14 Best Anime About Boxing in 2024

Best Anime About Boxing

Boxing anime have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. The intense action, high stakes drama, and inspirational stories of underdog fighters overcoming the odds make for gripping tales.

If you're looking to get into boxing anime, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will go over the 14 best anime about boxing that any fan should watch. From classics that defined the genre to exciting modern hits, this list has something for everyone.

10 Best Anime About Boxing in 2024

Ready to rumble? Lace up your gloves as we count down the 14 best anime about boxing!

1. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo

Kicking off our list is none other than the godfather of boxing anime itself - Hajime no Ippo. This iconic series follows Ippo Makunouchi, a shy high school student who takes up boxing to gain confidence. Under the tutelage of experienced boxing trainer Mamoru Takamura, Ippo hones his skills and rises up the ranks of the featherweight division.

With crisp animation during fights, a huge cast of colorful rival boxers, and plenty of heart, Hajime no Ippo perfectly encapsulates the thrill of the sport. Ippo’s journey from zero to champion is an inspirational story for the ages. And with over 100 million manga copies sold, it’s clear that Hajime no Ippo deserves its place as number one on our list.

2. Ashita No Joe

Up next is the classic Tomorrow’s Joe, a trailblazing boxing manga and anime series from the late 60s. It tells the turbulent story of Joe Yabuki, a troubled delinquent whose talent for street fighting lands him in the world of professional boxing. What sets Ashita no Joe apart is its gritty realism and emotional intensity, depicting the ugly side of the boxing world right beside Joe's tenacious determination to become champion.

Despite being over 50 years old, Ashita no Joe still packs an emotional gut punch with its dynamic fights, flawed yet sympathetic characters, and dramatic storyline spanning jail time, gang violence, and more. This influential work paved the way for many boxing stories to come and deserves its reputation as an all-time great sports anime.

Watch Ashita No Joe

3. Megalobox


Bringing boxing to a sci-fi dystopian world, Megalobox is a sleek and stylish homage to old-school classics. On the outskirts of society, Junk Dog competes in underground Megalonia matches where fighters wear mechanical exoskeletons to enhance their abilities. When the Megalonia tournament invites the best fighters for a chance to challenge the champion, Junk Dog leaps at the opportunity by disguising himself as “Gearless” Joe.

Blending CG technology with hand-drawn style, Megalobox replicates the raw, gritty look of 70s and 80s titles like Ashita no Joe. Beyond the visual spectacle, it also captures the spirit of underdog boxers striving through adversity. Balancing high-tech combat with traditional boxing drama gives this series an identity all its own.

4. Baki The Grappler

Baki The Grappler

For those seeking extreme over-the-top action, Baki the Grappler brings brutal martial arts combat to new blood-soaked heights. Baki Hanma trains day and night to hone his skills in deadly hand-to-hand fighting styles, determined to surpass his father Yujiro - the strongest fighter in the world. Baki proves his mettle by battling all manner of freakishly powerful opponents ranging from karate masters to death row convicts to monstrous man-beasts.

Not for the faint of heart, Baki the Grappler excels through its outrageous creativity in designing ever more dangerous techniques and foes to challenge Baki’s limits. With strikingly detailed art and fast-paced fights concluding in gruesome knockouts, Baki’s approach to combat sports is wholly unique and definitely worth watching for hardcore fight fans.

5. Ring Ni Kakero

This fiery boxing anime centers on siblings Ryuuji and Jun Takane, who dream of following in the footsteps of their world champion father. After Ryuuji loses to flamboyant fighter Kenzaki Jun in an underground match, Jun helps coach his brother to take on boxers around the world and become a global contender himself.

As a contemporary of classics like Ashita no Joe, Ring ni Kakero helped popularize boxing in the manga and anime industry. And with beautiful animation courtesy of Toei studios, exciting matchups against boxers with wildly contrasting styles, and a globe-trotting scale spanning Japan to Mexico to France, this series deserves credit for bringing diversity to the once niche boxing genre.

Watch Ring Ni Kakero

6. Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura

Get ready for the shock of a lifetime with Kengan Ashura - a tournament arc boxing anime where wealthy business owners sponsor fighters in brutal corporate proxy battles. Wrongfully convicted dock worker Ohma Tokita enters the Kengan matches, hoping to use the prize money to buy his freedom. Possessing the mysterious power of “Advance,” Ohma can push his physical abilities beyond human limits at severe cost to his health. He’ll need every ounce of that power when facing Kengan’s mix of bulging, bloodthirsty behemoths.

MMA giants, ninjas, Capoeira masters - you name it, the Kengan Annihilation Tournament has got it. Backed by gorgeous hard-hitting animation, watching the brawl between these wild and woeful warriors is wickedly entertaining. Those seeking maximum adrenaline from their tournament arcs must tune in.

7. Levius


The steampunk world of Levius blends boxing with sci-fi cyborg technology, as fighters embed mechanical arms and other cybernetic modifications into their bodies to gain an edge in the ring. Protagonist Levius faces discrimination in this setting due to his fully prosthetic arm, but enters the Levis championship to prove his right to exist.

Training under former heavyweight champion Bill Weinberg, Levius hones his boxing skills while uncovering deeper conspiracies behind the cyborg technology powering the sport. For sci-fi fans or viewers who enjoy analysis of fight strategy/technique, Levius nicely merges a fresh setting with common boxing tropes. And with stunning animation and worldbuilding courtesy of Polygon Pictures, Levius delivers heavy hits inside and outside the ring.

8. Rokudenashi Blues

Taison Maeda is widely regarded as Japan’s toughest high school delinquent, feared by all for his ruthless fighting abilities. But when a run-in with a professional boxer ends disastrously for Taison, he resolves to swallow his pride and learn proper technique at a local boxing gym. Though the arrogant Taison repeatedly clashes with his gymmates, his raw punching talent catches the eye of coaches and trainers, setting him on the path to glory as a featherweight contender.

With comedic delinquent hijinks woven around a traditional coming-of-age boxing arc, Rokudenashi Blues distinguishes itself with a fun, feel-good tone. Taison’s temper and stubbornness land him in silly misadventures, backed by a whimsical art style giving expression to his chaotic classmates. These elements combine with exciting boxing action for an enjoyable, laughter-filled ride.

Watch Rokudenashi Blues

9. Ayane's High Kick

Ayane Mitsui dreams of becoming a female professional wrestler, inspired by memories watching matches alongside her now deceased father. But an unexpected series of events leads Ayane into the world of kickboxing - a brutal full contact sport where she must deploy high kicks to become champion.
Ayane’s High Kick delivers heavy drama focusing on physical and emotional trauma both inside and out of the ring. Though only 2 episodes long, it utilizes an impactful soundtrack and expressionist art style in hard-hitting fight sequences. With themes of passion and grief over lost loved ones driving its narrative, Ayane’s High Kick packs a punch for short-form boxing anime.

Watch Ayane's High Kick

10. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

While the long-running epic JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series covers a wide variety of weird and wonderful stories across generations, a few arcs prominently feature boxing action. Part 1: Phantom Blood stars gentlemanly Jonathan Joestar who defeats his villain adoptive brother Dio Brando through a mix of Hamon martial arts and boxing techniques.

Later in Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, series mainstay Jotaro Kujo showcases his brute strength with a brawling street boxing style against various Stand users. And for something completely different, Part 7: Steel Ball Run reimagines the Joestar legacy as a transcontinental horse race across America with boxing featured even more heavily in its unique setting. With gripping action and creative fight strategies combining Hamon, Stands, and spin techniques, JoJo always delivers exciting twists on the classic mano-a-mano boxing formula.

11. Nozomi Witches

Magic takes center stage in Nozomi Witches as protagonist Nozomi uses her witch powers to illegally influence the outcome of boxing matches. After transferring to a new school, she meets neighbor and classmate Ryotaro Shiba who dreams of excelling as an amateur boxer. Nozomi then uses various magical hijinks to secretly help Ryotaro win his boxing tournaments.

With an outlandish premise fusing magical girls with sports drama, this eccentric three episode OVA uses animated slapstick comedy to elevate its shonen boxing foundation. Nozomi Witches deserves a look for bringing supernatural flair to the genre. Those seeking something silly need not overlook this low commitment hidden gem.

Watch Nozomi Witches

12. Slow Step

Beautiful and popular high schooler Minatsu Nakazato finds herself pursued aggressively by various male classmates and teachers seeking her affection. To escape the constant annoying romantic attention, Minatsu assumes multiple fake identities to avoid interacting with her suitors. After disguising herself to sneak into a mixed gender boxing gym, she soon discovers a passion for the sport - as well as more admirers trying to peek beneath her disguises.

This shoujo sports rom-com uses Minatsu’s outrageous schemes to generate wacky humor; while also portraying believable boxing training and teenage social scenarios. With an athletic female lead and eccentric romantic foils, Slow Step makes for an amusing entry on our list that will have you rooting for Minatsu both in and out of the ring.

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13. Rainbow

Rainbow’s narrative opens in 1955 juvenile detention centers, as rowdy teenagers Mario, Joe, and the rest of Cell 6 fight back against the brutal abuse of sadistic guard Ishihara. Spanning decades, the series chronicles their struggle to leave behind their criminal past and pursue boxing glory as a way to stick together. With a gritty historical setting, emotional character writing, and nuanced exploration of masculinity, Rainbow sets itself apart with dramatic depth.

Veteran boxers and sports aficionados praise Rainbow for realistically depicting fighters who persist through poverty and discrimination to hone their craft. Led by the tour de force performance of voice actor Toru Furuya as lead Mario Minakami, Rainbow delivers an uncompromisingly mature boxing tale.

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14. Ganbare Genki

To conclude our list we have Ganbare Genki, a classic example of childhood sports drama. Ever since watching his father compete, young Genki Horiguchi dreams of becoming a professional boxer himself one day. But with his mother dead and father disabled from boxing injuries, Genki must take on adulthood responsibilities and part-time work early to stay afloat as the man of the house. Still, Genki holds onto hope, continuing his boxing training whenever possible.

As one of Japan’s most beloved sports manga from the late 70s, Ganbare Genki movingly captures universal themes of grief, resilience, and somehow smiling through hardship as Genki fights to support his family and chase his dreams. For a poignant slice-of-life boxing tale wrapped in nostalgia, look no further than this stalwart series.

Watch Ganbare Genki

Final Thoughts on Anime About Boxing

And there you have it - 14 must-see anime capturing all things boxing, from nonstop action to heartfelt drama. Which will be your first match?

This selection reveals boxing anime’s depth as a genre - spanning classic underdog stories, sci-fi cyberpunk thrillrides, hilarious rom-coms, and hard-hitting historical fiction alike. There’s something here for all tastes.

Now you’ve got the knowledge to step into the ring of boxing fandom. Time to lace up your gloves, hit that training montage, and watch an exhilarating fight! These series knock it out of the park capturing the blood, sweat and tears that go into this dangerous, passionate sport. You’ll cheer louder with every flame-fisted uppercut.

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