24 Best Game Boosters for PC in 2023 (Ranked)

Looking for the best game boosters for PC in 2023? Look no further! This blog post ranks the top 24 game boosters, based on their features, pros, and cons. Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive pro, there's a game booster on this list that's right for you.

Gaming on a PC can be an amazing experience. The ability to customize your rig and play the latest cutting-edge games is thrilling for enthusiasts. However, issues like lag, low frame rates, and game crashes can ruin the fun. This is where using a game booster can make a world of difference.

Game boosters are software that optimize your PC's performance for a smoother, uninterrupted gaming experience. They free up RAM, terminate unnecessary background processes, reduce CPU load, and unleash your computer's full potential so you can game without limitations.

In this comprehensive guide, we reveal the 24 best game boosters for PC in 2023 and how they can supercharge your gameplay.

1. WTFAst - Best for Reducing Latency in Online Games


WTFAst is a ping booster and latency optimizer trusted by pro esports athletes worldwide. It uses a Global Gaming Network to find the most efficient route for your game data to travel between your PC and game servers. This significantly reduces ping, lag, rubberbanding, and other network-related performance issues.

WTFAst is ideal if you play competitive online games like Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, League of Legends etc. where split-second reactions matter. The difference in latency reduction can be the edge you need to dominate.

The game booster has customizable settings so you can tweak it for optimal results. It also provides real-time analytics so you can monitor the improvements and pinpoint problems areas.

WTFAst works seamlessly in the background without hogging system resources. The setup process is quick and easy.

  • Latency reduction up to 60%
  • Real-time analytics
  • Seamless background optimization
  • Easy setup
  • Only optimizes network performance, not other areas
  • Pricing plans could be expensive for some

2. Wise Game Booster - Best Free Game Booster for PC

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster is a superb free option that performs all the basic optimization tasks that pricier game boosters offer. It suspends unnecessary background apps, efficiently manages processes, defrags game files, and boots your PC into gaming mode with one click.

Although the interface looks dated, Wise Game Booster is surprisingly effective at stabilizing game performance and reducing lags. It also has handy gaming-centric features like a game library manager and screenshot capture.

Since it’s free and lightweight, Wise Game Booster is great for casual gaming on low-mid range PCs. It works smoothly across Windows versions too. The customizable options give you full control over the optimization process.

  • Free
  • Lightweight software
  • Easy one-click boost
  • Game library & screenshots
  • Works on all Windows OS
  • Outdated interface
  • Lacks advanced tweaking options
  • Won't drastically boost high-end games

3. Razer Cortex - Best Game Booster for High-End Gaming Rigs

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is the go-to game booster software for high-performance Windows gaming rigs. It's specially designed to extract the absolute maximum capacity from your hardware.

This game booster offers intelligent auto boosting that tweaks settings for optimal gaming performance. You can also switch to manual mode for granular control over CPU/GPU usage, game priorities, network data etc. according to your needs.

Razer Cortex also cleans the junk clogging up your system with features like Memory Defragmentation. The customizable interface lets you monitor FPS, temperature, RAM usage and other metrics in real-time.

If you have a powerful gaming PC, Razer Cortex is the best way to push it to its limits and completely dominate any title. The vast array of optimization tools make your system run faster and more efficiently overall too.

  • Intelligent auto & manual optimization
  • Maximize gaming performance
  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Memory Defragmentation
  • Customizable interface
  • Geared for high-end PCs
  • Steep learning curve

4. GameBoost - Best Game Booster for FPS

As the name suggests, GameBoost is specifically designed to get you the highest FPS (frames per second) possible out of your setup. And it succeeds admirably through a combo of intelligent automation and manual tweaking capabilities.

It works right off the bat to stabilize FPS and reduce stuttering issues. Proprietary Boost technology forces your CPU and GPU to focus solely on delivering max frame rates for your game. You can also customize graphics and network priority settings.

Additional handy tools like Ping Booster, Internet Optimizer, Refresh Rate Booster etc. further optimize your system networking for lag-free gaming. GameBoost also looks great and is easy to use.

For FPS junkies, competitive esports gamers, and speed demons who want to squeeze out the absolute max frame rates, GameBoost is the best choice. The specialized FPS-targeting approach gives a remarkable boost over standard game boosters.

  • Huge FPS boost
  • CPU/GPU optimization
  • Easy to use
  • Specialized network tools
  • Manual customization
  • Paid software
  • Mainly useful for FPS games

5. Smart Game Booster - Best Game Booster for Overall Performance

Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster takes a kitchen sink approach and packs in a ton of features to enhance every possible aspect of your PC's performance. This gives you a comprehensive boost whether you play cutting-edge titles or less demanding games.

In one click, it can launch game environment optimization, memory cleaning, driver updates, background app disabling and much more to supercharge your system. You can overclock hardware for extra juice.

The Diagnosis feature scans your full system, detects problems, and suggests solutions. Monitoring tools let you track FPS, temperature, internet speed, and other vitals. Smart Game Booster also has great security tools.

For a full system-wide performance enhancement that improves your PC's speed and responsiveness across the board, Smart Game Booster is the top choice. The breadth of features makes your entire computer feel snappier, not just games.

  • Comprehensive optimization
  • Overclocking capabilities
  • Diagnosis & monitoring tools
  • Cleans memory & drivers
  • Improves overall PC speed
  • Too many features could be overwhelming
  • Overclocking could reduce hardware lifespan

6. SpeedItUp - Best Game Booster for Older PCs

Most game boosters require modern hardware to show significant improvements. But SpeedItUp works its magic even on older low-spec PCs from the XP and Vista era. This makes it the best choice if you have an aged machine lying around.

SpeedItUp won't deliver the massive performance leaps of advanced game boosters. However, it utilizes basic optimization features like memory cleaning and CPU/disk defragmentation rather well. You'll notice reduced lag and faster loading times, especially on less demanding games.

Since this game booster occupies minimal space and doesn't hog resources, it's perfect for resuscitating that old laptop or family PC. The streamlined interface makes SpeedItUp easy to use too.

For entry-level gaming performance gains on outdated computers, SpeedItUp is a great pick. It can extend the lifespan of aging hardware and let you enjoy light gaming for longer.

  • Works on very old configurations
  • Streamlined optimization tools
  • Small resource footprint
  • Simple interface
  • Gives only minor improvements
  • Won't run newer games well
  • Very outdated design

7. Mz Game Accelerator - Best Game Booster for Mid-Range PCs

Mz Game Accelerator strikes a nice balance between being lightweight yet delivering solid mid-level performance boosts during gaming. This makes it the best choice for medium-spec PCs.

It swiftly optimizes your active memory usage and CPU performance without intensive overclocking. Mz Game Accelerator also kills unnecessary background processes and services taking up resources.

Within seconds of launching the game booster, you'll notice quicker loading times, smoother frame rates, and reduced choppiness. It delivers a tangible boost to gaming speeds across various titles.

For mid-range home PCs and laptops, Mz Game Accelerator is a great pick. It significantly enhances your gaming experience without drastic tweaks or straining your hardware's limits. The basic design is also quite user-friendly.

  • Good for mid-range configurations
  • Quick memory & CPU optimization
  • Fast loading & reduced lags
  • Kills background processes
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Gives limited FPS/graphics boost
  • Won't run very demanding games well
  • Dated interface

8. Game Fire 7 - Best for Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Game Fire 7

Game Fire 7 deserves a spot among the best game boosters for its excellent real-time system monitoring tools. You can track metrics like CPU/GPU usage, temperature, fan speeds, FPS and more while gaming.

Based on live feedback, the software instantly tweaks configurations for optimal stability and performance. You can also manually change settings via the intuitive interface and save profiles for individual games.

Game Fire 7 kills unnecessary processes and services to free up RAM. Features like a built-in game library manager, free space cleaner, internet optimizer and visual tweaker make it a comprehensive performance suite.

For pro gamers and enthusiasts who want complete control over their setup, Game Fire 7 is the best pick. The wealth of monitoring info and customization options let you micromanage everything and push your machine to its limits.

  • Real-time hardware monitoring
  • Manual customization options
  • Free space cleaner and visual tweaks
  • Game library manager
  • Broad system-wide optimization
  • Manual tweaking can be complicated
  • Overclocking reduces hardware life

9. ToolWiz Game Boost - Best Budget Game Booster

If you want solid gaming performance gains without spending a dime, ToolWiz Game Boost is arguably the best free game booster available. Despite the lack of cost, it delivers excellent baseline optimizations.

ToolWiz Game Boost releases unused RAM by suspending unnecessary processes in the background. Defragmenting game files also boosts in-game loading speeds. It automatically tweaks CPU/GPU resources to minimize latency and frame drops.

Although the interface looks dated, the streamlined options make it very easy to use. ToolWiz Game Boost is also quite lightweight and occupies negligible space on your hard drive.

For basic lag reduction and FPS improvements while playing casual games or eSports titles on budget PCs, ToolWiz Game Boost punches above its weight. The simplistic fire-and-forget optimization approach requires minimal effort too.

  • Completely free software
  • Automated performance tuning
  • Fast & easy background optimization
  • Tiny hard drive footprint
  • Very basic manual controls
  • Limited functionality for demanding games
  • Outdated user interface

10. MSI Afterburner - Best for Overclocking & Monitoring

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is one of the most powerful game boosters thanks to its incredibly detailed overclocking and system monitoring capabilities. It's trusted by gamers worldwide to unleash peak performance from their rigs.

This game booster lets you manually tune every aspect of your hardware's performance and squeeze out every last bit of capacity. Tweak your GPU/CPU clock speeds, voltage, fan curves, memory settings and more for maximum FPS.

Robust monitoring tools provide real-time telemetry data on temperatures, clock speeds, GPU usage and other vitals. You can even overlay hardware statistics on your game screen. MSI Afterburner also excels at recording gameplay video.

If you have an expert grasp of overclocking and want to maximize performance via meticulous manual tuning, MSI Afterburner is the best game booster available. The depth of tweaking options is unmatched.

  • Unparalleled overclocking control
  • Detailed hardware monitoring
  • In-game telemetry overlay
  • Robust gameplay recording
  • Manual optimization flexibility
  • Overclocking shortens hardware lifespan
  • Very difficult for beginners

11. GG Boost - Best Game Booster for FPS Games

GG Boost lives up to its name and delivers massive frame rate improvements that are especially noticeable in competitive FPS games. The specialized FPS Boost module forces your system to constantly push max frame rates.

Smart background processes management ensures all your hardware power is directed towards rendering frames as fast as possible with no limits. This allows you to gain an edge with higher FPS in online shooters and fast-paced eSports titles.

GG Boost also tweaks visuals for optimal FPS performance. You'll gain the maximum FPS headroom to annihilate opponents. Additional utilities like Ping Booster and Internet Speed Booster further optimize your network for lag reduction.

For players who care exclusively about the highest FPS numbers and buttery-smooth gameplay, GG Boost is hands down the best game booster available. The frame rate obsessed approach gives big benefits in lighting-fast games.

  • Specialized for max FPS
  • Huge FPS boost in shooters
  • Visual tweaks to maximize FPS
  • Network and internet optimizations
  • Background process management
  • Mainly useful only for competitive FPS
  • Difficult to optimize non-FPS games

12. SpeedItUp Extreme - Best Game Booster for Casual Gamers

Most advanced game boosters overwhelm casual gamers. This is where SpeedItUp Extreme shines by delivering solid gaming performance gains through basic streamlined tools. This makes it the best pick for casual usage.

With just a few clicks, SpeedItUp Extreme can defrag game files, resolve memory issues causing crashes or lag, and clean up background processes. The intuitive interface is very easy to use, unlike convoluted suites.

Don't expect miracles from SpeedItUp Extreme on very high-end games. But for relatively casual gaming on medium hardware, it smoothens lags, speeds up loading, and improves stability without headaches.

For non-techie gamers who play occasionally and want basic smoother gameplay without complex tweaking, SpeedItUp Extreme is the best hassle-free game booster. It delivers a gentle performance upgrade through core optimizations.

  • Straightforward streamlined tools
  • Resolves crashes and lags
  • Easy-to-use for casual gamers
  • Light on system resources
  • Lacks advanced functionality
  • Minimal benefits for new games
  • Very dated interface

13. LagoFast - Best Game Booster for Online Multiplayer Games


LagoFast focuses specifically on reducing latency and lag issues in online multiplayer games through optimized routing algorithms. This makes it the top choice for the smoothest online gaming experience.

It uses intelligent traffic shaping and other network wizardry to provide the most efficient connection between you and game servers. LagoFast reduces ping times and packet loss even if you have a high-latency ISP.

The specialized network-centric approach gives remarkable improvements in responsive gameplay on multiplayer titles like COD, Fortnite, PUBG etc. Radar tools let you monitor ping and packet loss in real-time too.

For avid online gamers on any platform, LagoFast is a great plug-and-play solution for lag reduction, lower pings, reduced rubber banding and other network optimization benefits that enhance competitive gaming.

  • Specialized latency optimization
  • Lower pings in online games
  • Reduces rubber banding issues
  • Radar to monitor connection quality
  • Easy plug-and-play setup
  • Does not improve FPS or graphics
  • Pricing plans could be expensive

14. Superb Game Boost - Best Game Booster for Quick FPS Boost

If you want an instant FPS and performance boost in your games with minimal setup, Superb Game Boost is a great choice. It swiftly kills unimportant background tasks and services to allocate maximum system resources towards gaming.

Within seconds, you can launch Superb Game Boost and see tangible improvements in frame rates, loading speeds, and overall smoothness. It works well for a quick fix when you notice FPS drops or lag.

Although pretty basic otherwise, the one-click approach sets Superb Game Boost apart. You don't have to fiddle with complex settings or overclocking. Just fire up the game booster when needed and enjoy an immediate FPS boost.

For quick performance upgrades on the fly without complex tweaking, Superb Game Boost is a great game booster option. It delivers a sizeable FPS kick ideal for short gaming sessions.

  • Instant FPS boost in one click
  • Faster loading and reduced lag
  • Simple fire-and-forget optimization
  • Lightweight software
  • Very limited advanced options
  • Not suitable for high-end gaming

15. Bit Game Booster - Best Game Booster for Outdated Hardware

Most advanced game boosters require relatively modern hardware to show major gains. But Bit Game Booster can dramatically enhance performance even on dated low-spec PCs.

It uses basic optimization techniques like freeing up RAM, terminating background tasks, basic GPU overclocking and correcting registry issues. Bit Game Booster revives older hardware and ekes out every bit of power for a noticeable boost.

Although the interface looks archaic, the streamlined options make Bit Game Booster very easy to use. It occupies very little space too. The hardware scanner helps fix outdated drivers too.

To breathe new life into aging machines for some retro gaming, Bit Game Booster is the top choice. It works wonders at improving playability on low-end configurations. The minimalistic approach also ensures system stability.

  • Works on outdated hardware
  • Lightweight optimization
  • Fixes drivers and registry
  • Frees up RAM and storage
  • Easy to use interface
  • Dated design
  • Gives minor boost on high-end systems

16. Latency Optimizer - Best Game Booster for Multiplayer Games

Latency Optimizer is specially designed to crush lag issues in online multiplayer games by smoothening out your connection for rock-solid stability. This makes it the top choice for competitive titles.

It uses techniques like efficient traffic routing, packet prioritization, and connection monitoring to slash ping times and latency variation. You'll face no warping, rubber banding or hit detection problems.

Latency Optimizer also collects analytical connectivity data during games. You can then analyze the reports to identify causes of lag spikes and weak spots.

For esports gamers, MOBA enthusiasts, and anyone who plays online multiplayer games, Latency Optimizer is the game booster of choice. Lag-free responsive gameplay gives a real competitive edge.

  • Minimizes latency problems
  • Smoothens out connection
  • Reduces ping and packet loss
  • In-depth connectivity analytics
  • Reports help identify lag causes
  • Does not affect FPS or graphics
  • Mainly useful only for online games

17. Actual Booster - Best Game Booster for Old PCs

Most game boosters only work well on relatively modern hardware. But Actual Booster can supercharge even old low-spec PCs for much better gaming performance. This makes it a great choice to revive aging machines.

It uses basic optimization techniques like freeing up RAM, terminating background tasks, correcting registry issues and assigning top process priority to your game. Although simple, these tweaks give tangible boosts.

Actual Booster occupies negligible space on your hard drive. Despite the primitive interface, it's very easy and straightforward to use. The game process priority change gives an instant FPS boost too.

For breathing new life into that dusty Pentium machine and enjoying some light retro gaming, Actual Booster is a great pick. It ekes out every drop of performance, even on outdated hardware. The no-frills approach also ensures system stability.

  • Works on outdated low-end PCs
  • Instant FPS boost via priority change
  • Frees up RAM and storage
  • Tiny installation footprint
  • Easy to use
  • Very dated design
  • Offers limited control

18. EZ Game Booster - Best Game Booster for Quick Optimizations

EZ Game Booster makes it easy to swiftly enhance your PC's gaming performance with quick one-click tools before launching a game. This approach makes it convenient for light casual usage.

The RAM Cleaner and Smart Defrag features speed up loading times and reduce in-game lags. Network Optimizer improves online gameplay responsiveness. Startup Optimizer gives an overall boost.

Although pretty basic otherwise, EZ Game Booster's simplicity and focus on fast one-click performance gains sets it apart. You don't have to tinker with complex settings for hours. Just run the desired optimizations and start gaming.

If you want effortless plug-and-play style optimization for casual gaming in your free time, EZ Game Booster is a great pick. It delivers a gentle performance upgrade through core one-click tools.

  • Quick one-click optimization
  • Network improvements for multiplayer
  • Defrag and RAM Cleaning
  • Minimal setup time needed
  • Easy for casual usage
  • Lacks advanced functionality
  • Manual customization is limited

19. GameLibBooster - Best Game Booster for Steam Games


GameLibBooster specializes in optimizing Steam games for the best gaming performance. Thissingular focus makes it the top pick for regular Steam gamers.

It offers one-click automated optimization tailored specifically for titles accessed via the Steam client. GameLibBooster fine-tunes settings like CPU/RAM allocation, graphical options etc. for each of your installed Steam games.

Dedicated Server Speed Boost and HDD Speed Boost modules further enhance Steam game loading speeds and responsiveness. You can also manually tweak options for individual games as needed.

For Steam library members looking to push the gaming capabilities of their machine to the limits, GameLibBooster is the best specialized game booster available. The Steam-centric approach ensures you always get max FPS.

  • Specialized Steam optimization
  • Auto-tweaks games in library
  • Modules to boost loading speed
  • Options to manually customize
  • Only works with Steam titles
  • Requires setup time

20. JetBoost - Best Game Booster for Quick FPS Boost


When you need an instant FPS and performance boost in your games without complex tweaking, JetBoost is a great option. Within seconds, it terminates non-essential background tasks and services to channel max resources into your game.

JetBoost also streamlines network traffic allocation so online games run smoother. You'll notice an immediate difference in FPS, loading speed, and overall responsiveness. It works well for a quick fix when games start stuttering or lagging.

Although pretty basic otherwise, JetBoost's strength lies in the simplicity. You don't have to be an expert to use it. Just launch JetBoost with one click whenever you need a gaming speed surge.

If want a fast convenient FPS and performance upgrade on the fly, JetBoost is a solid choice. It delivers sizeable improvements instantly in a completely beginner-friendly manner.

  • Quick one-click FPS boost
  • Faster loading and reduced lag
  • Easy fire-and-forget optimization
  • Very straightforward to use
  • Lacks advanced configurability
  • Gives only minor long-term gains

21. Advanced System Optimizer - Best Game Booster for Overall PC Performance

Advanced System Optimizer delivers a sizeable boost in gaming performance through comprehensive optimization of your overall PC health and responsiveness. This makes it the best option for complete system-wide enhancement.

It excels at deep cleaning your PC to free up storage space. Robust anti-malware protection boosts security. Advanced System Optimizer also defrags the disk, fixes registry errors, and keeps drivers updated for peak responsiveness.

Added specialized tools like the Game Optimizer module terminate unnecessary processes during gameplay for smoother FPS and loading. The modern interface also makes it very user-friendly.

For turbocharging your general PC speed while also accelerating in-game FPS, Advanced System Optimizer is a great jack-of-all-trades game booster. The broad range of optimization benefits make your entire system snappier.

  • Comprehensive PC optimization
  • Cleans junk and boosts security
  • Manages drivers and services
  • Specialized gaming module
  • Modern and polished interface
  • Not focused specifically on gaming
  • Requires more setup time

22. Chris-PC Game Booster - Best Game Booster for Online Games

Chris-PC Game Booster

Chris-PC Game Booster aims to provide the smoothest online multiplayer gaming experience possible by optimizing connection stability and responsiveness. This makes it the top pick for competitive online play.

It ensures your network traffic is prioritized to slash ping times, latency and packet loss even if you have a lackluster ISP. Responsiveness and precision in online games improves tremendously.

Chris-PC Game Booster also tweaks settings to reduce FPS drops and system latency when playing online. Built-in internet speed test helps identify issues. The interface provides info on ping, speeds etc. too.

For lag-free, precise competitive online gaming, Chris-PC Game Booster is the best game booster available. The specialized network-centric approach gives a great edge in multiplayer titles.

  • Smoothens out online gameplay
  • Cuts ping times and packet loss
  • Reduces FPS drops/system latency
  • Tests internet speeds
  • Great interface
  • Does not affect offline gaming
  • Mainly useful only for online games

23. Elo Boost - Best Game Booster for Competitive Online Games

Elo Boost specializes in optimizing your gaming network's performance for dominant competitive play in online multiplayer titles like DOTA 2, League of Legends, Fortnite etc. where every millisecond matters.

It provides ultra-low latency connections to game servers for real-time reflexes and precision. Elo Boost also uses artificial intelligence to analyze your gameplay and suggest skill upgrades, strategy changes etc. to boost rankings.

The network enhancements result in no delays, warping or hit detection issues. The AI assistant analyzes patterns in your playstyle to provide tips to gain a competitive advantage.

For pro gamers and anyone seriously competing in online multiplayer games, Elo Boost is the best game booster for achieving key performance upgrades to gain an edge over rivals.

  • Specialized network optimizations
  • AI analyzes play patterns
  • Lowers skill barriers
  • Removes lag and hit detection issues
  • Gives a strong competitive advantage
  • Mainly useful only for competitive online gaming
  • Expensive plans

24. Jitsumi's Game Booster - Best Game Booster for Quick Performance Gains

Jitsumi's Game Booster

Jitsumi's Game Booster makes it easy to swiftly boost your gaming performance right before launching a game using straightforward one-click tools. This approach makes it super convenient for casual usage.

The RAM Cleaner and Game Mode modules noticeably speed up loading times and reduce lag with just a few clicks. Network Optimizer improves multiplayer gaming connectivity. CPU/GPU Overdrive gives an overall performance boost.

Although the interface looks dated, Jitsumi's Game Booster's simplicity and focus on fast one-click optimizations sets it apart from convoluted suites. You can start playing in seconds.

For quick plug-and-play style performance gains with minimal time/effort, Jitsumi's Game Booster is a solid choice. It gently improves stability and speed through fundamental streamlined tools.

  • Quick one-click optimization
  • Instant performance boost
  • Network and stability improvements
  • Very easy to use
  • Great for casual gaming
  • Lacks advanced configurability
  • Gives minor boosts on demanding games
  • Outdated interface


If you game on a PC, using a game booster can give a very noticeable improvement in performance, speed, graphics, and overall gaming enjoyment. The 24 options we've covered are the top game boosters for PCs in 2023 that can supercharge everything from high-end gaming rigs to old clunkers.

Figure out your PC's specifications and your own requirements as a gamer. Then choose the game booster that aligns best to unlock your system's full potential for unlimited fun. Game boosters are safe software that optimizes your existing hardware, so don't hesitate to try them out.

Happy gaming! Let us know about your favorite game boosters for PCs in the comments below.

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