Top 33 Funny Games for iPhone in 2023

Funny Games for iPhone

Looking for a good laugh? Check out our list of the Top 33 funny games for iPhone in 2023! These games are sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing, and they're perfect for playing with friends and family. Download one today and start laughing!

Looking for some hilarious iPhone games that will have you cracking up? You’re in luck! The App Store is filled with tons of funny iOS games that are sure to tickle your funny bone. From wacky physics games and absurd simulations to parody titles and joke-filled adventures, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In this post, we’re breaking down the top 33 funniest iPhone games you need to check out in 2023. Whether you’re looking for some casual laughs or a full-on comedy extravaganza, you’ll find a funny iOS game perfect for you in this list!

Introduction to Funny Games for iPhone

Mobile gaming has come a long way in recent years. While many popular iPhone games focus on stunning graphics and intense competition, sometimes you just want a good laugh. That’s where funny games for iPhone come in!

Funny iOS games provide a refreshing change of pace from more serious titles. They let you kick back, relax, and enjoy some light-hearted entertainment right from your smartphone. With their wacky premises, quirky characters, and laugh-out-loud humor, funny iPhone games are a great way to take a break and have some fun.

In this post, we’ll be counting down the top 33 funniest iOS games you need to try in 2023. From hilarious physics simulators to joke-filled RPGs, these iPhone games will keep you chuckling for hours on end. Whether you’re looking for some quick casual fun or a story-driven comedic adventure, these funny games deliver side-splitting entertainment.

List of the Best 33 Funny Games for iPhone in 2023

So get ready to exercise your laugh muscles! Here are the 33 funniest games you can download on your iPhone today.

1. Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator

Kicking off our list of the funniest iPhone games is Goat Simulator. This wacky physics game lets you cause utter chaos and destruction as a goat let loose in an open world.

With its intentionally wonky graphics and physics, Goat Simulator is full of laugh-out-loud moments. You can headbutt people, lick objects with your absurdly long tongue, and generally wreak havoc on everything around you. The ragdoll physics lead to some truly ridiculous gameplay scenarios.

Goat Simulator thrives on its sheer absurdity. There are no rules, no objectives - just you, a goat, and a big open world ready for destruction. The addition of mutators allows you to create even crazier scenarios, like low gravity or a tornado summoner.

If you’re looking for pure silly fun on your iPhone, Goat Simulator delivers in spades. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh with its over-the-top antics and slapstick physics comedy.

  • Open world physics sandbox
  • Headbutt humans and objects
  • Lick things with a long tongue
  • Wreak havoc and cause chaos
  • Intentionally wonky graphics and physics
  • Absurd mutators like low gravity

2. Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Crossing the mega-popular Rick and Morty franchise with Pok√©mon gameplay is a recipe for hilarity. That’s exactly what you get with Pocket Mortys.

You play as Rick as he travels to different dimensions collecting and battling Mortys - alternate reality versions of his grandson Morty. With over 80 Mortys to find and battle with, there’s tons of content here for Rick and Morty fans.

True to its source material, Pocket Mortys has a twisted sense of humor. The Mortys range from Mascot Morty to Cronenberg Morty, each more bizarre looking than the last. Pop culture references and cynical jokes abound, creating constant laughs for those familiar with the show.

The simplified RPG-style battling makes collecting and fighting Mortys a breeze. With crafting, quests, and multiplayer to round out the experience, Pocket Mortys is a must-play for Rick and Morty lovers looking for a fun and funny iPhone game.

  • Collect and battle Mortys across dimensions
  • Over 80 Mortys to find and train
  • Craft items and complete quests
  • Twisted Rick and Morty humor
  • RPG-style turn-based battles

3. The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale is a comedic parody RPG that pokes fun at classic fantasy tropes. With its cynical protagonist and constant breaking of the fourth wall, it will have you laughing throughout your adventure.

You play as The Bard, an arrogant musician who would rather make fun of fantasy conventions than actually embark on noble quests. Much to his chagrin, he gets drawn into a grand adventure anyway. The Bard provides hysterical narration and commentary during every step of your journey.

With hours of fantastical plot to lampoon, witty writing, and great voice acting, The Bard's Tale satirizes the RPG genre trope by trope. It points out the absurdity of things like useless items, repetitive NPC dialogue, and protagonists who never seem to talk.

If you enjoy RPGs but don't always take them seriously, you’ll love the unrelenting comedy in The Bard's Tale.

  • Fantasy RPG parody
  • Snarky protagonist
  • Lampoons genre tropes
  • Great writing and voice acting
  • Constant breaking of the fourth wall

4. Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth blends puzzle strategy with an engaging sci-fi story - and plenty of humor along the way. With its colorful cast of characters and absurd situations, Ticket to Earth packs a comedic punch.

In the game, you help protagonist Rose escape from tyrannical forces by matching colored tiles on a puzzle grid. The match-3 strategy gameplay is smoothly combined with an overarching narrative filled with twists and laughs.

While the story has serious undertones, it's the characters and their interactions that bring on the most laughs. From Rose's snarky robot companion Bot to the over-the-top villain Kafka, the cast of Ticket to Earth pops with comedic personality. Add in funny dialogue choices and a few ridiculous situations, and you have a recipe for laughs through your entire journey.

Ticket to Earth succeeds in pairing an intriguing story with easy-to-learn gameplay, all coated in comedy. It brings plenty of humor to the table in an overall compelling package.

  • Match-3 combat merged with narrative
  • Colorful cast of characters
  • Sci-fi story with twists
  • Funny character interactions
  • Witty dialogue

5. Spaceteam


Looking for some frantic multiplayer fun? Spaceteam provides cooperative chaos by requiring players to shout wacky instructions to each other. It's a high intensity ride filled with hilarity.

In Spaceteam, players are crew members on a spaceship hurtling through space. Random instructions like "Set Newtonian Photolabe to 3!" will pop up on player's screens. To prevent the ship from crashing, you must yell out these instructions to your teammates so they can configure their ship controls accordingly.

With controls like a Plasma Purger and a Rheostatic Ion Bradender, instructions get pretty silly. Add in the frantic real-time gameplay, and you're guaranteed constant laughs as you try to coordinate with your team.

Spaceteam is an absolute blast with friends. Constant shouting combined with the pressure to react quickly makes for uproarious cooperative play. For maximum hilarity, make sure to invite some friends over and give Spaceteam a try.

  • Cooperative multiplayer chaos
  • Players yell instructions to each other
  • Frantic real-time action
  • Wacky spaceship terminology
  • Must coordinate to prevent crashing

6. Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp puts a funny spin on classic slasher movies and horror films. With its voxel graphics and absurd scenarios, it turns gruesome horror into hilarious comedy.

In this puzzle game, you take control of Skullface, a psychotic murderer bent on killing all his victims. You slide Skullface around hundreds of small dioramas based on recognizable horror movie settings. Figure out the proper kill order before the time runs out, and move on to the next grisly scene.

Seeing familiar horror scenarios and characters acted out with cute blocky figures keeps things humorous. Slayaway Camp finds comedy gold in turning horror conventions on their head. Sneaking up on victims with a chainsaw or dropping a park bench on them is much funnier when the characters are chunky voxel blocks.

Fans of horror and puzzle games alike will love the darkly comedic twist Slayaway Camp puts on the slasher genre.

  • Slice, dice, and murder victims
  • Hundreds of puzzles based on horror movies
  • Cute voxel graphics turn horror silly
  • Timed challenges to find optimal kill order

7. Red's Kingdom

Red's Kingdom

Red's Kingdom combines adventure, puzzles, and platforming with a ton of offbeat humor and cartoon silliness. Playing as the brave but bumbling hero Red, you'll constantly be laughing at the game's humorous narrative and dialogue.

The gameplay involves exploring a colorful fantasy world, collecting items, solving puzzles, and conquering tricky platforming challenges. While the puzzles start off simple, they quickly become head-scratchers. Luckily, Red's constant silly quips and observations make even frustrating sections a joy.

Charming characters like the pompous King Baron, Red's cynical crow sidekick, and the dimwitted troll Grunt add plenty of laughs as well. Red's Kingdom is rife with corny jokes, awkward conversations, and ridiculous comments on the world around you.

Red's Kingdom succeeds equally as a puzzle-platformer and as a comedy game. The blend of challenging gameplay and consistent humor makes for an entertaining experience all around.

  • Charming fantasy world and characters
  • Silly protagonist Red
  • Puns, awkward conversations, corny jokes
  • Adventure, puzzles, and platforming

8. What the Golf?

What the Golf

What the Golf parodies the most basic of sports games - golf - with a huge variety of absurdities. With every level, you'll be hit with something unexpected and funny.

On its surface, What the Golf seems like a simple golfing simulator. But in reality, you'll do everything except actually play golf. Levels include hitting houses, basketballs, cows, and just about everything other than a golf ball into a hole.

The surprises keep coming as the game constantly alters the most fundamental aspects of golf. You may find yourself swinging a golf club to bowl over pins instead of hitting a ball, or trying to sink a hole-in-one in a side-scroller rather than from a tee. Part of the hilarity comes from not knowing what ridiculous twist is coming next.

For a real laugh riot, make sure to check out the multiplayer party mode. Up to 8 players can join in the absurd mini-golf madness. What the Golf is a constant comedy show that cleverly spoofs the sports simulator genre.

  • Goofy golf parody
  • Variety of absurd challenges
  • Constantly surprises with twists
  • Local competitive multiplayer

9. Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Stumbling through life as an octopus pretending to be a human father leads to plenty of hilarious hijinks in Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Just controlling the titular Octodad is good for a few chuckles.

In Octodad, you slink your way through everyday situations like walking through a grocery store or mowing the lawn, all while trying to keep your true identity secret. The purposefully difficult controls mean controlling Octodad's floppy limbs is a struggle. Even the simplest tasks like picking up objects or walking through doors become challenges.

Seeing Octodad fumble his way through vacuuming the rug or dancing at a wedding is delightful, goofy fun. His human family remains fully oblivious to his clumsy tentacled nature, leading to some great comic scenarios. The gap between Octodad's reach and grasp consistently produces laughs.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a refreshing comedy gem that highlights the fun that comes from controlling clumsy characters.

  • Play as an octopus pretending to be human
  • Floppy, difficult controls
  • Humor from mundane tasks becoming challenges
  • Family remains oblivious

10. Death Squared

Death Squared

Death Squared tests your coordination with a buddy through a series of co-op puzzles. Bringing two players' problem-solving abilities together produces lots of fun and laughs.

In the game, you and a partner each control a different robot. You must coordinate movements to get each robot to color-coded goals without dying. The challenges start simple but quickly ramp up, requiring your best teamwork and communication. The multiplayer format leads to humorous failed attempts as you trip over each other.

The bright and colorful visual style gives Death Squared an approachable feel, even when the puzzles are stumping you. The robots themselves also inject goofy comedy, exclaiming things like "Whee!" and "Uh oh!" as they move and get blown up by traps.

Getting a friend together to laugh through Death Squared's challenges is a blast. The co-op gameplay consistently produces funny moments of precision, timing, and teamwork.

  • Co-op puzzles requiring teamwork
  • Guide robots to color-coded goals
  • Hilarious failed attempts
  • Goofy robots liven things up

11. Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys brings the frenzied multiplayer fun of Fall Guys to iPhone and Android. With mini-games inspired by the hit title, it captures the hilarity of competing against friends in ridiculous physics-based challenges.

Each mini-game in Stumble Guys presents a new opportunity for comedy. Whether you're frantically racing up moving platforms, bouncing across bubbles, or stumbling through an obstacle course, failure almost always means hilarious ragdoll physics. Seeing your bean-shaped character flop over or get knocked down by obstacles never gets old.

The races themselves usually end up a mess of characters bumping into each other or getting set back by traps. The chaos of up to 32 players all trying to qualify leads to constant unexpected and funny moments. Stumble Guys is at its best when played as a multiplayer party game with friends, where you can laugh together at the absurd struggle.

With easy pick-up-and-play mini-games and responsive controls, Stumble Guys successfully translates the engaging formula of Fall Guys into a mobile experience. Plus, its addition of colorful and silly character customization options pushes the hilarity factor even higher.

  • Mini-games inspired by Fall Guys
  • Ragdoll physics when failing
  • Frantic multiplayer party fun
  • Customizable bean characters

12. Airport Security

Airport Security

Airport Security puts you in the shoes of an airport security guard tasked with scanning luggage and passengers to spot prohibited items and suspicious behaviors. While the premise sounds serious, this iPhone game finds the humor in bizarre confiscated objects, over-the-top contraband, and tense interrogations.

The items passengers will try to sneak past security range from innocuous like perfume to utterly ridiculous like flopping fish. Finding a passenger trying to smuggle a horse through security is good for a laugh. The ever-increasing weirdness of objects you confiscate adds to the absurdity.

Interrogating unruly passengers also leads to funny moments as they make up outrageous excuses or get belligerent. Trying to get a defiant hippo wearing a tracksuit to comply with checks is a scenario this game plays for comedy. Failing passengers in silly or awkward ways, like tackling them as they run from you, adds to the hilarity.

While the security procedures themselves are played straight, the wacky passengers, items, and scenarios turn Airport Security into a delightful comedy. It finds unexpected laughs in a usually serious setting.

  • Scan passengers and luggage
  • Find bizarre and funny contraband
  • Interrogate unruly passengers
  • Dark comedy from tense situations

13. I Am Bread

I Am Bread

As a slice of bread, your goal in I Am Bread is simple - become toast. But doing so leads to all kinds of slapstick comedy. Maneuvering a limp piece of bread around kitchen appliances results in ridiculous flopping movements and absurd scenarios.

The clumsy controls mean merely moving around the environment is a struggle, as your slice of bread constantly folds over on itself or gets stuck. Yet the determination to become toast pushes you forward. Watching your slice of bread try to climb walls by flinging itself against them with reckless abandon is hilarious.

Seeing a floppy carbohydrate thrown violently against household objects like radiators in a stubborn quest to turn crispy creates constant laughs. I Am Bread finds great comedy in giving players mundane goals paired with unwieldy controls. The bread physics and stubborn sense of purpose will have you chuckling through every stage.

  • Play as a slice of bread trying to toast
  • Clumsy controls make movement a chore
  • Hilarious flopping and flinging
  • Persistent in the face of physics

14. Among Us

Among Us

On its face, Among Us is a game of teamwork and betrayal - you're trying to identify the impostor sabotaging your spaceship. But in practice, playing with friends usually ends up becoming a laugh riot. The finger pointing, bickering, and silly accusations that arise create great social comedy.

When one player gets wrongly accused by the group for being an impostor, their exaggerated outrage and pleas of innocence fuel the funny fire. And whenever the impostor does get caught via carelessness or bold plays, their defeated resignation is good for a shared laugh.

Among Us thrives when played with people you know, since inside jokes and real-life references get woven into the gameplay. The chat function lets you joke around and egg each other on, upping the hilarity. Few multiplayer games lead to the level of chaotic social comedy you get in Among Us matches with friends.

  • Deduce who the impostor is
  • Finger-pointing and accusations
  • Comedic social interactions
  • Funny betrayal and defeat

15. Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies succeeds as both an engaging tower defense game and a laugh riot thanks to its wacky plants, silly zombies, and tons of humorous touches. The range of amusing yet strategic plants you use to battle zombies sets a light tone from the start.

Watching a zombie frozen in place by a snow pea plant, then pummeled by flying walnuts always elicits a chuckle. Defeating a powerful undead foe with a simple Squash plant is also good for a laugh. The amusing ways plants and zombies interact make the tower defense gameplay even more enjoyable.

Small touches like zombies pulling objects out of thin air and goofy dancing when they reach your house give the game personality. The comic-style visuals and upbeat soundtrack round out the playful atmosphere. Plants vs Zombies perfectly balances strategic gameplay with plenty of humor.

  • Strategic tower defense
  • Silly plants and zombies
  • Lots of personality and humor
  • Goofy visuals and sounds
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16. Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob

Robbery Bob puts you in the shoes of a nice and friendly burglar, an absurd premise that drives much of the game's humor. Having an amiable thief apologizing after smashing windows or getting startled by house pets creates funny juxtapositions.

The writing plays up Bob's kind nature and reluctance to harm anyone, which often backfires during robberies to comedic effect. Bob's exaggerated politeness paired with his unlawful actions adds to the laughs. Getting caught by police offers plenty of funny banter between Bob and his pursuers as well.

The cartoon art style and upbeat music make the illegal robberies feel more mischievous than serious. Humorous achievements like "Clean Getaway" after failing a robbery poorly poke fun at your less-than-stellar criminal skills. Overall, Robbery Bob succeeds at making light-hearted comedy out of unlawful scenarios.

  • Play as polite burglar
  • Kind nature backfires during heists
  • Funny banter when caught
  • Light-hearted crime premise

17. Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs keeps players laughing as they try in vain to control the title character, a big-headed little creature with impossibly long and wobbly legs. Just trying to walk or jump between platforms is guaranteed to produce funny failures.

The slightest touch of the screen sends the fragile Daddy Long Legs tumbling down or launching upwards as his long legs spasm chaotically. Getting him to walk more than a few steps without face-planting hilariously is an achievement in itself. His little blob head and silly facial expressions make the constant pratfalls even funnier.

Seeing Daddy Long Legs try and utterly fail to perform the most basic platforming tasks creates endless slapstick comedy. Daddy Long Legs highlights the innate humor in controlling characters with unwieldy or imprecise movements. Getting anywhere with him is cause for laughter.

  • Control a creature with unwieldy legs
  • Constant pratfalls and flopping
  • Struggle to walk and jump
  • Exaggerated reactions to falls

18. Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers puts you in business of juvenating and selling zombie juice - a premise that leads to dark comedy gold as you harvest zombies in ridiculous ways. The game's story and characters have a twisted sense of humor that shines through during gameplay.

Throwing elaborately-named bait like "zombie goat" to draw the undead into your traps elicits chuckles. Your cartoonish weapons for harvesting zombies, like a Corkscrew Tenderizer, are good for a dark laugh as well. And unlocking new recipes for your zombie juice stand provides plenty of humorous puns.

The cel-shaded graphics and exaggerated animations help make the zombie harvesting feel more silly than disturbing. Zombie Catchers mines morbid concepts for laugh-out-loud gameplay.

  • Make and sell zombie juice
  • Absurd tools and recipes
  • Darkly humorous premise
  • Over-the-top undead harvesting

19. Skullduggery!


Skullduggery brings plenty of dark comedy to the grave as you play a tax collector reaping payments and souls from the dead. Having to enforce bureaucratic rules and file paperwork in the afterlife leads to funny ironies.

The game uses your job collecting souls as an excuse to implement absurd powers like summoning ethereal clipboards or producing duplicating forms. Using otherworldly abilities just to audit taxes and gather signatures is ridiculous in all the right ways.

The writing goes all-in on death-related puns and quips to keep things humorous. Skullduggery! manages to wring a lot of morbid comedy out of applying a stuffy office job to the supernatural setting of the afterlife. Even Death itself can't escape red tape and taxes!

  • Grim reaper collecting souls
  • Bureaucratic frustrations in afterlife
  • Clever puns and wordplay
  • Death-related satire

20. Grim Fandango Remastered

Grim Fandango Remastered

Grim Fandango Remastered brings this classic comedy adventure to mobile devices with its hilarious writing and bizarre characters intact. Protagonist Manny Calavera weaves wit even into life-or-death scenarios.

The game's unique setting in the Land of the Dead means both characters and locations get given funny skeletal twists. The writing uses this setting for consistent puns and wordplay humor. Playing as the overly dramatic Manny as he stumbles upon a dangerous conspiracy provides constant laughs.

Sharp dialogue, interesting characters, and absurdist situational humor make Grim Fandango endlessly funny despite its dark subject matter. Whether you're new to this classic or playing it again, Grim Fandango's comedy stands the test of time.

  • Afterlife adventure
  • Skeletal twists on characters and places
  • Protagonist constantly wisecracking
  • Sharp dialogue and situational comedy

21. Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Silly Sausage in Meat Land sets players loose as a stretchable cartoon dog in a dangerous meat processing plant. Slinging the helpless pup around saws and grinders makes for gruesome slapstick comedy.

Maneuvering the prone sausage dog through the deadly obstacles produces constant close calls and laughable failures. Getting chopped or squished after an ill-timed move only provides a momentary giggle before resetting you. The dark humor comes from putting cute characters in perilous meat-themed environments.

Some of the best laughs come from using Silly Sausage's stretchable body to barely squeeze through or over hazards, or even smell his own behind. Silly Sausage captures old-school physical comedy translated flawlessly into an iOS game.

  • Fling sausage dog through dangers
  • Dark slapstick humor
  • Close calls with saws and grinders
  • Physical comedy translated to game

22. Mmm Fingers

Mmm Fingers

Mmm Fingers delivers simple yet hilarious high-score chasing action. All you need to do is swipe your finger to keep it safe from predators for as long as possible. But doing so while everything on screen tries to take a bite out of you is trickier than it seems.

Keeping your finger alive becomes increasingly frantic and challenging, but watching it get devoured in ridiculous ways is morbid entertainment. Eyeballs trying to lick your finger or a giant mouth chasing after it keeps the dark humor flowing.

The exaggerated chomping sounds and reactions from enemies as they snap at your finger add to the silliness. Mmm Fingers succeeds at being highly replayable while keeping you laughing at its absurdist premise long-term.

  • Swipe to protect finger from predators
  • Morbidly funny devouring
  • Hilarious reactions to getting bitten
  • Absurdist premise

23. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road puts a humorous twist on the popular frogger formula by having you cross dangerous roads and rivers as various quirky characters. Failing to dodge traffic in time or falling in the water elicits a funny reaction before resetting you instantly.

The wide variety of unlockable characters like a dog on a scooter or a bouncing robot give Crossy Road endless visual humor. Their appearances and exaggerated reactions to getting hit by vehicles provide consistent silly entertainment.

Daily challenges that involve crossing in a chicken costume or hopping only on lily pads add even more absurd scenarios. Crossy Road takes a simple arcade concept and injects it with tons of humor through endearing characters, varied locations, and light-hearted tone.

  • Frogger-style road crossing game
  • Wacky unlockable characters
  • Exaggerated reactions to failure
  • Daily challenges with costumes

24. Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator provides slapstick comedy gold as you fumble your way through performing complex operations. The intentionally loose controls mean even simple actions like lifting tools become unwieldy and hilarious.

Trying to precisely cut incisions with shaky hands or knocking over vital equipment accidentally leads to bumbling mayhem. The ragdoll reaction of your helpless patient as you bungle routine procedures adds to the hilarity. Completing surgeries practically turns into a comedy of errors.

Unlocking even more absurd transplant operations like an alien autopsy or animal procedures further the outlandish scenarios. Surgeon Simulator capitalizes on the innate humor stemming from controlling characters with purposefully imprecise movements.

  • Fumble through complex operations
  • Purposefully loose, unwieldy controls
  • Slapstick physical comedy
  • Ragdoll patient reactions

25. Psycholonials


Psycholonials weaves philosophical debates, internet culture, and absurd humor into a visual novel following two friends starting a streaming company. Conversations swing wildly between profound and downright silly.

Discussions touch on everything from ethics to memes to religion, often with comedic results. The writers have a knack for hilarious digressions during otherwise serious dialogues. Following the characters' streaming hijinks also leads to plenty of funny moments.

Sharp pop culture references and observations on internet politics keep the comedy flowing. Psycholonials succeeds equally at thoughtful commentary and landing jokes, making for an engaging mix.

  • Philosophical debates and absurd humor
  • Follows characters' streaming antics
  • Satire of internet and meme culture
  • Smart blend of serious and silly

26. Poopdie

Poopdie thrives on the sheer absurdity of its premise - it has popular YouTuber PewDiePie rap battling poop. The silly lyrics coupled with poop and pee-themed graphics elicit immature giggles throughout the rapping showdown.

Losing to your fecal opponent results in exaggerated reactions like the poop dabbing or doing a victory dance. The absurdity ramps up even further when the poop pulls out objects seemingly from nowhere to rap battle with. Nothing is too ridiculous for Poopdie.

While simple, Poopdie always embraces the ridiculousness of its concept. Sometimes a funny game just needs a totally preposterous premise to work.

  • PewDiePie battles talking poop
  • Toilet humor lyrics and visuals
  • Silly escalating absurdity
  • Meta and referential jokes

27. Reventure


Reventure provides laughs through snarky meta-commentary as you journey through an RPG world making different choices. Protagonist Pixel will frequently make jokes and observations about standard RPG cliches he encounters on his adventures.

Choosing certain paths will even trigger fourth wall-breaking jokes about game mechanics like finding hidden loot or level grinding. Reventure is constantly finding smart ways to squeeze humor into video game traditions.

The comedy extends through gameplay as well, as Pixel can adopt different sarcastic personality traits leading to funny dialogue options. Reventure succeeds equally as a comedy game and a parody of RPG conventions.

  • Snarky protagonist pokes at RPG tropes
  • Sarcastic personality options
  • Witty meta-commentary
  • Parody of game conventions

28. Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion

ILLUSION uses a horror premise as grounds for increasingly absurd and bizarre comedic moments. What begins as escaping a sinister laboratory shifts into wild supernatural events and absurd transformations worthy of memes.

The tonal whiplash between eerie exploration and sudden joke events like aggressively dancing monsters will catch you off guard. ILLUSION throws any sense of seriousness out the window in favor of slapstick comedy. Constant surprises and escalating absurdity keep the jokes coming.

ILLUION also utilizes meta-humor by acknowledging things like repetitive NPC dialogue or poor translations for laughs. It embraces its silly premise for maximum meme potential.

  • Starts serious but becomes absurd
  • Unexpected tonal shifts
  • Meme fodder moments
  • Leans into slapstick

29. Peace, Death! 2

Peace, Death! 2

Peace, Death! 2 brings dark comedy to the afterlife bureaucracy, as you judge souls and send them to their final destination. The mundane office job paired with supernatural stakes creates hilarious juxtapositions.

Seeing mythological figures and historical legends show up seeking the afterlife adds to the absurdity. Witty writing and tongue-in-cheek humor turn what could be rote gameplay into an enjoyable comedic experience.

Twisting bureaucratic annoyances like pointless training seminars and malfunctioning equipment into a game about the afterlife hits the perfect balance between silly and morbid. Peace, Death! 2 succeeds in wringing laughs out of drab office life.

  • Manage afterlife bureaucracy
  • Mythological figures as clients
  • Mundane work + supernatural setting
  • Satire of office life

30. Blind Drive

Blind Drive

Blind Drive takes you on an audio-based and narration-driven road trip where you can't see the road. This leads to plenty of tense and hilarious close calls as you try to follow directions.

Having to blindly swerve based on instructions or barely avoid collisions you hear at the last second always provides laughs and adrenaline. The exaggerated voice-acted narration and sound effects make the near-misses even funnier.

Absurd twists like driving through a corn field demolition derby or escaping the cops further amp up the absurdity. Blind Drive does an amazing job at creating an immersive comedic driving experience using only audio cues and narration.

  • Audio-based driving game
  • Tense, hilarious close calls
  • Exaggerated reactions via narration
  • Escalating absurd scenarios

31. King of Crabs

King of Crabs

King of Crabs thrives on the absurdity of forcing hermit crabs to engage in deadly battle royales against each other. Watching their shells get destroyed or seeing them get knocked out of the arena elicits juvenile giggles.

The crabs themselves are full of silly personality, as they perform exaggerated victory dances and make goofy facial expressions. Customizing them with funny accessories pushes the absurdity further. There's inherent entertainment in making these grumpy crustaceans compete.

King of Crabs also shines in multiplayer, where you can laugh with friends as you crush each other or get eliminated in humiliating ways. The competitive craziness inspires contagious social comedy.

  • Hermit crabs battle royale
  • Customizable silly crustaceans
  • Funny facial expressions and dancing
  • Absurd competitive premise

32. Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Do Not Feed the Monkeys finds dark humor in morally questionable voyeurism, as you spy on others through security cameras. Your job is to watch but not intervene - a premise ripe for wicked comedy.

Seeing people react to dangerous or embarrassing situations while remaining a passive bystander elicits guilty laughs. The writing is full of absurdity and wit to offset the sinister undertones.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys also succeeds at media satire, poking fun at things like exploitative reality shows and internet fame. It's a smart comedy game under the provocative surface.

  • Watch others through security cams
  • Voyeurism played for dark humor
  • Guilty laughs from not intervening
  • Media satire

33. Undead Horde 2: Necropolis

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis

Undead Horde 2 uses the morally questionable premise of raising an undead army for laughs. The juxtaposition of dark magics and more mundane activities like crafting weapons elicits plenty of morbid chuckles.

Watching your army of misfit zombies and skeletons shamble around environments makes for visual slapstick. Their awkward movements and tendency to hurt each other shows the hazards of commanding the uncoordinated undead.

The cartoony art-style and exaggerated animations keep things light despite the macabre subject matter. Undead Horde 2 mines dark concepts like necromancy for comedic potential. Controlling the undead to destroy towns is more mischievous than disturbing.

  • Raise army of zombies and skeletons
  • Dark magic juxtaposed with mundane activities
  • Morbid humor
  • Cartoony tone


The iPhone has no shortage of games that aim for huge laughs rather than just gameplay thrills. From the completely absurd to the ingeniously witty, funny iOS games come in all sorts of flavors.

The 33 games on this list represent the absolute funniest options available on the App Store today. Whether you’re a fan of parodies, sandbox chaos, or even horror comedy, you’ll find an iPhone game here that tickles your sense of humor.

So gather some friends or family and dive into one of these hilarious iOS game worlds. You’re guaranteed to have your chuckle muscles working overtime and enjoyment that lasts long after you put your phone down. Laughter truly is the best medicine, so treat yourself to these 33 funny iPhone game experiences.

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