40 Best Horror Games for Xbox Series

Best Horror Games for Xbox Series

Looking for fear without the price tag? Check out our list of the 40 Best horror games for Xbox Series offering chilling action without cost.

Horror games provide a thrilling and chilling gaming experience that immerses players into terrifying worlds filled with disturbing imagery, jump scares, and heart-stopping action. The Xbox platform has an excellent selection of best horror games that offer scream-inducing fun without costing a dime. Here are 40 of the best horror games for Xbox Series.

#1 Dead by Daylight

This asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game pits four survivors against one menacing killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Work together to activate generators, open exit gates, and elude the killer stalking you, or step into the killer's shoes and hunt the survivors trying to make their escape. With regular free content updates and tie-ins with iconic horror franchises like Halloween and Stranger Things, Dead by Daylight delivers endless replayable scares.

#2 Friday the 13th: The Game

Take on the role of the unstoppable Jason Voorhees or try to escape his murderous rampage as a Camp Crystal Lake counselor in this tribute to the classic slasher franchise. With over 150 brutal kill animations designed by special effects legend Tom Savini, Friday the 13th: The Game faithfully recreates the gory kills that make the movies so memorable. Just try to survive long enough to see the sunrise.

#3 Slender: The Arrival

The faceless Slender Man stalks you through a dark, foggy forest armed only with a flashlight and camera in this terrifying first-person survival horror game. Collect notes and clues to unravel the mystery of Kate's disappearance while avoiding detection by the supernatural horror who seems to appear wherever you go. Slender: The Arrival amps up the scares of the original Slender game for a truly chilling experience.

#4 Dead Realm

Up to 10 players take on three possible roles - innocent survivors, vengeful spirits or the dark reaper known as the Undertaker - in this spooky multiplayer title. The survivors must fight to activate the exit portal and escape while the spirits attempt to possess bodies and sabotage their efforts. Or bring death as the Undertaker, feasting on souls to become an unstoppable force. With procedurally generated maps, Dead Realm offers unpredictable paranormal chaos.

#5 DreadOut

Draw on ancient Balinese mysticism to battle terrifying ghosts and demons in this indie horror inspired by Fatal Frame. Explore haunted locales using your camera's special lens to see through illusions and expose supernatural enemies. Collect antique coins to upgrade your camera's abilities and special attacks used to defeat boss ghosts based on Indonesian folklore. But beware, one wrong move means instant death.

#6 The Town of Light

Take an emotional journey through the disturbing history of a real-life insane asylum in 1920s Italy recreated in vivid first-person detail. Talk with former patients and explore the grounds of the decrepit Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra to uncover tragic tales of suffering during a dark chapter of mental health care. With no combat and purely exploration-focused gameplay, The Town of Light relies on melancholic storytelling and unsettling atmosphere to tell its poignant ghost story.

#7 Layers of Fear

Uncover the madness of an insane painter as you become immersed in a Victorian-era art studio turned house of horrors in this psychedelic first-person horror game. Navigate through a constantly shifting mansion where every time you open a door, the hallway and rooms have changed. Only by completing the painter's masterpiece can you unravel the sinister mystery that haunts the halls. But the visions of horror marring the canvas will work against you to ensure the painting remains unfinished.

#8 Dark Echo

Use echolocation as your only means of navigating pitch-black environments full of unseen terrors in this chilling audio-based horror title. Tap surfaces and listen to sound waves spread out to identify your surroundings and interact with objects. Strange noises and unsettling music hint at enclosing threats just outside the range of your shouts. With no visuals to guide you, listening intently and keeping calm becomes your only chance at surviving the darkness.

#9 Whispering Willows

Help Elena search for her missing father in a haunted mansion shrouded in darkness by manipulating light and shadows. Use the Wii U gamepad as Elena's enchanted amulet and change environmental lighting by lifting and tilting the controller. Light candles to explore or extinguish them when ghastly Will-o’-the-Wisps appear. Solve challenging environmental puzzles and evade pursing spirits by mastering the manipulation of light and dark.

#10 Calm Time

This experimental art game uses minimalist design and abstract visuals to create a soothing gameplay experience containing subtle notes of horror throughout. Explore strange landscapes at your own pace, interacting with curious creatures and plants. Listen to calming nature sounds and ambient music as you journey inward. But be cautious, as the serenity hides little nightmares waiting to unsettle you when you least expect it.

#11 Dollhouse

Inspired by Asian horror films, Dollhouse transports players into a house of 70 creepy dolls and other toys that come alive when no one's looking. Explore the house from a first-person perspective and try not to get startled when the porcelain figurines and plush animals begin to move - and you realize you're not alone. With multiple endings based on your interactions, Dollhouse ensures replayability for those bravest souls who make it out the first time.

#12 The Graveyard

Take an atmospheric stroll through a moody cemetery as an elderly woman visiting the graves of loved ones in this short but poignant indie title. With no action gameplay, The Graveyard uses minimalist storytelling to make players consider their own mortality. Haunting audio design creates an emotional backdrop. And the intentional lack of prompts leaves you unsure if the woman's weekly graveyard visits will continue.

#13 The Worry of Newport

Originally created by teens as part of the 2015 Summer of Learning program, this simple yet effective horror title places you in a dangerous abandoned city late at night. Your car has broken down, leaving you trapped and increasingly unsettled. Strange sounds in the distance keep you constantly on edge. With no way to defend yourself, staying alert and getting out as fast as you can is your only option. Sometimes anticipation is scarier than anything else.

#14 Eyes: The Horror Game

Explore a seemingly abandoned house while avoiding a deadly mystical being summoned through an ancient ritual. Hide in closets and under beds to stay out of sight when you hear footsteps approaching. Move carefully to sneak up behind the gruesome creature and perform the ritual again to banish it - if you can survive long enough. This experimental title uses simple graphics and intense sound design to crank up the tension.

#15 184: Phantomwise Chapter 1

The search for a missing wife and daughter leads you to a foreboding cabin in the woods in this haunting free indie horror title. Walk through the dark forest guided only by a lamp and flashlight to reach the cabin. Once inside, you'll encounter unsettling visions, disturbing images, and paranormal entities. With multiple endings based on your choices and actions, Chapter 1 sets the stage for the horrors still to come.

#16 The House Abandon

Break into a deserted house to uncover its secrets in this short first-person horror experience. Once inside, you quickly realize things are anything but ordinary. Sinister messages and clues paint a picture of a mysterious cult ritual and its gruesome aftermath. Escape before whatever still haunts this house finds you in the darkness. The House Abandon delivers tense scares perfect for Halloween.

#17 Sara is Missing

Your search for a missing friend leads to more questions than answers in this found phone style horror mystery. What begins as an investigation into Sara's disappearance through the contents of her phone leads to the disturbing discovery of an obscure internet urban legend. Trace Sara's digital footprints through chat logs, images, and audio files but beware, the more you uncover the more sinister this "game" becomes.

#18 The Lodge

Explore the nightmarish vision of a schizophrenic woman as imagined by one of her caretakers. Investigate her twisted mental projection of the lodge she inhabits, collecting clues regarding the tragedy that led to her insanity. The disturbing background audio creates an unsettling mood. And avoiding the woman's lethal alternate personalities hiding in the darkness provides plenty of jump scares.

#19 Dark Night

Fight through the convoluted dreamscape of a coma patient struggling to cling to life in this unsettling indie title. Guide a small orb of light through abstract landscapes of distorted sounds and shifting surroundings. Attempt to uncover scattered memories to piece together the traumatic events which nearly cost their life. Completed in under an hour, Dark Night tells a thought-provoking interactive tale of trauma and recovery through its avant-garde design.

#20 Home Sweet Home

Explore the disturbing history of a house haunted by the ghosts of its murdered owners in this chilling Thai folklore-inspired game. Use investigative skills to uncover tragic events and appease spirits lingering in the home. But beware the tortured ghosts may not wish to be found. With multiple endings influenced by your choices, Home Sweet Home delivers terrifying glimpses at the long-buried secrets of the dead.

#21 Soma

Take an unsettling trip to an abandoned underwater research facility where machines think they're human and reality is falling apart. You play as Simon Jarrett, who must uncover the dark secrets of the facility's AI project that blurred the lines between robot and mankind. With limited weapons, you'll rely on stealth and your wits to survive the mechanized threats and mind-bending horrors within the depths.

#22 Alien: Isolation

Crafted with painstaking attention to the original 1979 film, Alien: Isolation captures the retro futuristic look and feel of the beloved sci-fi series. You play as Amanda Ripley, investigating your mother's disappearance from the Nostromo. The search leads you to the rundown Sevastopol space station, where you must carefully explore every air duct and corridor while avoiding the perfect organism hunting you. With minimal weapons and supplies, your only chance is using distractions, hiding spots, and the iconic motion tracker to avoid becoming the next host.

#23 Condemned: Criminal Origins

Take on the role of Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent framed for murder who must catch the serial killer impersonating him. With psychotic enemies lurking in the darkness, you'll need to grab any makeshift melee weapon available and engage in brutal first-person brawls to survive. No guns, just your fists, pipes, boards, and environmental kills. One standout section finds you trapped in a department store after dark with mannequins that seem to move when you aren't looking. Atmospheric level design and grimy visuals make every location feel like a horror movie come to life.

#24 Left 4 Dead

Grab three friends and fight your way through the zombie apocalypse in this gripping cooperative FPS series. Scavenge for weapons and blast through endless swarms of infected in campaigns spanning urban cities, small-town America, and more. AI teammates can fill in when you're flying solo. Either way, communication and teamwork give you the best chance against the ravenous hordes. Special infected like the tank, smoker, boomer, and witch keep the action unpredictable. Go ahead, see how long you and your crew can survive against the odds.

#25 Outlast

Locked inside an abandoned insane asylum, you have no weapons and the murderous inmates know you're there. Outlast renders a mental hospital into a true house of horrors. Exploring with just a camcorder night vision mode, you'll need stealth and quick reflexes to slip past enemies in dark corners. Around any turn, something disturbing dwells. You'll think twice about what's hiding in the deepest shadows. Outlast often makes you feel powerless, but there's always another way out if you can stay calm under terror. Just keep telling yourself it's only a game.

#26 Metro 2033

Nuclear war turned Moscow into a wasteland, driving survivors into the tunnels of the metro system. As Artyom, you'll face claustrophobic darkness, deadly radiation, mutant beasts, and Watchmen fascists in this thrilling shooter with stealth and survival horror elements. Guns and ammo are scarce, making resource management key. Gas masks and filters must be kept functional lest you choke while exploring toxic areas. Strange phenomenon and creepy characters add to the tension of avoiding threats both human and otherworldly in the post-apocalyptic metro.

#27 Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil series returns to true survival horror with a chilling first-person trek through a derelict Louisiana plantation. Searching for your missing wife leads you to the Baker family, a murderous cannibal clan with supernatural abilities. Escape their sadistic games and solve puzzles while managing limited ammo and weapons. Around every corner lurks grotesque imagery and dangers from the maniacal Bakers, moulded mutants, and more. Just when you think you've escaped, new twists open up for an epic showdown that ties back to the franchise's deepest secrets.

#28 The Evil Within

Master of horror Shinji Mikami brings pure terror to life in this disturbed psychological thriller. Police detective Sebastian Castellanos descends into a nightmare realm of warped reality and deadly creatures. With limited ammo, you'll need to sneak, run, and know when to fight the gruesome entities stalking you through the shifting, twisted environment. Around each turn, new monsters and traps are ready to trigger your phobias. To survive the dangers within, you'll need to face the horrors buried in the darkest corners of the mind.

#29 Dead Space

Tension builds from the shadows in this sci-fi survival horror classic set on an abandoned mining spaceship. Engineer Isaac Clarke heads to the USG Ishimura hoping to find his girlfriend among the missing crew. Instead, he discovers the ship has become overrun by Necromorphs, reanimated corpses transformed into violent mutants. With dwindling ammo and supplies, Isaac races through the corridors in search of answers while trying to avoid the sharp claws and teeth of the Necromorphs around every turn. Dead Space crafts an epic atmospheric thrill ride.

#30 Little Nightmares

Immerse yourself in a disturbingly adorable horror adventure as Six, a 9-year-old trapped in The Maw, a vast vessel filled with monstrous creatures devouring children. Using stealth and puzzle-solving, you must navigate the vessel's trap-laden spaces to escape being the next meal. Shifts between chasing and being chased keep you on edge at all times. The gnarled, gluttonous monsters make every new room a tense surprise. Little Nightmares tells a dark storybook tale through Tim Burton-esque visuals and a macabre atmosphere perfect for fans of creepy whimsy.

#31 The Evil Within 2

Search a nightmarish simulation for your missing daughter in this sequel to the horror classic. Former detective Sebastian Castellanos enters the distorted world of STEM to rescue his daughter from the dark entities controlling it. Hide or fight mutated creatures and psychotic killers spawned from the darkest minds connected to the system. Craft traps and use stealth to stay alive against disturbing threats like the woman who stalks victims through mirrors. Delve into unsettled minds and piece together the mysteries buried in the madness.

#32 Evolve

This asymmetrical multiplayer game pits a team of four distinct hunters against one player-controlled monster in adrenaline-fueled battles. Each hunter class has unique weapons and abilities to track and trap the beast. Meanwhile the monster evolves new powers as it consumes wildlife to become an unstoppable force. Non-stop tension comes from balancing cooperation to pin down the creature before it can wipe you out. With varied monster types and compelling sci-fi lore, Evolve makes for pulse-pounding competitive horror fun.

#33 Kholat

Explore the true haunting mystery of nine Russian hikers found dead in the frigid Ural Mountains. Wander through an eerily beautiful open world recreating the group's fateful expedition. Search for clues and notes left behind by the departed hikers to piece together what supernatural elements might have led to their demise. Chilling atmosphere and haunting sounds make every snow-covered hill and abandoned building a potential threat. What caused these real unexplained deaths? In Kholat, the truth is out there somewhere beneath the ice and snow.

#34 Deadlight: Director's Cut

Traverse a post-apocalyptic city overrun by zombies as Randall Wayne, searching for his family he fears may be lost. The 2D cinematic platforming captures the feel of a living graphic novel. Mysterious shadowy figures haunt your journey through the ruins. Around every corner, the undead lurk ready to overwhelm the desperate survivor. Abandoned buildings and sewers hide environmental hazards and secrets within. Deadlight captures the paranoia and loneliness of being one of the last humans left alive when there's no one left to trust.

#35 Outlast 2

Blake Langermann's search for his missing wife leads him to a possessed village controlled by a murderous cult in this disturbing sequel. The secluded community in the Arizona desert hosts horrors tied to Temple Gate's fanatical past. Night vision mode sees things lurking in the shadows. Deranged cultists hunt you relentlessly. Solve challenging trials and run for your life through cornfields, caves, sawmills and more to escape with the truth. Outlast 2 turns a faith-based community into a hell on earth under a blood red moon.

#36 Narcosis

Survive the crushing pressure and creeping madness as an industrial diver trapped at the bottom of the Pacific. Walk the seafloor while managing your oxygen intake and sanity as you try to surface before your air and mind are exhausted. But strange occurrences and surreal threats will work against your struggle to maintain composure. Avoid predators, withstand hallucinations, and decipher what caused this deep sea disaster before your air tank runs out. Narcosis captures the isolation and fear of being hundreds of feet down with no way out.

#37 Resident Evil 4

Government agent Leon S. Kennedy battles violent villagers and grotesque creatures in Spain infected with a mind-controlling parasite in this action-packed horror classic. The over-the-shoulder camera and Shooter gameplay are a departure from earlier series entries. Still, the vile zealots, chainsaw-wielding madmen, and mutated bosses generated plenty of scares and thrills. Limited ammo and punishing enemies make every encounter a pulse-pounding struggle to survive. Take down cultists, solve puzzles in grand locales, and unravel a grander conspiracy behind the village's bloody welcome in one of survival horror’s greatest hits.

#38 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The randomly generated dungeons, bizarre power-ups, and creatures inspired by biblical horror stories create a Roguelike shooter brimming with disturbed surprises. You play as the tear-flinging Isaac fighting through basement floors filled with warped enemies like walking aborted fetuses in a struggle to escape his murderous mom. Gather strange items that grant tears explosive poisonous splitting effects and more to take down bosses like Satan and Isaac's Mom herself. Each run tells a uniquely disturbing tale. Unlock new characters with special abilities for new ways to conquer the descents into madness.

#39 The Bunker

Waking up lost and confused in a dingy underground bunker, you have to gather clues across live-action environments to piece together long-buried secrets and regain your memories. Chilling background noises put you on edge as you explore the claustrophobic rooms and hallways. Strange visions transport you to the past showing the bunker's history perhaps tied to government experiments. But beware, the more you uncover, the more you may wish you'd remained ignorant of the events that transpired here. Just hope those experiments aren't still happening.

#40 Hello Neighbor

Sneak into your creepy neighbor's house when he's not around and make your way to the locked basement door to uncover what twisted secrets he's hiding inside. But every time you break in, the artificial intelligence monitoring your actions learns and adapts. New locks, traps, and obstacles appear to counter your stealthy attempts to infiltrate deeper through the bizarrely constructed home. Stay hidden, only move when the neighbor's away, and keep one step ahead of the increasingly intelligent defenses guarding the secrets below.

Final Thoughts

With these 40 titles offering scares for very low cost, horror fans can feed their craving for digital frights without dipping too deep into their wallets. Xbox gamers looking for seasonal scares on a budget need look no further than these terrifying titles available now for just a few dollars. So turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and lose yourself in the nightmare worlds of the best cheap horror games for Xbox.

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