What is a proxy and why is it used for bookmakers

Bookmakers are attractive because they offer players the opportunity to earn big money. However, it's important to remember that you are playing by someone else's rules and bookmakers always stay in profit. Therefore, no matter how many successful bets you've had, at one point, you might end up high and dry. Today, we will lift the veil of mystery and tell you how to earn without spending a ruble on a bookmaker, considering some peculiarities. We will need a large number of accounts.

But bookmakers do not allow owning more than one account, so we will turn to proxies, specifically mobile ones. They are perfect for working with bookmakers, as they offer the owner 3,000 IP addresses, between which you can switch as necessary or at a convenient time interval (up to one minute), which the user sets. High-quality mobile proxies can be found on the Proxys.io service. Round-the-clock technical support will help with connecting and setting up. Let's get started!

Why do we need proxies in a bookmaker

Before we talk about ways to earn in a bookmaker without investments, it's worth touching on the topic of why we should use an intermediate server. After all, the reader can independently assess the "full power" of the proxy server and make the only correct decision - to purchase it and earn much more.

As we said in the introduction, bookmakers do not allow owning more than one account, as it is not profitable for the office. But we are not satisfied with such a decision, because we want to earn. And everything is sweet when it's free, as they say. To leave the bookmaker in the dust, we will use our resources, namely mobile proxies and antidetect browsers. In this way, the bookmaker's anti-fraud system simply will not see a connection between the network of accounts. Now that you know what's what, let's move on to the "icing on the cake".

Method 1. Welcome free bets with proxy

Registration bonuses come in two types - a doubling of the deposit at the first replenishment and a free bet, i.e., the bookmaker's money on which you can play. That's what we need. Bookmaker security algorithms check accounts for the same IP and geolocation - this is the only thing they operate with. "Not caught, not a thief," we will tell you. And we will be absolutely right. Because each account is unique due to the individual digital identifier and geoposition. Everything else depends only on your perseverance - create new work cabinets, receive a free bet, win, and withdraw real money to your bank account. And so on to infinity. Profit!

In addition, with proxies, regional restrictions are not scary. Since a number of offices are banned in the territory of the Russian Federation, access to them is limited. Other players are desperately looking for a way to get to the site and use "mirrors" - an exact copy of the Internet resource, only with a different domain. Our readers just need to turn on the proxy server and easily get to the bookmaker's website.

Method 2. The strategy of forks

Bets by the method of forks is a no-lose strategy, where the player bets on the opposite outcome of the same event in different offices. Speed is important here, because bookmakers do not sleep and correct the coefficients. Moreover, bookmakers don't like forkers and freeze accounts, cut coefficients, or simply ban accounts for "ordinary mortals". To avoid becoming a victim, we will use the good old proxy server to throw dust in the eyes of the bookmaker's protection mechanisms and create unique accounts. Additional profiles will help distract attention from the main bettor's account, or vice versa, when the main account has been banned.

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