide significant insights into your energy usage trends and uncover cost-cutting potential.

You can potentially save money on your energy bills, save time and effort researching and comparing energy offers, and get peace of mind knowing that you're getting the best advice on how to manage your energy expenditures by working with an energy broker or consultant.

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