Top 20 Cybersecurity-Focused Web Development Agencies Across Asia

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Due to the rising frequency and complexity of cyberattacks, cybersecurity has emerged as an essential component of web development in recent years. Therefore, web development agencies have begun to adopt secure and innovative approaches to address the needs of their clients. Presented below are details of the 20 best web developer in Shanghai, Singapore and collectively in Asia that prioritise cybersecurity.


SEIRIM, headquartered in Shanghai, is a specialised web design, development agency, and consultancy renowned for its expertise in intricate and tailored development projects. They are renowned as one of the best cybersecurity consultants in Shanghai, the agency places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, as evidenced by a dedicated section on its website offering services such as risk assessment, incident response, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. SEIRIM excels in PHP frameworks and ASP.NET, along with CMSs, enabling the creation of highly responsive and SEO-friendly websites.

2. Qihoo 360

Qihoo 360, an esteemed web development firm founded in 2005 and headquartered in Beijing, China, provides tailored web solutions for various industries, including gaming, healthcare, education, and finance.

3. Webguru Infosystems

Webguru Infosystems, a reputable web development company headquartered in India, delivers secure and bespoke web solutions for diverse platforms and domains. With a team of over 150 adept and seasoned web developers, the company boasts a track record of serving more than 1200 clients.

4. Tencent

Tencent is a Chinese multinational technology and entertainment conglomerate and holding company that was founded in 1998. It provides web development services to a range of sectors, such as social media, healthcare, education, e-commerce, and entertainment. The organisation's primary areas of concentration are network infrastructure, artificial intelligence, cloud security, data security, and network security.


With over a decade of experience, VOSCO, an Indian creative web development company, offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing web design, web development, digital marketing, and web maintenance to a global clientele.


SAG IPL is a major provider of premium web development services with over 10 years of experience in designing and developing high-quality web applications. With a team of more than 50 developers, they ensure that the website is created and optimised to the fullest.


ShiftBrain is a development and production company that specialises in the digital sector. Its strengths include communication planning, design, and technology. The members of SHIFTBRAIN have diverse personalities and backgrounds, which come together in their web development services.

8. LIG

LIG is a Japan-based web development agency that creates websites with functionality and aesthetics. Founded in 2006, it provides web security audits and maintenance services to ensure the safety of online platforms.

9. Goodpatch

Goodpatch is a UI/UX design agency founded in 2011 in Japan. It is known for developing websites that are secure, intuitive, and engaging. It also offers web security workshops and training sessions.

10. Verz Design

Founded in 2002, Verz Design is a Singapore-based web design and development company that delivers creative, effective, and secure websites for commercial use. It also offers web security services such as backup recovery, SSL encryption, firewall installation, and malware removal.

11. MediaOne

MediaOne is another Singapore-based digital marketing agency founded in 2008 that provides SEO-friendly, responsive, and secure web development services. Other services include SSL certificates and DDoS protection.

12. Notion Age

Notion Age is a digital agency that specialises in web design and development for a host of different platforms and devices. Founded in 2001 in Singapore, its websites are innovative, user-centric, and secure, while taking advantage of its security monitoring, code review, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing.


Ninefive is a digital agency founded in 2008 in South Korea that specialises in web design and development for various platforms. Clients prefer it due to its code reviewing, security monitoring, and vulnerability assessment features.

14. Studio XID

Studio XID is a web design and development agency that was founded in 2013 in South Korea. It creates websites that are meant for commercial sectors, coupled with web security services such as website audits, SSL implementation, firewall setup, and more.

15. Wondersauce

Wondersauce is a reputed global digital agency that was originally founded in the United States but now has offices in Asia. It develops strategic and creative websites that are protected by features such as SSL installation and firewall protection.

16. Bitoex

Bitoex is a web development company that was founded in 2014 in Taiwan. It focuses on creating websites for the blockchain industry. Quite naturally, it has blockchain-based security features such as smart contract audits, code reviews, and vulnerability assessment.

17. Oursky

Founded in 2008 in Hong Kong, Oursky is a web development company that has built many websites for fintech, healthcare, education, and e-commerce companies. It also provides security testing, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and code audits.

18. Evoque Innovative Lab

Evoque Innovative Lab is a web design and development company founded in 2015 in Taiwan. It creates websites that are elegant and responsive, making them ideal for customer-centric businesses. It also offers web security services such as malware removal and website audits.

19. MVM Infotech

MVM Infotech is a web design and development company founded in 2006 in Thailand. It offers web solutions for various industries, including e-commerce, hospitality, education, and travel, along with security solutions such as SSL certification, firewall protection, and malware scans.

20. Zipevent

Founded in 2017, Zipevent is a Thailand-based company that specialises in creating websites for events and conferences. It also provides SSL implementation, firewall configuration, malware detection, and website monitoring.


The above web development companies are adept at serving clients from various industries. They take pride in providing high-quality web development services while also recognising the importance of cybersecurity at the same time.

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