10 Best Detective Anime Everyone Should Watch

Best Detective Anime

Friends, have you ever felt that irresistible pull to unravel a mystery? That tingling sense of intrigue when clues are uncovered and plot twists revealed? Well, you are not alone! Detective anime offers the ultimate cure for our inquisitive minds.

Immersed in these shows, we join brilliant investigators on the thrilling quest for truth. With bated breath, we watch the case unfold - piece by tantalizing piece. Every subtle hint sparks our imagination as we try to outwit even the smartest on-screen sleuths. Sometimes we guess right, other times the surprise revelations leave us awestruck.

And wow, what a rollercoaster of emotions these stories take us on! One moment we are pumped with adrenaline during high-stakes confrontations. The next, we are moved to tears as a criminal’s emotional backstory comes to light. We form strong bonds with the iconic detectives, feeling their frustrations and triumphs like they are our own.

My friends, I implore you – take the plunge into detective anime’s magical world! Lose yourself in the irresistible charm of unraveling intricately-crafted mysteries. Let these brilliant investigators infect you with their unrelenting search for the truth. And prepare for one unforgettable, exhilarating ride!

The Best Old-School Detective Anime

There is something so nostalgic about the classic detective shows of years past. The genres were simpler back then – it was purely about weaving masterful, complex cases for brilliant yet underestimated investigators to solve against all odds. No fancy CGI or overblown theatrics – just raw suspense dripping from every scene!

I have lost count of the sleepless nights I have spent bingeing these classics from the 90s and 2000s! As the sunrise peers through my curtains, I realize I have blown through another entire series in one sitting – no regrets! The true masters of the craft know how to utterly captivate your mind and spirit until the very last credit rolls.

While such obsession does have its downsides (goodbye social life!), I believe the payoff is worth it. After all, legendary stories have immortal resonance. Their teachings stay with you, shaping your perspective in invisible ways. And the nostalgic memories, full of youthful excitement, are priceless gems that time cannot erode.

So if you crave the nostalgic thrill of old-school detective intrigue, I implore you to check out these lost gems! Just be sure to clear your schedule first, as their irresistible charm will not let you go until their final mysteries are solved!

10 Must-Watch Detective Anime

Alright my mystery-loving friends! You have soaked in some background on this magnificent genre - now it is time for the main event! I have compiled a list of my personal top 10 favorite detective anime of all time. From sinister psychological thrillers to lighthearted supernatural comedy, this diverse list has something for all cravings. So without further ado, let us count down the 10 series that I passionately believe every anime fan should watch!

10. Death Note - The Epic Battle of Wits Spanning Generations

Death Note

The masterfully woven cat-and-mouse games within Death Note are etched into anime legend. As the vigilante anti-hero Light tests the limits of his lethal Death Note notebook, the prodigious detective L leads a relentless crusade to reveal his identity. With the world as their chessboard, these brilliant foes engage in epic psychological warfare. It is a swirl of bluffs, false leads, and unbelievable plot twists that will leave your jaw on the floor!

But the true staying power of Death Note lies in the philosophical questions it poses - how far are we willing to go for justice? Do the ends justify unethical means if the outcome benefits society? As you ride the rollercoaster of mind-blowing suspense, these moral issues will creep into your consciousness, spurring much self-reflection.

So come witness the suspense masterpiece that took the anime world by storm! Just be warned - late nights of marathon viewing await, as stopping mid-binge is simply impossible with this show!

9. Erased - Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi


Erased tugs firmly on the heartstrings while delivering clever, layered mysteries. When Satoru’s mother is murdered, his supernatural power suddenly sends him back 18 years to his childhood. Given this second chance, he now races to uncover the truth behind a traumatic kidnapping case that shattered so many lives.

Many call Erased 2019’s anime of the year, and I wholeheartedly agree! Its poignant themes of regret and redemption are powerfully weaved into the central mystery. As Satoru desperately works to mend past mistakes, we cannot help but reflect on our own choices in life. Can we atone for youthful ignorance that caused irreversible damage? This anime certainly offers some thoughtful perspective.

And that emotional weight is reinforced masterfully through the show’s aesthetic.Somber piano melodies, muted grey tones, and the melancholy isolation of snowy Hokkaido landscapes - all coalesce to tug your heartstrings as the mystery thickens.

So come savor this hauntingly beautiful tale of remorse, kinship, and longing for closure! Fair warning though - have some tissues ready for the inevitable ugly crying.

8. Psycho-Pass - Dystopian Philosophical Thriller

Psycho-Pass captivates through its disturbing dystopian vision of Japan ruled by the all-powerful Sibyl System. To maximize happiness and order, Sibyl measures each person's crime coefficient using biometrics. But is removing free will truly justice?

Enter detective Akane Tsunemori, an idealist clinging to outlawed humanist values. With seasoned detective Kogami, she investigates a series of grisly crimes questioning Sibyl’s infallibility. As they pull threads, the system's totalitarian perversions slowly unravel, suggesting the horrifying possibility that Sibyl itself is orchestrating chaos to tighten its grasp.

Psycho Pass is a ruthless cerebral thriller, using grotesque violence to explore thought-provoking philosophical questions. When does order descend into tyranny? What role do universal ethics and values play in lawmaking? As the detectives doggedly pursue truth and justice, we find ourselves reflecting on these haunting issues as well.

So come open your mind to Psycho Pass’ cerebral assault! Yet steel your nerves - its macabre crimes are not for the faint of heart!

7. Bungou Stray Dogs - A Literary Character Battle Royale!

Bungou Stray Dogs

For a wildly fun detective romp with supernatural zaniness, look no further than Bungou Stray Dogs! Its chaotic world fuses real literary figures with anime archetypes, pitting hot-headed detectives against diabolical supervillains.

Our protagonist Atsushi discovers he can transform into a powerful were-tiger. Recruited by the Armed Detective Agency, he joins their ragtag team of gifted sleuths named after famed authors like Edgar Allen Poe and Agatha Christie! With wicked abilities from invisibility to demonic possession, they wage all-out war against their nemesis - the mysterious criminal syndicate known as the Port Mafia.

Bungou Stray Dogs drips with stylish flare and absurd hilarity. The writers clearly had fun fusing literary history with over-the-top anime action! So sit back and enjoy the riotous escapades of this rowdy detective league!

6. Detective School Q - adolescence’s Great Detective Awakening

Detective School Q

For some light-hearted youthful sleuthing sprinkled with life lessons, Detective School Q delivers in spades! Its vibrant world exudes child-like wonder as we follow five gifted teenagers studying at Japan’s elite detective academy.

Led by the quick-thinking Kyu, these spirited adolescents combine their skills to solve mind-bending cases week after week. All while facing threats from the sinister secret society Pluto, who seem determined to destroy the famous Dan Detective School legacy.

Detective School Q captures the nostalgia of childhood bonds forged through shared trials. As Kyu and his squad perseveres through tough challenges, we watch them grow into their own skins, discovering their self-worth. It brings a smile to my face seeing talented youth unlock their potential for good through courage and heart.

If you crave some light-hearted sleuthery fun, come tag along with Kyu’s quintet! But fair warning - their infectious passion for justice may very well re-ignite your own inner child!

Watch Detective School Q

5. Monster - A Terrifying Descent into a Serial Killer’s Mind


While most detective anime glorify sleuth talents, Monster terrifies us with the unfathomable darkness dwelling within even “normal” people. The story begins focused on neurosurgeon Dr Tenma, a struggling man defined by guilt over a lethal medical decision. But soon, a twist of fate drags him into a serial murder mystery, linked to a young patient named Johan he once saved.

As Tenma investigates this unfathomable evil now risen in his town, Monster descends unrelentingly into the caverns of a depraved mind. We behold the making of a remorseless killer fueled by psychic trauma. The writing is flawless, so tightly woven that disbelief remains perpetually suspended.

Make no mistake - Monster is a harrowing psychological thriller exposing humanity’s sheer brutality. Some moments are incredibly visceral, but the vividness is purposeful. For we must occasionally peel away comforts and confront the gruesome realities violence breeds - lest we ever become numbed to their existence.

Monster is mandatory viewing - but you must be mentally prepared! This anime's sober message burrows deep once the credits roll...

4. UN-GO - Riddles Wrapped in Enigmas

For a wild sci-fi detective thriller steeped in conspiracy, look no further than UN-GO! Its near-future world grapples with the fallout of wartime totalitarianism, now giving rise to questionably motivated AI systems to monitor recovering cities. Enter detective Shinjuro Yuuki, nicknamed “The Last Great Detective”. Together with his supernatural spirit partner Inga, they take on cases dismantling official narratives to expose startling truths.

Everything about UN-GO oozes stylish personality. Yuuki’s trademark cynical quips cut tension marvelously as the elaborate mysteries unfold. Meanwhile, Inga’s shapeshifting abilities and demonic theatrics inject chilling flavor during intense interrogations. And the slick retro-future aesthetics are visual candy, contrasted against dystopian underbellies.

Overall UN-GO is a riveting thriller fans of sci-fi and fantasy will relish! Its inventive world-building provides the perfect foundation for rich explorations of corruption, conspiracy, and the subjectivity of “truth” itself. Come peek behind the curtain of fabricated normalcy - and discover what really moves the world!

3. Black Butler - One Hell of a Detective Devil

Black Butler re-invents the classic English gothic motif by literally selling one’s soul to the devil! Its premier mystery duo consists of aloof aristocrat Ciel Phantomhive and his ever-composed demon butler, Sebastian. After his parents’ murder, Ciel forges a Faustian contract with Sebastian, exchanging his soul to enact bloody revenge upon their killers.

With Victorian England as their hunting ground, they solve crimes involving the British nobility, while navigating political corruption and supernatural threats. And let me tell you, it is one flamboyant gothic circus filled with drama, madness, and macabre hysteria!

Black Butler exudes unmatched style and shakes expectations at every turn. It blends classic literary elements from Arthur Conan Doyle with tongue-in-cheek dark humor, crafting a uniquely bizarre world. So come, let Sebastian and Ciel escort you through the shadowy criminal underworld of Victorian England!

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2. Hyouka - Mundane Mysteries Hide Profound Secrets


Hyouka beautifully unearths the subtle fascinations brimming within the mundane. Its lead Houtarou Oreki is the living embodiment of teen apathy - languid in movement, sparse in speech, allergic to “wasting energy”. Yet hidden beneath the hazy-eyed slacker is a staggeringly perceptive mind.

When his sister forces him to join the school Classic Literature Club, Oreki unexpectedly awakens to life’s latent curiosities. Together with the ceaselessly inquisitive Eru Chitanda, they unravel minor mysteries shrouding their campus and friends. Though trivial on the surface, each puzzle connects to poignant revelations about their personal journeys.

Through Oreki’s eyes, we are reminded that profundity permeates the world around, often disguised in humble garbs. Each subtle clue we dismiss holds epiphanies awaiting revelation to attentive minds. As Oreki transforms from indifference towards an insatiable desire for truth, we in the audience undergo the same awakening – discovering enchantment in every infinitesimal detail around us!

1. Case Closed (Detective Conan) - The Anime Sherlock Holmes

Towering atop decades of masterful detective storytelling sits the undisputed king - Case Closed! Through over 1000 episodes, it chronicles the adventures of Shinichi Kudo, savant teen detective prodigy. A mysterious poison abruptly transforms him into a child, forcing him to hide behind the alias Conan Edogawa.

Donning cartoonish glasses as his trademark disguise, Conan tags along on investigations, providing subtle hints that lead authorities to the true culprits. All while covertly hunting the criminal organization that de-aged him. With an expansive cast of recurring heroes and villains, Case Closed lays the foundation for endless escapades dripping with mystery!

Let us show respect for the unprecedented achievement of this series! Its sheer literary output allowing character development arcs spanning years is jaw-dropping. And the sheer variety of murder methods and puzzle intricacy showcases creativity rarely rivaled even across mediums.

My fellow mystery lovers - if you seek the pinnacle of the genre dripping with history and nostalgia - then Case Closed awaits. Just be sure to clear a year from your calendar first to savor these sublime cases!

The Curtain Falls.. For Now!

And so the curtain falls on my must-see list of detective anime greats! Did your favorites make the list? Or did I miss out on some gems? Regardless, I hope this breakdown helps guide your journey into one of anime’s most immersive genres!

The shows above represent just a sample of the community’s creative passion for the art of suspenseful storytelling. There exist so many more compelling worlds awaiting behind hidden doors! All it takes is the courage to seek truth despite ominous warnings...

So what will it be, my friends? Will fear bind you to mundane shores? Or will you don your metaphorical deerstalker hat to see what lies beyond the threshold? The choice is yours! But I will say this...

The most riveting secrets of life only reveal themselves to those chasing the mysteries without end!

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