10 Best Instagram Reels Downloaders to Save Reels Locally

10 Best Instagram Reels Downloaders

The social media world has been conquered by Instagram Reels, which provide a fast and effortless method for sharing 15 to 30 seconds short videos with your followers. As a result, many users wish to save these videos for offline viewing. Numerous Instagram Reels downloaders are available, enabling users to save Instagram reels locally.

This article lists the top 10 Instagram Reels downloaders that allow users to save and download Instagram reels effortlessly; various options exist depending on your needs and preferences. You can utilize these applications and resources to store Instagram reels as MP4 files on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet and distribute or re-share them.

What is Instagram Reel Downloader?

A tool or application known as an Instagram Reels downloader known as gramvio empowers users to save Instagram Reels on their devices. Users can download and keep Reels for offline viewing or sharing beyond the Instagram platform.

10 Best Instagram Reel Downloader

Here, I will share the 10 best downloaders that allow you to download Instagram reels safely onto your phone or computer for offline viewing.

1= On4t Instagram Reel Downloader

The https://on4t.com/instagram-reels-video-download is a dependable online tool that enables users to save and download Instagram Reels easily. Its user-friendly interface allows users to paste the URL of the Reel and select the preferred video quality before starting the download.

This tool supports high-resolution downloads, ensuring a smooth offline viewing experience. Whether you wish to save Reels for personal enjoyment or share them with others, the On4t Instagram Reel Downloader offers a convenient solution. On4t Reel downloader works with both iOS and Android devices.

2 = Storiesig Instagram Story Viewer

Storiesig is a versatile online service that allows users to view and download Instagram Stories anonymously. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily enter an Instagram username and access all the stories posted by that account within the past 24 hours, regardless of whether you follow them or not.

As an invaluable service for avid Instagram users, Storiesig stands as a reliable platform for quick and discreet story browsing and downloading, making it a go-to solution for anyone seeking to enjoy Instagram Stories without revealing their presence.

3= InstaDownloader

InstaDownloader is a reliable internet tool explicitly created for effortlessly Instagram reels video download. By simply copying and pasting the URL of the Reel into the Downloader, users can promptly store Reels on their devices for offline viewing. InstaDownloader is compatible with various video formats, guaranteeing suitability for different devices. With its user-friendly procedure, InstaDownloader offers a timely resolution for users to relish their preferred Instagram Reels at any location and time.

4= Inflact

Story Saver for Instagram and Insta Story Downloader" is an efficient Insta Reel downloader. By simply inputting the username or URL of the Reel, you can effortlessly save Reels using this tool. Ensures a user-friendly interface, making downloading and enjoying Reels offline convenient.

5= InSaver for iOS

InSaver for iOS is a specialized Ig Reel downloader designed exclusively for Apple users. This convenient application enables iOS users to effortlessly Instagram reel video download to their iPhone or iPad. Its user-friendly interface allows easy browsing and downloading of preferred Reels with minimal effort. InSaver for iOS ensures a smooth experience, allowing users to enjoy their saved Reels offline whenever they please.

6= Reels Video Downloader, Save Reels – Boom Mod

The Android app "Reels Video Downloader, Save Reels" by Boom Mod facilitates to download Reels from Instagram. Copy and paste the Reel's link into the app to conveniently maintain Reels. With its high-speed download capability, you can swiftly store and enjoy your preferred Reels without an internet connection.

7=InstDown for Instagram Reels

InstDown is designed to provide a seamless experience for Android users who want to save Instagram Reels effortlessly. By simply copying and pasting the Reel's URL, you can conveniently save and access Reels offline.

8= Instant Save+

The flexible Android software Instant Save+ has several capabilities for downloading Instagram material. Thanks to its user-friendly UI, users may easily download Instagram Reels, pictures, videos, and stories. Additionally, the software allows batch downloads, making it simple to save many Reels at once. Whether you want to share Reels with others or watch them offline, Instant Save+ offers a practical way to improve your Instagram experience.

9= 4K Stogram

A powerful Instagram reels video downloader that works with both Windows and Mac is called 4K Stogram. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, users may quickly save Instagram Reels, pictures, and videos. Thanks to the program, users may easily download material from particular Instagram accounts, hashtags, and places. With 4K Stogram, you can download and view Instagram material on your desktop regardless of whether you want to back up your favorite Reels or create a personal collection.

10= Instagram++

The modified Instagram app, Instagram Plus, provides extra functionalities, such as the option to download Reels from Instagram. This app is designed for iOS users, enabling them to save Insta Reels directly onto their devices for offline viewing.

11= Reels Downloader

Reels Downloader, as its name implies, is a specialized tool to download reels from Instagram. To use this online tool, copy and paste the URL of the Reel, then select your preferred video quality and save it directly to your device.

How to download Instagram Reels from Downloader?

Using Downloader is extremely easy.
  • You can find the Instagram Reel you'd like to download. 
  • By tapping on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the post, select "Copy Link" to obtain the video link. 
  • Afterward, access Downloader's website through your browser. Insert the link into the designated field and click "Download." 
  • In seconds, your desired Instagram Reel will be stored on your device for future enjoyment.


The captivating and entertaining content of Instagram Reels has caught our interest. Although Instagram doesn't offer a built-in feature to download Insta Reels, the Instagram Reels video downloader presents fresh opportunities for offline viewing. Whether you favor online tools, software, browser extensions, or mobile apps, there's a suitable solution to meet your requirements. You can use these Instagram reel downloaders and unleash the possibilities of saving your beloved Ig Reels locally.

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