The 15 Best Baseball Anime of All Time in 2024

Best Baseball Anime

Baseball anime has become an integral part of Japanese pop culture, capturing the hearts and imaginations of sports fans and anime lovers alike. From scrappy underdogs pursuing their dreams to intense pitching duels, baseball anime has something for everyone.

In this epic guide, we will explore 15 of the most iconic baseball anime series that stand out from the lineup. Along the way, we'll break down their key strengths, dive into the plot, characters, emotional impact, and why they resonate with viewers. Whether you're a seasoned sports anime veteran or stepping up to the plate for the first time, these series are sure to be home runs. So lace up your cleats and grab your glove - it's time to step onto the diamond!

1. Big Windup!

Big Windup!

In Big Windup!, pitching ace Ren Mihashi carries deep emotional scars from being mercilessly bullied by his middle school teammates for perceived weakness. Wanting a fresh start, he transfers to Nishiura High School where he catches the eye of the baseball team's cerebral catcher, Takaya Abe.

Abe recognizes Mihashi's potential and, in his blunt way, sets out to rebuild the pitcher's confidence from the ground up. Their friendship grows as Abe helps Mihashi master his unique pitching form and develop faith in his ability. Meanwhile, their scrappy teammates coalesce around the duo, determined to make it to the national Kōshien tournament.

Big Windup! beautifully portrays themes of friendship, redemption, communication, and self-belief. Mihashi's journey from anxiety-ridden outcast to self-assured ace taps into universal emotions. We can't help but root for him as he learns to stand on the mound with pride.

2. Ace of the Diamond

Ace of the Diamond

Bursting with youthful passion, Ace of the Diamond fires on all cylinders. Protagonist Eijun Sawamura oozes talent, but his skills need refinement after years pitching for his small-town middle school team. Things change when he joins Seidō High School, a baseball powerhouse. There he finds himself surrounded by elite players, drilling the fundamentals under the watchful eye of stern Coach Kataoka.

Determined to claim the ace number, Sawamura must learn humility, patience and the value of comrades. Rivalries, camaraderie, bitter defeats and hard-fought victories all feature prominently. Every teammate receives characterization, from golden boy Miyuki Kazuya to bullpen workhorse Furuya Satoru.

Ace of the Diamond will have you pumped up, riding highs and lows alongside the Seidō squad. Before you realize it, you’ll be as invested as if you were in the dugout yourself!

3. Major


Spanning 15 years, Major follows pitcher Gorō Honda’s entire baseball journey from kindergarten to the professional leagues. Baseball runs in Gorō’s blood - his father is a famous pitcher recovering from injury. Gorō inherits not only his fastball but his intense passion for the game.

We witness the formative moments of Gorō’s early life, the friendships, setbacks and triumphs along the way. Nothing will deter him from honing his signature pitch and making his pro debut. Brimming with heart and characterization, Major leads viewers through laughter, tears, thrills and inspiration across six epic seasons.

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4. Cross Game

Cross Game

A true modern classic, Cross Game masterfully explores baseball, grief and young romance. Baseball prodigy Kō Kitamura appears to coast through life on natural talent. By contrast, his neighbor and classmate Aoba Tsukishima diligently hones his pitching form in pursuit of excellence. Though different personalities, they share one thing - their deep affection for bubbly girl Wakaba.

Tragedy strikes when Wakaba dies suddenly, sending Kō and Aoba reeling. In the aftermath, they slowly reconnect through baseball, processing their grief on the field as they lead rival teams. Much more than a sports anime, Cross Game delivers a poignant story of personal growth and healing.

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5. TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls

TAMAYOMI The Baseball Girls

TAMAYOMI is an uplifting sports anime about childhood friends Yomi and Tamaki who reunite years after making a promise to keep playing baseball together. They join their high school team, aided by enthusiastic twin sisters Ibuki and Yoshino.

Despite lacking experience, the determined foursome train relentlessly to qualify for Koshien. They rapidly improve through friendship, passion and hard work. TAMAYOMI beautifully depicts the underdog sports story - embracing challenges as a team and never giving up on big dreams.

6. Touch


This classic coming-of-age story from the 1980s packs an emotional punch. Brilliant student and baseball ace Kazuya Uesugi seems to excel at everything through diligence and discipline. By contrast, his twin brother Tatsuya coasts through life relying on natural talent. Despite their differences, they share a close bond.

Things grow complicated when childhood friend Minami captures both their hearts. Previously content to support Kazuya’s baseball dreams, Tatsuya decides he won’t surrender Minami without a fight. He joins the high school team, aiming to usurp his brother as ace pitcher and win Minami’s affection.

Touch beautifully explores ambition, rivalry and romantic angst against the backdrop of high school baseball. Fantastic characterization and emotional depth make it a must-watch.

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7. Miracle Giants

10-year-old baseball prodigy Domo Shinjo shocks Japan’s professional league by signing with the prestigious Yomiuri Giants. As the son of a former Giants legend, Domo inherited incredible talent allowing him to compete with adults.

Nicknamed “The Miracle Boy”, pint-sized Domo dazzles with his powerful pitching, leading his Giants to unlikely victories. This heartwarming, funny series plays into the classic underdog trope - proving through determination that anything is possible no matter your size or age.

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8. Mix: Meisei Story

Mix Meisei Story

Step brothers Tōma and Sōichirō share a strained relationship, exacerbated after Tōma’s mother remarries Sōichirō’s father. Despite the resentment, they share an innate talent and love for baseball, with Toma starring as the catcher, Sōichirō as the pitcher. Their new school desperately wants the boys as their battery - if only they can get along!

After tragedy strikes, the boys slowly mend fences, bonding through baseball and helping lead their struggling team back to prominence. Mix serves up fantastic sports action augmented by a moving drama about bridging divides and finding common ground.

9. Taisho Baseball Girls

Taisho Baseball Girls

Set in 1925 Japan when baseball excluded women, Taishō Baseball Girls tells the rousing story of teenagers Koume and Akiko starting their own team to compete with boys’, defying rigid societal norms.

They recruit a ragtag group of girls, training relentlessly to master basics. Chauvinistic men mock their efforts, believing baseball beyond female capability. But through passion, courage and sisterhood, they gain respect one game at a time.

Taishō beautifully depicts baseball’s power to bring people together across divides. Though a slice-of-life sports anime, compelling characterization and setting make it impactful viewing.

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10. Princess Nine

Princess Nine

A trailblazing series for its time, Princess Nine tells the rousing story of an all-girls high school baseball team pursuing glory in Japan’s national Koshien tournament, defying rigid societal norms. Ace pitcher Ryo Hayakawa leads the squad, wielding her late father’s southpaw fastball.

The road to Koshien won’t be easy as Ryo uncovers painful secrets about her father. Meanwhile, chauvinistic naysayers question whether girls possess the physical tools to compete. Through passion and sisterhood, the team perseveres, finding strength in each other.

Princess Nine sends an empowering message about overcoming prejudice. Ryo makes for a compelling protagonist - strong yet vulnerable, processing grief over her father while leading her teammates to victory.

11. One Outs

One Outs

Brash, calculating pitcher Tōa Tokuchi makes for one of anime’s most entertaining antihero protagonists. After accruing massive gambling debts, the hapless Saitama Lycaons recruit Tōa to lead them to glory. But Tōa didn’t earn the nickname “The Gambling Pitcher King” for nothing!

Wielding psychological warfare and trick pitches, Tōa mows down batters while manipulating games to profit himself. Simultaneously, he forms an unlikely bond with stoic catcher Hiromichi Kojima. One Outs brings all the strategic excitement of high-stakes Mind Games to the pitching mound. Just try looking away!

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12. Moshidora


Moshidora offers a fun twist on the traditional baseball formula. Minami reluctantly becomes manager of her school’s lackluster team despite no baseball experience. To lead them back to glory, she surprisingly finds inspiration applying business management principles from a book by Peter Drucker.

Moshidora insightfully explores what it takes to lead a team to success on and off the field. We see Minami gain confidence, rally the team, and formulate game-winning strategies through unorthodox yet clever methods. An uplifting triumph-over-adversity story emerges amidst the comedy.

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13. H2


Hiro gave up baseball after suffering an arm injury but gets unexpectedly drawn back in while playing for his school’s soccer team. When they face a baseball challenge match, Hiro impulsively joins the informal baseball squad.

Ignoring medical advice, Hiro perseveres through pain, driven by his deep passion. His dynamic pitching slowly rallies and unifies the ragtag group. H2 blends sports action with romantic subplots and an ensemble cast realizing their potential. Though reckless, Hiro makes for an inspiring protagonist.

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14. Battery the Animation

Battery the Animation

Battery examines the closely-knit relationship between pitcher and catcher known as the “battery.” Talented yet aloof pitcher Takumi Harada joins forces with passionate catcher Gō Nagakura, forging a formidable duo on the field.

But to truly sync, they must establish mutual trust and overcome philosophical differences. Gō’s outgoing and nurturing nature contrasts with Takumi’s stoicism and tough childhood. Can they bridge the gap through baseball?

Fantastic emotional characterization blends beautifully with the sport itself for a unique take on the team dynamic. Battery insightfully explores relationships, trauma and redemption against a backdrop of suspenseful games.

15. Battle Ball

Battle Ball

This sci-fi sports anime depicts Earth’s fate tied to an intergalactic baseball tournament! After advanced aliens lure humanity into a winner-takes-all competition, they realize too late it will be Earthlings playing.

When the aliens requesting the game dominate early, the potential extinction of mankind seems assured. But young pitcher Ikki Sawamura discovers extraterrestrial blood in his ancestry granting special abilities. With planet Earth hanging by a thread, Battle Ball morphs into a thrilling underdog adventure!

I do apologize again for missing those five baseball anime in my initial revision. Please let me know if I can clarify or expand on any other parts of the article!

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Final Thoughts on Baseball Anime

And there you have it - our lineup for the 15 best baseball anime of all time! As you can see, baseball stories resonate far beyond sports, exploring relationships, personal growth, tragedy and triumph. The diamond provides these series with a gripping backdrop to tug at heartstrings and inspire.

We witnessed so many fantastic protagonists realizing their potential - from anxiety-ridden Mihashi finding confidence and voice, to strong-willed Ryo Hayakawa shattering barriers. Supporting characters also shine through sharp writing and emotional depth.

And the baseball action itself delivers! Heart-pounding pitching duels, dashing slides into home, and last-second game-winning heroics will leave you endlessly invested. You'll laugh, cry, and cheer loudest from the stands after watching these shows.

So whether you want to experience the passion and intricate strategies of baseball or simply connect with rich characters overcoming life's challenges, these anime knock it out of the park. We hope a few pique your interest enough to take that first pitch. Just beware - you may end up binging the whole lineup before you know it!

Now, let's talk out our thoughts down in the comments! Did your favorite baseball anime make the list? Which shows resonated with you most powerfully? We could chat about baseball anime for days, so don't hold back!

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