Summer Driving: How Seasonal Factors Can Affect Liability

When seasons change, they do leave an impact on the driving of the individuals in general. If we talk about summer driving, there are some of the complexities that it brings with it, just like the winter season does. 

There are a lot of changes seen when it comes to the number of cars on the road. Usually, in the summertime, the major issue was with the tourists. They come out on the roads, and there are several hazards that they bring along with them.

An accident attorney in houston tx can help you with the cases that arise due to driving in the summer season.

Increased Traffic

Summer brings with it a huge number of cars on the roads, and there are a lot of traffic jams that are observed. There are a lot of reasons that cause the increase in traffic, these can be.

Tourists: A lot of times, the major issue is the tourists. During the summertime, a lot of flocks of tourists are seen visiting places that are known for their sceneries. Mountain resorts and coastal towns are the most targeted places. 

School time: The vacation from school is evidently a major reason for an increase in traffic during the summer. Families are able to arrange holidays and road trips with their students no longer subject to school timetables.

Events and Festivals: Summer is also known for the events and the festivals that it brings with it. There are large gatherings seen happening, and people do make crowds and rush to one place all at a time, which causes an increase in the number of cars on the roads. 

Construction: Summer is known to be the season of construction. There is a lot of road construction and maintenance happening around. This is done to make the roads more beautiful and easier to travel on, but at the same time, it does cause a lot of issues for the ones traveling.   

Liability in Summer Accident Cases

When it comes to summer accident cases, the liability can get a little difficult to understand. There are some legal elements that can impact liability in summer accident cases. These are:

Traffic Violations

When there is a lot of traffic on the roads in the summertime, the chances of traffic violations also increase due to the increased flow of traffic. These violations can work as great evidence when it comes to the cases of liability in summer season accidents.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving or driving under the influence can also impact liability in summer accidents. This is due to the increased consumption of alcohol at the time of summer when there are different things happening around. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only unlawful but also has serious effects on accidents. Those injured and impacted by impaired drivers may seek legal action against both the driver and potentially the institution that benefited them with alcohol.


Negligence does play a very important role when it comes to proving liability in summer accident cases. This can be in the form of falls, slips, any mishap during boating, or anything related to a car accident. 

In the summer season, the most common negligence observed are known to be boating mishaps, distraction during driving, and adequate maintenance of a property by the owner.

Premise Liability

Summer activities are oftentimes seen happening in the areas that are outdoors. so any kind of injury happening is usually on the property of someone else. 

It is the main duty of the owners of the property to make sure that they warn the individuals visiting their property before they visit them. This will give them a heads-up about the injuries that they might suffer while they are on the property. 

This can be anything related to the faculty staff present at the property or something as basic as the broken staircase. 

Boating Accidents

In the summer season, one of the most common accidents that are observed occurring is boating accidents. Liability under maritime law can be really complex and may apply to boat accidents. 

It is essential to understand the role of boat operators, legislation on craft, and possible liability for boat rental companies.

Also, with that comes the government liabilities too. For this, you need to have a well-informed attorney who can take your case seriously, study it properly, and then your case can be handled with great care.


When it comes to the summer season, it does come with its own challenges as far as accidents are concerned. These must be studied well, and the liability cases must be sorted out with the help of the attorneys. Leaving such cases unattended can cost you a lot, so to get the needed compensation, make sure that you take these cases seriously to the court.

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