Best iOS Applications for Business Use

A businessperson is someone fully dedicated to their executive role, constantly managing a multitude of responsibilities. In order to maintain a competitive edge, they can't restrict themselves to traditional 9-5 working hours. That's where the top business apps for iPhone come in!

Taking into account diverse needs, we've curated a selection of must-have iOS apps that provide tremendous assistance in streamlining various tasks. These modern applications empower users to effectively run their businesses right at their fingertips. Now you yourself will find out why is the iOS app important for business.

Best apps for business

Most likely, the question can I use my iPhone for business can be considered rhetorical. More importantly, which online app is best for business and how it helps to optimize or improve business processes.

#1 MindMeister

When beginning any task, it is advisable to engage in brainstorming sessions. A helpful tool to kickstart this process would be MindMeister, created by MeisterLabs. This user-friendly mind-mapping tool is a great resource. During brainstorming sessions, the last thing one would want is to waste time on technicalities. Therefore, it is important to use a straightforward application. Usually, starting with the Notes app and then transitioning to a slightly more advanced tool like MindMeister proves to be an effective approach.

#2 Smartsheet

Project management can be a challenging and time-consuming task that requires constant vigilance to achieve desired outcomes. To efficiently monitor your employees and stay updated on the progress of their projects, a reliable project management application is indispensable.

Consider utilizing Smartsheet, a powerful tool that enables seamless management of your business projects. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Smartsheet allows you to effortlessly oversee all office activities, even from a remote location. Additionally, you can actively contribute to the smooth functioning of your business operations, no matter where you are situated.

#3 Call Recorder for iPhone

Recording conversations is extremely important, as it will improve customer service, protect yourself from legal action, and even just create a reminder for yourself and your stakeholders. Previously, everything rested on the fact that record calls require considerable financial investments. However, with Call Recorder for iPhone by Accordmobi, even an iPhone is enough for this. The Call Recorder for iPhone application provides efficient file management and the ability to send them by mail or instant messengers.

#4 Square Register

Accepting money is crucial when starting out in any business venture, whether it's establishing a small new Apple consultancy or selling shoes. Depending on the nature of your business, you might require a feature-rich solution to track inventory or an integrated payment system to keep tabs on billable hours. However, simplicity is key in the early stages. It's advisable to invest in more advanced tools as the need arises, seeking guidance on industry-specific recommendations.

#5 QuickBooks

QuickBooks often hailed as one of the top accounting applications available, is specifically crafted to alleviate the burdens associated with managing accounts. Offering a multitude of features, this user-friendly app enables users to effortlessly generate professional invoices and estimates for their clients.

In addition, QuickBooks offers the convenience of cloud-based solutions like QuickBooks in the cloud, providing a seamless way to capture and organize receipts, effectively manage daily expenses, track payments, and record sales. Furthermore, users can conveniently categorize expenses and effortlessly customize sales forms by incorporating their logo and desired fields.

With its comprehensive range of capabilities, QuickBooks empowers businesses to streamline their accounting processes and enhance efficiency, ultimately paving the way for financial success.

#6 Elements

Sales play a crucial role in the success or failure of any organization. A wide range of outstanding products enables businesses to keep their doors open and avoid selling subpar merchandise. However, without the ability to attract customers and convince them to purchase, failure is imminent. This widely acknowledged truth applies universally. Furthermore, it is essential for your iOS devices to have online and accessible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. While larger software packages like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP offer extensive features and complexity, as a new company, simplicity is key. You need a straightforward solution that will ultimately lead to success.

#7 Todoist 

Todoist offers users an enhanced task management experience through its extensive functionality. With the ability to go beyond simple checklists, Todoist empowers individuals to set due dates, prioritize tasks, and collaborate effectively with colleagues. The Business plan, a standout among the paid versions, provides additional benefits such as increased collaborators per project and a shared inbox. Furthermore, both premium versions offer exclusive features like reminders, which are not available to free users. Todoist is compatible with numerous app integrations, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for users seeking efficient task management.

#8 Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is more than just a comprehensive encyclopedia. It is a friendly and powerful computational knowledge engine that assists users with a wide range of math and science problems. With the ability to provide quick solutions to complex equations, it surpasses ordinary phone calculators. Additionally, this app offers a variety of practical applications across numerous subjects, including currency conversions and nutrition facts. Its versatility and wealth of knowledge make Wolfram Alpha an invaluable tool for anyone seeking reliable information.


Among these incredibly user-friendly applications, it's interesting to know which one has captured your attention. Have you made a selection that will help you carry out your tasks more conveniently? It would be great to hear about your choice. From my perspective, all of these iOS business apps shine as they offer the necessary convenience to effectively manage your tasks. Moreover, they are optimized to leverage the exceptional capabilities of the operating system.

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