5 Best Ways To Generate Leads for New Business

Ways To Generate Leads for New Business

Attracting potential customers is one of the main tasks of newly created companies. However, many of them have severe difficulties at this stage. In particular, research by Hubspot points to this. The article states that 61% of marketing specialists consider the process of attracting potential customers to be quite a difficult task.

This is not surprising, because the competition on the web is constantly increasing, and the behavioral experience of users is often changing. In addition, the individual factor of each of them cannot be excluded. After all, it is tough to understand the motives, and in case of refusal, the reason is without special knowledge. However, do not give up. There are many effective ways to achieve the goal. We suggest considering several of them.

What is the Attraction of Potential Customers?

This is a process that is an integral part of any business. It involves several stages:
  • creation of an offer by a company;
  • viewing the offer by the visitor;
  • performance of the target action (purchase, call, message). 
That is, the attraction of potential customers is a certain sequence of actions that allows you to turn an interested user into a buyer or a person who has performed a targeted action. In addition, the specified concept can cover all actions aimed at increasing the interest of the visitor, which in the future can become an incentive for a purchase/call.

In What Ways Can You Attract More Potential Customers?

It is worth starting with the fact that there is no one general formula that will help all new entrepreneurs to increase the generation of potential customers. In each case, it is worth using an individual strategy, taking into account the scope of the project, the direction of activity, the characteristics of sales, and many other factors. To build it, you should use one or more of the presented methods. Also, by showcasing your social presence as well as employer branding and activities you can attract them.

A reliable source of information and authority

If you want to succeed, you need to constantly develop in your field, gain new knowledge, and put it into practice. However, it is necessary to do this not only for internal development but also to share valuable experiences with clients.

They will start to trust the brand more if they see your level of professionalism in the chosen niche. In addition, potential customers need to make sure that you offer a truly high-quality product/service. And, your speeches at conferences, writing tips in a blog, or conducting evergreen webinars will fully convince you of this.

Tracking potential customers

Every new business should focus on researching its target audience. In this way, it will be possible to understand their preferences, places of frequent visits (especially regarding social networks), and interests. In addition, you can find out about age, gender, position, and contact information. This is exactly the information on which a marketing strategy is usually built.

To find out all this, you can use the following solutions:
  • conducting webinars and in-person eventscreating podcasts;
  • conducting a survey;
  • creating quizzes;
  • development of proposals with free trial versions;
  • offering free services (for example, consultation).

Continuation of communication with the client even after the sale

One common mistake some startups make at the beginning of the journey is that they no longer interact with customers after the sales cycle is over. In this case, they miss a very important detail - a satisfied customer in most cases returns to the company for another purchase.

If you want to increase your profit, you should use this pattern. You just need to remind yourself and make an interesting offer. For example, you can send a personalized letter by e-mail or contact by phone.

Creating a digital footprint

This is one of the most effective ways to attract potential customers. Its feature is versatility. This means that to create a digital footprint, you need to use several channels for interaction. These can be various blogs, video content, sites with similar topics, forums,etc.

In each of these channels, you can leave comments or express your opinion by participating in the discussion and track the responses using social media monitoring tools. Of particular importance in this scheme are social selling, and social B2B networks, where there are ample opportunities for discussion and comments. In addition, 68% of marketers consider these platforms to be effective enough because they helped attract more potential customers. Such data is specified in Exploding Topics.

Creating content focused on potential customers

In this case, you need to first conduct a study of the unique path of your potential customers, and then create content based on the data obtained. Moreover, the emphasis in it is not on the advantages of the company/product, but on their value for the visitor. You need to tell how the proposal can solve the problem and what benefits it will provide. For example, if you’re starting a pressure washing business, you might create content on X Things You Should Clean with a Pressure Washer to add value to potential new leads.


Attracting potential customers can be quite a difficult task for a new business. However, if you use the given methods and recommendations, it can be significantly simplified and goals can be achieved in a much shorter time. It is worth noting that the best effect is given by a combination of several methods and a comprehensive approach.

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