Best Ideas For Marketing Companies In 2023


For marketing campaigns to be successful, you need to understand current trends and apply those that are most suitable for your business. Some entrepreneurs choose the path of non-conformism. Sometimes it is justified because it makes it possible to bring a fundamentally new product to the market and form a customer need for it.

But in many situations, this decision looks reckless, because in this way the entrepreneur isolates himself from the real situation on the market. Trends are the response of different market segments to the requests and needs of customers.

They are formed under the influence of client interest. This means that by choosing and adapting trends for your business, you update it and make it more successful. The following are the trends that are relevant this year.

Short Videos

People are overloaded with information overload. They don't have the time or energy to watch lengthy promotional videos. This means that your videos should be bright, short, emotionally engaging, and original. Numerous marketing studies agree that consumers want video marketing content that is easy to digest and that gives them the ability to quickly understand the benefits of a product. The audience doesn't want puzzles. Everything should be as simple and intelligible as possible.


Previously, there was a trend to use bloggers with a huge audience in the promotion of your company or a separate product. Now that time has passed. Firstly, advertising from such bloggers is very expensive. Secondly, it is far from always able to provide exactly the result that is expected. Let's look at this with a specific example.

Let's say there is a blogger with a million-strong audience that has different interests. Only a fraction of this audience can potentially be interested in your product, and you pay a lot of money for such a large reach.

Now imagine a microblogger who has 100,000 active audiences. He blogs on a specific topic that aligns with the focus of your product and charges significantly less for advertising. As a result, you save money, and advertising is seen by exactly those people who may be interested in your offer.


This is another good solution. You can invite experts who specialize in a topic related to your product to create content. This can be an interview posted on the company's website and social networks, a professional presentation, as well as a commentary or material designed to dispel myths about the product. The format can be different - both text and video.

When an expert conveys complex professional information in simple words, the audience believes him more. And your potential customers begin to better understand the product and choose precisely those modifications that meet their needs. This will increase the overall level of satisfaction with the proposed development.

Website optimization for mobile devices

In most cases, people access the Internet from their smartphones. This trend is a benchmark for entrepreneurs who want information about their company, products, and benefits to be accessible. Adapt the version of the site for mobile phones. So you will not lose your customers because your Internet resource is inconvenient to use.


On the topic of mobile devices, using SMS for marketing may seem obvious—but surprisingly not every business fully engages with this powerful channel for reaching clients. More and more seem to be realizing its potential, however, so you’ll want to make sure you’re using SMS to its fullest to get your messages in front of people’s very noses.

You can use an existing text messages template to help you get started with whatever purpose you’re wanting to use SMS for.


When a company maintains a blog, this makes it possible to convey up-to-date information to its customers in a convenient form. In a blog, you can talk about a variety of topics related not only to the company itself but to the area in which it operates.

For example, you can present an author's analytics from one of your top experts on a significant informational issue that is relevant to your industry. If your company is in the commodity business, then tips to help users of a particular product extend its operational life will be a good topic for publication — for example, tips on proper care of a thing.

Successful storytelling

It can be informative, engaging, and selling. In informational storytelling, you simply reveal a topic without a call to action. If there is too much such content, then they will not buy from you. And if it doesn’t exist at all, and everything is built around sales, people quickly get tired of it.

Alternate different types of content. Tell about your product and acquaint customers with its features. This would be great informational storytelling. Engaging storytelling can be built around how the production process works. If you work in the service industry, you can show part of your work in this direction.

The main thing is to coordinate everything with the clients who get into the frame during the production of content. And after that, you can move on to selling content. People already know you well and are familiar with how you work. This increases the level of trust. Embed stories about your company's activities in this cycle of informational, engaging, and selling content. You can also ask for content storytelling advice from experts from SEO HERO Hong Kong.

Check out How Successful Storytelling - The Creative Presentation Format, could reach your customer’s heart!

Social Proof

If the scope of your company and the nature of the services do not provide for confidentiality, it will be appropriate to use testimonials in your content. The audience trusts the feedback from such people. This increases the credibility of the brand in her eyes and gives credibility to information about the benefits of a product or service.

For example, on the social network Instagram, reviews can be fixed in the so-called eternal stories. Collect good feedback from customers and constantly add to their collections.

Response Rate

Customers don't like to wait too long. If they ask a question about a product, they need to get an answer in time, and not wait for it for several hours. When you see that the demand for your product is growing, and a lot of messages come to direct or other messengers, it's time to hire a manager who will be responsible for this particular area.


By understanding marketing trends, you can choose and use the best of them in your work. This will allow you to act intelligently, and not blindly.

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